Phone Companies Suck!


I am going out of my mind today…..and I’m sure there are many other people who are in much the same boat.

Why is it we have to have 2-yr. contracts and no recourse when things go south with our cell-phones? I’ve spent 3 days and hours speaking with the “representatives” at Verizon who were no help to me. After bringing my phone in for the third time, there is still no resolution through the store itself, where I purchased it. It seems I was not eligible for a replacement phone and they could find nothing wrong with it again, so I must resort to speaking to a representative of theirs at 611 their customer support team.

Been there done that……..everything they told me at the store was not accurate according to the phone representative. Who do I believe and is it really that hard for representatives somewhere to know what they are doing??

At the store they proceeded to waste my time by up-selling me instead of fixing the phone. I was willing to go with it as I need my phone as every other human seems to now. But unfortunately after an hour of negotiations and plans to better my plan for the same amount of money, I was right….it was too good to be true. The seemingly nice woman there who was touting the virtues of the Droid Turbo and their new “edge plan” where you pay off the phone $2.08 a month which supposedly will only cost about $48.00 in the 2-yr. contract time was looking at the wrong phone line, and I’m not the one nor is my line the one that can be upgraded. Really? Come on now, shouldn’t you have made sure it was doable before offering me this great idea as a way out for them not resolving my non-working phone? You’d think but that would be in my rosy perfect world!

So, here I am with a non-working phone that won’t charge, stays on speaker phone, (when I never chose that option) and keeps asking me to update it.

I am very dissatisfied with my phone and the help I’ve received.

The phone representative finally did say I could get a replacement and they’d mail it to me…..but not in time for my vacation or at my own cost if I want it overnight. That’s not right either, they should mail it at their own cost over-night as I’ve tried numerable times to find resolution to this problem and they, Verizon has been no help at all.

I would and still might chose to change carriers after this debacle if I can find a carrier with as good reception as Verizon has in Arizona. I am fed-up and done with them if I won’t be charged too much to leave them! Ha, see they got you again…..

So, what do you think? Do you think these phone companies have us over a barrel? Have you enjoyed some of these issues yourself and want to share? Feel free to comment here to share your angst!

© Evelyn Garone 11.13.14

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TOP 50 Things 50+ Year Old’s Should Remember

1.  Love and Laugh often (you never know how long we’ll be here)

2.  Get some exercise every day – it’s good for the mind

3.  Read – it’ll broaden your horizons

4.  Travel – it’s good for the soul

5.  Say I love you and mean it!

6.  Try not to judge others – perhaps you won’t be as hard on yourself

7.  Try to eat as well as you can

8.  Rest when you can

9.  Do the dishes before you go to bed, you’re only going to bed…

10. Listen to your body – you know it best

11. Try to be the best role model for the young

12. Try not to speak harshly

13. Don’t sweat getting older – it happens to everybody

14. Don’t leave the house without presenting yourself the best you can

15. Remember everyone is human and likely to err

16. Patience truly is a virtue

17. Be silly

18. Make TO DO Lists and do them!

19. Try to wake up everyday being glad you’re alive

20. Everyone has an opinion, you don’t always have to share

21. Have an open mind and listen

22. Be willing to try new things

23. Be adventurous – you only live once

24. Have a hobby

25. Be a true friend – it’s not the quantity it’s the quality of everything

26. Moderation in most things is a good idea

27. Try to have a nice word for people you interact with daily

28. Hold doors for others, it’s kind

29. Love your family

30. A true compliment to a stranger should be uttered, it will make their day

31. Enjoy the company of your spouse – otherwise why are they your spouse?

32. Keep a neat home, clutter around you clutters the mind

33. Keep a clean home (it does matter)

34. Enjoy what you eat – it is nourishing your body

35. Don’t be cheap with money or affection

36. Don’t believe you can’t do it

37. Try, try, and try again

38. Always do your best, if sweeping, doing dishes, do it the best you can

39. Enjoy beauty while you’re in it

40. Don’t over-share

41. Remember what you say in anger can’t be unsaid

42. Honor your elders

43. Remember your parents and treasure them

44. Explore your creativity

45. Live consciously

46. Don’t rush through life, it is to be lived

47. Don’t look back, except to enjoy the memories, it’s the PAST

48. Live in the PRESENT

49. Look forward to the FUTURE

50. Breathe


© Evelyn Garone 11.6.14



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This Is A Big F*cking Deal!


