Computer Glitches


If you are like me there is nothing more annoying and frustrating than computer glitches.

I had bid on and won an auction on eBay though unfortunately I wanted to cancel the order. Having already received something similar that had closed a few days earlier, I knew I didn’t want the next shipment of mosaic tiles as they wouldn’t suit my needs. I contacted the seller and she agreed to the cancellation with no problem.

The problem that ensued was on my end to finish the process of cancellation. The link for me to cancel kept denying my cancellation saying “Information is not available at this time”. I proceeded to give it a little time for the information to get through the system and tried again, still no go. I resorted to calling eBay’s 800 phone number for resolution.

The woman talked me through exactly what I had done 10 times already with us still being denied access. She brought me through their system a few different ways and eventually  it did work, but it was more frustrating and time consuming than it should have been for a $2.85 deal.

I will now think before buying on eBay, no offense to the sellers. Envisioning some items from a picture is hard and the result may be displeasure and a whole lot of hoops to jump through to return or cancel. Returning cost is on you and if the price for mailing is more than the item is worth, you are in a quandary what to do, so you keep the inexpensive item even if you’re not happy with it because it’s cheaper than mailing back. Something just seems inherently wrong with this process for the buyer.

Just my 2 cents.

© Evelyn Garone 10.25.14

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Gastrodin & Magnesium – Truly a cure or nonsense?

doctor looking at exrays of brain


I was reading a magazine in my doctors office yesterday –  Life Extension Magazine and it had an article about using Gastrodin and Magnesium for brain health and even perhaps repair due to injury and age.

I wonder how true these claims are? If they work it could be just the ticket for me. The article was also touting them to help migraines. The complaints all fall under my “umbrella” of issues. I am interested as I believe my memory and brain have been effected by the chemo I had to undergo during my bout with breast cancer. We ex-cancer patients call it “chemo brain” where we have issues with short and long-term memory and trouble with recall for words we want to use in our daily discourse with others for just a few examples. It is a true and very real problem.

The magazine sells their own “label” which makes me a little leery of the claims. Is it just another supposed “miracle cure”?

I would appreciate any one’s personal experiences with said “vitamins” or Oriental medicine.


© Evelyn Garone

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Headaches Linked to Wrong Bra

I’ve always thought it was me…….but every time I put a bra on I swear, I can’t wait to take it off. Believe me, my husband likes that, but for me it’a headache, literally. It seems to aggravate my shoulder blades and put pressure on my neck causing discomfort and pain.


I’ve worn the same size for my whole adult life, so I didn’t know if perhaps wearing the wrong size was the issue. But, there are only so many sizes available, as we women know.

I decided while walking past “Victoria’s Secret” to be measured by a sales person. She measured me and suggested a different size. I was so happy, thinking perhaps I had found the magic cure. Wrong……I tried that bra for a few months….and no go. It actually made my headaches worse. So I’ve gone back to my old size, accepting that for my age a bra is needed when I leave the house!


For those of you who don’t know, bras sizes are measured in 2 inch increments and then cup size. Do we really believe every woman can only be put in two inch boxes (bra sizes).…/Is-BRA-making-ill-Headaches-IBS-ra…

Having read this article, I’m tempted to order this bra, though ordering the measuring tape from Europe and paying for it to find my new measurement puts me off. They’ve included directions for the 3 measurements it’ll take, then you order a custom-made bra.

Perhaps if it is so good, there will be a distributor in America soon. I sure hope so. I’d rather be custom measured, then have mine made where I can see and feel it. Keep your fingers crossed, Ladies…..or perhaps our “other halves” will keep their fingers crossed so we all take them off!

What do you think?

© Evelyn Garone 10.8.14

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Ebola…….don’t worry THEY’ve got it under control!


I don’t know about you, but I’m a little confused about the Ebola outbreak if only for the fact of so much conflicting information being shared. Do we even know the truth about this whole sordid illness and handling of said disease?

I’ve heard “experts” pontificating just a few days ago that no one in America has ever died from this disease. Welp….fast forward, wrong again. The man in Dallas has died. Hmmm, what are they going to do to head off the passing of his germs….burn everything he touched? Who wants to do an autopsy? No thanks, I’ll pass. If Dallas was ground zero in America, why are we flying infected people to different hospitals instead of having one centrally located hospital or lock-down facility where all infected patients could be taken, monitored and treated by the CDC and experts?

