My Brush With Fame

on the air

Last night I received a phone call from television reporter Lisa Williams from Fox News Channel 10 who was doing a story on a topic similar to my “Dahn Yoga – Are They A Cult” I covered in a past blog. (check it out) She Googled it and it lead her to my blog……she then was able to find me by Googling my name.

What surprised her was she was able to access me and actually talk to me….”The Oracle Of Ahwatukee”…. live, so easily, how funny is that?

Little ole’ me being interviewed by Fox News Channel 10 about my blog, my experiences and my commenters. It’ll be funny if she gets back to me and gives me and my blog a shout out, don’t cha think?

Do you think I’ll be #famous as my son says? hahaha….

© Evelyn Garone 4.16.14

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Running For Office


My ladies club was looking for members to run for offices…or perhaps I should say it was time for the changing of the guard. It seemed like there was only one candidate for every board position including President…and that didn’t sit well with me.

Living in the land of opportunity and choice, I felt that the members of my club deserved to have a choice of who to vote for for President, especially after hearing a lot of murmuring behind the scenes of people not being happy with their only choice put up by the nominating committee. I decided to walk the walk and talk the talk by having someone nominate me from the floor after finding I had much support.

What a shit-storm of controversy has been unleashed! I never thought such ridiculous animosity would be shown by so many. It is amazing and sad.

Though I’m weathering the storm, there are good days and very bad days. It was mentioned to me that I might me disqualified from even running because one of the qualifications is a year on the board in some capacity. I was on the board as Charity Chairperson and unfortunately got breast cancer before the end of my term. Being the honest person I am, I put this fact forward thinking that it was no biggie, I may not have attended every single board meeting as I was very sick, but I was consulted and involved.

Be careful what you assume, for I handed the opposition a loaded gun with a bullet in the chamber and they used it. The minutes were then gone over with a fine tooth comb to see if they could find if that constituted means for disqualification showing perhaps I had not served my full term. It has come to nothing, but to even resort to such under-handed sleazy means is despicable. So much for coming forward with the truth. The woman who unveiled this fact to me was a woman I had considered a friend, in answer to a totally unrelated question with no warning as if it was nothing then proceeded to tell me in front of others, since now their murmurings were obviously vocal that it was indeed a “secret” as she put her finger to her lips like a 3-yr. old and I wasn’t supposed to have told anyone. Really? She had let the Genie out of the bottle and now wanted to put him back in. Nope, ain’t happening!

What I can tell you is this position is for a Charity Woman’s Organization, a glorified ladies lunch-club, so just imagine what nasty mud-slinging is common practice in real local politics, let alone Presidential which we’ve all seen live and cringed at. I don’t envy anyone who runs for office now that I know the real ugly truth!

Then again, we do expect to be represented so perhaps we need to teach our children, while young what the process is like and teach them fairness, respect for office and responsibility in voting for the best candidate. Maybe we should try to get them involved in their school politics. Everybody seems to want everything done for them and forgets that there are boards and people who help MAKE things happen for them. Nothing should be taken for granted, it doesn’t magically appear before you fully formed without someone chairing it!

The mantra I kept hearing from all the women in my Women’s Group was “I just want to have fun”….”I just want to go to my activities” “I don’t care about the politics”…..”I don’t want to get involved”. Well, that’s the problem. To not like the choice of candidate but not be willing to do something about it but talk trash, or ask someone else to do it isn’t all that helpful. Why does everyone want to complain but not want to take an active role themselves? It’s easier to let someone else do it….excuses range from – “it’s too hard”, “I’m too busy”, “I’ve got a lot going on in my life”, blah, blah, blah– if all politicians did that we’d have no government and anarchy! I understand being afraid to take part after this ugly fight, but I also have learned a lot of good, hard lessons.

I have learned people who were never my friends before are now better friends than people I thought were friends. We use the term friend too easily. People will smile-fuck you and lie to your face. Some people are glad-handlers and many people mistake that for true friendship…..when you leave the scene you are out of their minds like characters in a play, you just fill the moment. Some people will say they are behind you all the way, and they may be, but their inactivity will not help you day-to-day in the ugly fight that has been unleashed. People get ugly fast, and will stop at nothing……writing, saying, and doing anything to impugn your character. People who are for you may in their passion hurt you and need to calm their passion, for what is said in anger cannot be taken back and may splash back at you.