Fast forward to today, the day after the 2014-midterm elections and I wonder if Joe Biden is ready to exclaim that again? As far as I’ve heard, left-wingers aren’t accepting the loss of the Senate as America’s outright rejection of President Obama’s ideology. Whatever….it doesn’t matter, what matters is that the American people have spoken and decided they do NOT like the direction America is going in…so they threw the bums out!

Let’s hope the Republican Congress, Republican Senate and the Democratic President can reach across the aisle and get some important things done like the tax reform, the Keystone Pipeline and work on broadening our international trade. I must say, I hope the Republicans do not take this as a Republican mandate as much as a rejection of Obama’s policies. We do not want to lose these seats in 2016 by being cocky.

obama upset

President Obama’s speech consisted of more agreeing to working together. “How do we deliver more opportunity for more people, put more people back to work, how do we grow the economy”, and “agreed he had a naive confidence if we continue to focus on the American people and not on our own ambitions, image and various concerns like that I’ll be able to say the American people are better off than before I was President” . He also said “Congress will pass bills I cannot sign” – “Let’s get started on areas where we agree.” His hope is that “They, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky-R) and John Boehner (Ohio-R) have things they want to do that correspond with us.

Senate Kentucky McConnell


When asked about immigration he said he’s “consistently said its my profound preference and interest to see Congress act on a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would strengthen our borders, streamline our legal immigration systems so that it works better and we attract the best and brightest from around the world and give an opportunity for folks who have lived here for a very, very long time who have kids who are US citizens, but aren’t properly documented, give them a chance to pay their back taxes, go to the back of the line, but give them a pathway to become legal.” He then continued to say the Senate passed a bill that was pretty good, but it stalled, though John Boehner tried to pass it, it didn’t.

He is going to go it alone and so says Mitch McConnell. Obama says he’s not going to wait and he will do what he can lawfully to make the immigration system better. Perhaps he will use Executive Authority. It’s true he is President of the United States and he is expected for the most accountability of anyone as he rightly should be. He says he wants to give people confidence that Washington does work. He thinks they (Washington politicians) need to do a better job, obviously.

He’s said “I’m going to do what I can to make sure I’m advancing what I think is best for the country and here is an opportunity where I can use my administrative authorities, executive authorities and my lawful powers to try to make improvements on the systems understanding that’s not going to fix the entire problem and we’re much better off if we pass a comprehensive plan.”

Ha…it might be the same Ole’ same Ole’, we’ll see. What do you think?

© Evelyn Garone 11.5.14




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Is Cat-calling Okay?


Did you hear about the woman who walked around New York City for 10 hours with a hidden camera to document the obnoxious cat-calling women who are minding their own business just walking down the street get each and every day in big cities?

I’m not surprised. I lived in NYC about 25 yrs. ago and I remember the unwanted harassment I received on a daily basis. It could be brutal. I’m sure there are naysayers and most would probably be the same guys who do this on a regular basis thinking it’s a “nice” thing for women. Well, guess what, it’s NOT!

wanna talk

What man really thinks women want them making kissing noises at them? How about the guys that actually follow you? That’s increasingly creepy and scary. No “normal” woman seeks out nor enjoys unwanted attention like this each and every day just walking down the street, it just happens. Believe me, ask a woman, it’s disconcerting!


As a young woman I remember it made me blush, cringe and almost want to be invisible while walking down the street being harassed constantly, winter, spring, summer, fall. I once even had a guy give me his card, tell me he was a “photographer” and would love to take serious photos of me. (Yeah, okay….model material I’m NOT!) Needless to say, I thought about it, thought better of it, and threw the card out. Thank God I had a strong sense of self and didn’t fall for it, but how many young women might have hooked up with this guy hoping for her 15 minutes of fame?! God knows what could happen.

joke abou catcalling

I’m not saying all men are like this, I’m just saying that men who are should think about what they’re really doing, which is dehumanizing women and to what end? Do they really think they’re gonna’ get lucky, get a phone number? Perhaps if they imagined their girlfriends, mothers, sisters or daughters being on the receiving end of these comments they might think twice?

I’m not a feminazi, believe me but the thought and sight of verbal harassment of this magnitude when the women was wearing jeans, a tee shirt and a back pack just walking around town is mind blowing. I’m not talking about a nod, smile or hello either, that would probably be acceptable by most women. We’re talking about actual men in our personal space talking smack. What the hell is up with that?