I don’t know if you’ve heard or seen this headline…..…/la-times-some-experts-worried-that-ebo…

but I’m slightly worried.

To think that the woman in Spain was a nurse with 15 years experience, used all precautions by wearing the hazmat suit trying to prevent the spread of the dreaded disease somehow contracted it by casually going into a patient’s room twice is mind-boggling. If the disease is only “supposedly” contracted from exchanging bodily fluids how in the hell did she contract it?

Spain is upsetting people by their precautionary method of euthanizing her dog, but obviously they are filled with consternation and if you ask me, (I’m sorry all you animal lovers) I agree with the precautionary measures. We just don’t seem to know enough about the disease and how to control the spread of it. Perhaps the dog could have licked her and gotten her saliva in his system. Do we know if it can jump species? Nope…..

We’ve all thought we understood the disease, including the underestimation of our CDC and their faulty beliefs since 1976 when we were made aware that it would never infiltrate America and effect our daily living. This disease is obviously not totally understood and not acting as expected by “experts”. Could it have mutated? Do you want to take the chance?

My other question is why our government and the CDC have not quarantined everyone involved, infected or thought to have been in contact with anyone suspected of being sick. Again, I’m sorry but I don’t want “suspected” infected people running around spreading the disease through ignorance.

The experts have been insisting that the disease is only passed through bodily fluids. Do you believe that? I’m finding it hard to believe considering a doctor contracted Ebola and you would think he’d know better than doing anything to contaminate himself. So….is it possible it can actually be airborne spread? I don’t know, but half of intelligence is being willing to admit you’re wrong or learn from past experiences, so wouldn’t it behoove us to err on the side of caution by checking and screening people from Liberia? Perhaps America could put a ban on travelers coming from infected countries, political correct nonsense be damned like some other countries have instituted?

Now that it’s been spread to Europe, how will we control it since the incubation period is 2-3 weeks?

I don’t know about you, I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but by spreading sick infected people throughout America by flying them to all different hospitals smacks of a conspiracy to spread the new Black Plague, perhaps to control population? Could it be the next AIDS, where we react instead of being pro-active? Look where that’s gotten us….how’s that “Fight Against Aids” going? How many millions of people died and were infected from that horrible disease? How many walks and fund-raisers have been started for AIDS, why allow the new AIDS to spread across America unchecked?

Could it be a conspiracy by pharmaceutical companies as I’ve even heard being bandied about? We don’t know yet, but I wouldn’t put it past anyone and anything to be that sadistic or greedy.

Would you want to enter a hospital where an Ebola patient is? Would you feel comfortable being in a plane with 230 people you nothing about, who may be willing to lie to come to America for the “best” treatment, coughing all the way? International travel is off the table for me.

Just some crazy ideas running around my head today…..

Remember the Deputy in Dallas thought there was no way for him to contract it…..and now they have him under surveillance to see if his symptoms are actually Ebola.

© Evelyn Garone 10/8/14


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Cupping – Fad or Age Old Remedy?

cupping right

My right side two days after cupping © E. Garone

cupping left

My left side two days later © E. Garone

What is Cupping?

“Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy in which a cup is applied to the skin and the pressure in the cup is reduced (either by heat or suction) in order to draw and hold skin and superficial muscles inside the cup. Sometimes, while the suction is active, the cup is moved, causing the skin and muscle to be pulled. This is called gliding cupping.

Cupping is based on the meridian theory of the body. On one hand, cupping removes any stagnation in the body and opens the meridians so that qi can flow freely. On the other, it also helps to rejuvenate certain meridians and organs that are not functioning at their best. From a scientific standpoint, cupping is known to help activate the lymphatic system, promote blood circulation, and is good for deep tissue repair.”

Read more:

When dropping into the Acupuncture center Saturday with friends the L.Ac., (acupuncturist) decided when hearing my history of headaches and tight neck muscles to perform cupping on me. I had heard of it, but never partaken. I was game though since she thought it would help some of my symptoms and actual problems.

Today, looking in the mirror and seeing what looks like the daddy of all hickies, I was wondering if the bruises were bad……..supposedly not as they’re not even considered bruises, they are called “cupping marks”. It means the toxins are being or have been released from my muscles. Okay……..I’m not sure if I feel any effects yet but I will say the marks are a little painful and the cupping process is also a little painful. It’s interesting, though and I’m always interested in experiencing new modalities that might help my constant headache pain.