The fight never seems fair from either side. Life isn’t fair and neither is campaigning. It is the tough that prevail and once in the race you must hang tough ’til the end for the opposition is just hoping for any chink in your armor to take you down. I’ve learned I’m stronger than I thought, but it’s sad that we need to be so strong to fight a fight that should not have to be fought so negatively. I’ve learned that I’m not willing to get down and dirty slinging mud. Let them fight dirty and if they win that way, have at it!

So, looking at this microcosm of life I realize that the few that do want to get involved in the politics run them while the masses are running around having fun and living, they are making the decisions that change our lives and obviously not always for the good. If we’re not aware, it can get out of control before we notice that control has been lost. We all need to take a more active role in the behind the scenes politics that shape every facet of our lives. To give power blindly to people you think are “nice” or “better than the other candidate” is not acceptable. You should vote for the most qualified candidate and be educated about the candidate. I wanted to be that candidate, I wanted to be my own individual self, Evelyn “Evie” Garone, the most qualified candidate.

Evelyn Garone 4.15.14

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My First POW WOW

Before yesterday I had never attended a Pow Wow and didn’t realize what I had been missing. It was so exciting and beautiful to watch and hear the ceremony and dance. The costumes and/or ceremonial garb were amazing.

The drumming was quite moving in a deeply visceral way. If you have a chance to attend a Pow Wow I highly recommend it. I don’t think you’ll feel quite the same about life again.

The dancers had come from all over the country. They were from Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota and Arizona. The Sioux, Navajo, Apache, Chippewa, Yavapai Nations among others were represented. It was an awesome day of fun and culture to be had and shared by all.


indian girl in fuchiaindian in blue



Pow Wow 043 Pow Wow 024 Pow Wow 006 Pow Wow 038 Pow Wow 026 Pow Wow 055 Pow Wow 060 Pow Wow 046 Pow Wow 053 Pow Wow 060 Pow Wow 064 Pow Wow 069 Pow Wow 070 Pow Wow 072 Pow Wow 073 Pow Wow 077 Pow Wow 079 Pow Wow 093 Pow Wow 094 Pow Wow 097 Pow Wow 106 Pow Wow 110 Pow Wow 111 Pow Wow 112 Pow Wow 113 Pow Wow 117 Pow Wow 125 Pow Wow 137 Pow Wow 139 Pow Wow 141

4.6.14 Evelyn Garone

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Madam President

A friend asked me if I have buyer’s remorse and my reply was “no, but I’m nervous and I don’t know if I want to win or lose.” As I say this tongue in cheek, know I’m scared. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be? I want to do a good job for the women of the club, I want to unite the group. Return it to a social club where the ladies can have fun and optimistically enjoy themselves . All this and lunch for $17.00. No problem, right?

Well, I’m willing to try my damnedest! Now all I have to do is pass the interview by the nominating committee, actually win the election and then it’s smooth sailing. Oh, no wait……..then I have to DO the job….

Maybe I do have buyers remorse. Maybe I should have thought this through better………nah. I’m glad I did it. It will help me grow as a person. I’m sure it won’t be easy, but is anything worth doing easy? I will meet many new people doing this job, and many new obstacles, I’m sure. Not everyone of them will be pleasant but each will have it’s purpose in my life’s journey.

If I can help one person or add anything to the club to make it better by having been an officer, I would be honored. If the women were happy they elected me, I would be satisfied that I threw my hat in the ring and made their lives better and happier in some way by unifying the club.

If my opponent wins, then I will happily shake her hand and congratulate her. Let the best candidate win. And so it goes……

Evelyn Garone 3.25.14

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Quiet The Mind




As I sit in my oasis

enjoying the serenity around me

I realize there are no problems

Life is too short

Just breathe

Gather oneself

Enjoy what natural beauty there is

for that one elemental truth

can make all the difference

how we see it all

and as I come back to myself

and look around

there before me is living proof

to nature’s wonder

© Evelyn Garone 3.6.14



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Gold Rush – The Dirt – Finale For Parker

parker and grandpa

Parker should have left the Yukon for home last week but he hadn’t attained his goal of 1,000 oz. It’s October and all the other miners have left for warmer weather. Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel have decided to stay one last week to try to finish adding to their total of 800 odd ounces by themselves.