If you are a man who doesn’t do this, I and all women appreciate it and know you were probably raised right, and thank you for being gentlemen!

What do y’all think?

© Evelyn Garone 10.29.14



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Up In The Great Blue Yonder


THE Glider Plane

Yesterday was my son and my great adventure in a glider plane. This was something on my son’s bucket list and I was happy to be invited to go with him. We went to Northwest Sky Sports at 8700 W. Carefree Hwy in Peoria and had so much fun. If you live anywhere in the area and are the adventurous type, I highly recommend this! It was quite exciting and exhilarating. Let them know I sent you! I’m sure they would appreciate the business…

me and Luke



This is the seat area where you sit in the plane itself..obviously behind the pilot. It is small and tight but with me being petite and my son not being a giant person, there was plenty of room for us. I’m not sure how comfortable it would be for “big” people, but the thrill would probably outweigh the discomfort for 15-30 minutes. The pilot added cushions for us, belted us in and off we went.


You start off the ride being towed by a line from another plane and as soon as you’re up high enough they let the line loose. That was when the real excitement starts …you realize that you are no longer attached to anything with a motor….quite eerie. The ride itself is very quiet though our pilot Gary spoke of landmarksand told anecdotes that added to the flight. It’s possible to take pictures, so cameras or phone are an excellent addition to remember and of course sunglasses!


There are picnic benches and chairs in the shade so if friends or family want to come and watch, it’s very comfortable for them. My husband watched us and thought it was cool to watch us “buzz” the landing strip…..

Our pilot also did a loop de loop which was extremely amazing. To turn over in a plane and become “weightless” is awesome. He also did a nose dive and then came up again….the feeling in your stomach is like being on a carnival ride…stomach turns over….glad I didn’t eat breakfast. No really, it was not bad, it was so much fun! You could see for miles…into the wild blue yonder!





On their site, NORTHWEST SKY SPORTS there are videos of peoples’ flights.. if you are interested, check it out!

My son made the reservation via Group On…. it was $149.00 each and we opted for adding an extra $89. to change the usual 15 minutes flight to 30 minutes instead. We were so glad we did.

I’m not sure what else is on my son’s bucket list, but I told him if he needs a small participant, I’m in!

© Evelyn Garone 10.27.14



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Computer Glitches


If you are like me there is nothing more annoying and frustrating than computer glitches.

I had bid on and won an auction on eBay though unfortunately I wanted to cancel the order. Having already received something similar that had closed a few days earlier, I knew I didn’t want the next shipment of mosaic tiles as they wouldn’t suit my needs. I contacted the seller and she agreed to the cancellation with no problem.

The problem that ensued was on my end to finish the process of cancellation. The link for me to cancel kept denying my cancellation saying “Information is not available at this time”. I proceeded to give it a little time for the information to get through the system and tried again, still no go. I resorted to calling eBay’s 800 phone number for resolution.

The woman talked me through exactly what I had done 10 times already with us still being denied access. She brought me through their system a few different ways and eventually  it did work, but it was more frustrating and time consuming than it should have been for a $2.85 deal.

I will now think before buying on eBay, no offense to the sellers. Envisioning some items from a picture is hard and the result may be displeasure and a whole lot of hoops to jump through to return or cancel. Returning cost is on you and if the price for mailing is more than the item is worth, you are in a quandary what to do, so you keep the inexpensive item even if you’re not happy with it because it’s cheaper than mailing back. Something just seems inherently wrong with this process for the buyer.

Just my 2 cents.

© Evelyn Garone 10.25.14

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Gastrodin & Magnesium – Truly a cure or nonsense?

doctor looking at exrays of brain


I was reading a magazine in my doctors office yesterday –  Life Extension Magazine and it had an article about using Gastrodin and Magnesium for brain health and even perhaps repair due to injury and age.

I wonder how true these claims are? If they work it could be just the ticket for me. The article was also touting them to help migraines. The complaints all fall under my “umbrella” of issues. I am interested as I believe my memory and brain have been effected by the chemo I had to undergo during my bout with breast cancer. We ex-cancer patients call it “chemo brain” where we have issues with short and long-term memory and trouble with recall for words we want to use in our daily discourse with others for just a few examples. It is a true and very real problem.

The magazine sells their own “label” which makes me a little leery of the claims. Is it just another supposed “miracle cure”?

I would appreciate any one’s personal experiences with said “vitamins” or Oriental medicine.


© Evelyn Garone

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