While looking cupping up, I found interesting articles on the usage of cupping extensively in the Chinese community and with the Chinese Olympic team. Isn’t that interesting?I also saw that the Met’s baseball team can be seen with the after-effects of cupping.

Check it out….

This Chinese woman weight-lifter won. Does it work?

BejingWeightLifter cupping

Chinese Olympic swimmer who also won.

swiimimg - cupping

Maybe try it and you be the judge but I’ll pass next time as I haven’t felt any benefits.

© Evelyn Garone 9.29.14

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To Valet or Not Valet?

black audi

I’m currently rethinking my whole view on valeting my car. I have no physical proof of what caused my newest cluster fuck except that there is damage to my car’s undercarriage that is going to cost $3,200 that neither my husband nor I did.

I’m sure you’ve heard tell of horror stories of Valet drivers abusing cars, taking them out for joy-rides, but I thought it was just urban legend. I’ve always Valeted my car in hopes of protecting it from dings, etc. of other careless drivers.

Well, as usual we have no control over our lives, do we?

My husband and I had been out both Friday and Saturday and valeted my A5 Audi convertible. On Saturday night and Sunday my husband noticed a “different” noise from the car. He brought it to my attention, suggesting wheel bearings as a possible problem. As a passenger, I didn’t really hear it, told him he was nuts, but once put in my mind, I was nervous there was something wrong and as I was driving Tuesday I thought I heard it too.

I left the car at Audi, expecting a run of the mill problem they could take care of but was I sadly mistaken. The horrible phone call came in the afternoon, expecting to be able to pick up the car, the service man at Audi described a myriad of problems that could only have come from some kind of  impact which neither my husband nor I did. I think we’d remember this — he then mentioned we’d have to run it through our insurance, and as we sat there taking it in, we were mystified and horrified at the cost of the damage.

The diagnosis was an impact crack to the front carrier frame, the carrier frame supports the radiator and all other parts in the front of the car,  a hole in the belly pan shield and damage to wheel bearings. As I listened to this repair-man tell me things I had no concept of, I handed off the phone to my husband in shock. He also was so shocked he demanded to see the car up on the lift and off we went to the repair shop, hoping there was some mistake. When we saw it we were both upset and completely mystified. We know we didn’t do this damage, how did it happen?

Our only guess is that the damage was not there before we Valeted it and was mysteriously there after valeting. You make your own judgement.

I know after this odyssey of repair people, insurance carriers, etc. I will not be valeting my car anymore! I only hope my insurance doesn’t go up for something as strange as this.

Any thoughts or comments….I wonder if this has happened to others?

© Evelyn Garone 9/17/14

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My husband and I were a little disappointed by our last endeavor for vacation plans. We had decided to attend the races at The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and unfortunately were rained out. The salts suffered a major “micro burst” leaving about 2 feet of standing water on the famed salt speedway forcing the Southern California Timing Association to cancel its annual Speed Week, sending us, hundreds of drivers, and thousands of avid fans home disappointed, who had come in from all over the world.


© E. Garone


© E. Garone

My husband decided he had to somehow make up for this, though I had assumed Mother Nature was actually in charge, perhaps he knows more? Mayhaps it was the cluster-fuck that was our plan, a group of 6-12 people all having differing ideas what a trip like this entails, but I won’t go into details, just imagine 12 very different people you know, getting together, camping, bbqing, etc. and you get the picture……herding cats, ya know?! Anywhoo…..

On we went to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona for Labor Day by ourselves…..

What a marvelous idea! My husband is just full of them, really! We decided to go to Briar Patch Inn on the scenic creek at Oak Creek Canyon, AZ. It was beautiful. The creek is very lovely and restful.  Our cabin, The Acorn was wonderful. It was big with a king size bed, a little kitchenette and privacy.

Acorn cabin © Evelyn Garone

Acorn Cabin © Evelyn Garone

Relaxation on hammocks is a great choice on their 9 acres including 2 grazing sheep, outside breakfast creek-side with music on the weekends and no outside distractions. They have no internet access, no televisions and barely any phone service, so there are no interruptions, unless you choose to leave the premises and seek them out!


© E. Garone


© E. Garone

Nearby Sedona was marvelous as always. The red rocks never cease to amaze.


© E. Garone

I would highly recommend the visit!

© Evelyn Garone 9.2.14

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