Parker and Rick have the “monitor” to keep thawing the dirt to try to hit their goal by adding 164 more ounces or so they thought. The guy who lent him the “monitor”, David Miller has come to get it back. He rented it to Parker for 7 days, and it’s past due….he wants to put it away for the cold winter. Parker thinks he’ll be forced to shut down without having the monitor to thaw the dirt.

Rick comes up with the idea of running the dirt under “little blue” which is thawed pay dirt but they must move the wash plant without breaking it. Drama ensues but of course they do it successfully. Running that dirt through the plant keeps them busy for 3 more days. When they clean up they only have 45.52 oz. though Parker still needs 119 oz. to show his Grandpa a grand total of 1,000 oz. for his first mining season in the Yukon to make him proud for backing him.

Parker calls home and finds out his Grandpa is in the hospital suffering from complications from his cancer and he’s torn…should he rush home to see his Grandpa alive or keep mining…..obviously, keep mining, he’s got the fever and really wants to reach the 1,000 oz. mark to show Grandpa or at least in his memory!

Parker needs a dozer to cut a path to the far side of the property where he thinks the path of gold leads. He cuts a deep test trench and finds white sand which he takes to Tony Beets for advice. Tony says it’s good news and he should poke around. Parker needs more men to help mine, so he goes in to town looking for hands, and no one is around. Meanwhile Rick stays digging to bedrock.

Parker takes over and digs early in the morning, tests a pan and finds 50 pieces which makes the dirt seem better than any they’ve mined yet. It’s getting cold, though and they really need more crew, the two of them can’t do it alone. He goes to Tony Beets to see if he knows someone. His wife volunteers him…and he agrees to help Parker for a day. I love Tony Beets and his wife they seem so nice.

The Viking is here! He asks Parker how deep he is digging and he says 1 – 1 1/2 feet of bedrock and Tony says no he should be digging 3 ft. He knows so much more he has many years of experience and that really helps with mining. So Tony starts digging. He runs from machine to machine….he’s so high energy. With his help they are running 3 times as much pay dirt. It’s great! They run into the night and Tony says he was happy to help. I’m sure no one ever expected to see Tony working “with” Parker, not for Parker Tony makes sure that’s a clear distinction.

Parker and Rick work for 2 more days alone, then return to the plant and everything is frozen. They have to use torches to defrost things and the season is over. They winterize everything and leave. The end of the season total is reduced to one last bucket of concentrate that Parker is taking back to Haines, Alaska to total out.

So, their total was 1,029 ounces worth over $1.4 million. Congrats to Parker and his crew! His Grandfather and parents get to see all the gold and are so proud….it is a beautiful moment!

© Evelyn Garone 3.5.14

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Controversial Blogging

stirring the pot

Sometimes we as bloggers may write a blog that seems to become popular, quite by accident. I wrote a blog two years ago about the hit show “Gold Rush” featuring Todd Hoffman’s antics and somehow it has remained high up on Goggle’s search engine. This I credit with the high stats I get every Friday and Saturday night. During people’s viewing of the show, they must Google “Todd Hoffman” or “Gold Rush” and click on my link. This week I had over 2,100 views on Friday night and 1,900 on Saturday night.

When I wrote this blog I wasn’t trying to be controversial, I was writing my honest reaction to what I saw. Go figure…..sometimes you get lucky and have your finger on the pulse of readers…..ha ha.

I never knew nor expected so many views from a specific blog this much later, but it happens every week. It’s funny…..I’ve written blogs that are so much more well written, so much more important, but perhaps if people come to my blog for that they’ll look around while they’re here and see other things they like. I do get interesting comments and new followers so it’s all good.

All I would ask I guess is that people won’t judge me by one blog….we as bloggers are so much more than one blog. I write poetry, weigh in on social issues, opine on everything under the sun and more. I try my best to be interesting and hope I am successful at that, so if you stop by for “Gold Rush” perhaps you might read some other blogs while here?

Thanks for reading, liking, commenting and following.

© Evelyn Garone 3.5.14

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