To Valet or Not Valet?

black audi

I’m currently rethinking my whole view on valeting my car. I have no physical proof of what caused my newest cluster fuck except that there is damage to my car’s undercarriage that is going to cost $3,200 that neither my husband nor I did.

I’m sure you’ve heard tell of horror stories of Valet drivers abusing cars, taking them out for joy-rides, but I thought it was just urban legend. I’ve always Valeted my car in hopes of protecting it from dings, etc. of other careless drivers.

Well, as usual we have no control over our lives, do we?

My husband and I had been out both Friday and Saturday and valeted my A5 Audi convertible. On Saturday night and Sunday my husband noticed a “different” noise from the car. He brought it to my attention, suggesting wheel bearings as a possible problem. As a passenger, I didn’t really hear it, told him he was nuts, but once put in my mind, I was nervous there was something wrong and as I was driving Tuesday I thought I heard it too.

I left the car at Audi, expecting a run of the mill problem they could take care of but was I sadly mistaken. The horrible phone call came in the afternoon, expecting to be able to pick up the car, the service man at Audi described a myriad of problems that could only have come from some kind of  impact which neither my husband nor I did. I think we’d remember this — he then mentioned we’d have to run it through our insurance, and as we sat there taking it in, we were mystified and horrified at the cost of the damage.

The diagnosis was an impact crack to the front carrier frame, the carrier frame supports the radiator and all other parts in the front of the car,  a hole in the belly pan shield and damage to wheel bearings. As I listened to this repair-man tell me things I had no concept of, I handed off the phone to my husband in shock. He also was so shocked he demanded to see the car up on the lift and off we went to the repair shop, hoping there was some mistake. When we saw it we were both upset and completely mystified. We know we didn’t do this damage, how did it happen?

Our only guess is that the damage was not there before we Valeted it and was mysteriously there after valeting. You make your own judgement.

I know after this odyssey of repair people, insurance carriers, etc. I will not be valeting my car anymore! I only hope my insurance doesn’t go up for something as strange as this.

Any thoughts or comments….I wonder if this has happened to others?

© Evelyn Garone 9/17/14

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My husband and I were a little disappointed by our last endeavor for vacation plans. We had decided to attend the races at The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and unfortunately were rained out. The salts suffered a major “micro burst” leaving about 2 feet of standing water on the famed salt speedway forcing the Southern California Timing Association to cancel its annual Speed Week, sending us, hundreds of drivers, and thousands of avid fans home disappointed, who had come in from all over the world.


© E. Garone


© E. Garone

My husband decided he had to somehow make up for this, though I had assumed Mother Nature was actually in charge, perhaps he knows more? Mayhaps it was the cluster-fuck that was our plan, a group of 6-12 people all having differing ideas what a trip like this entails, but I won’t go into details, just imagine 12 very different people you know, getting together, camping, bbqing, etc. and you get the picture……herding cats, ya know?! Anywhoo…..

On we went to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona for Labor Day by ourselves…..

What a marvelous idea! My husband is just full of them, really! We decided to go to Briar Patch Inn on the scenic creek at Oak Creek Canyon, AZ. It was beautiful. The creek is very lovely and restful.  Our cabin, The Acorn was wonderful. It was big with a king size bed, a little kitchenette and privacy.

Acorn cabin © Evelyn Garone

Acorn Cabin © Evelyn Garone

Relaxation on hammocks is a great choice on their 9 acres including 2 grazing sheep, outside breakfast creek-side with music on the weekends and no outside distractions. They have no internet access, no televisions and barely any phone service, so there are no interruptions, unless you choose to leave the premises and seek them out!


© E. Garone


© E. Garone

Nearby Sedona was marvelous as always. The red rocks never cease to amaze.


© E. Garone

I would highly recommend the visit!

© Evelyn Garone 9.2.14

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Have you noticed the prevalence of the use of this word lately? It seems to me rather amusing….. for some reason a lot of young people in the service industry may have been coached to use it in answer to each and every response you give them.

Valet….”What is your name, please?   Me…..”Evelyn Garone”   Valet….Perfect! Me…Okay…(Thought bubble….Huh? I hope so, it’s just my name!) It’s kinda creepy….and funny at the same time. I’m assuming everyone is busy trying NOT to offend. It’s the same at the Dunkin’ Donuts counter when I successfully complete my verbal order, (as if I’m a 5-yr. old repeating my Mommy’s command) I’m given the reply……”Perfect!”

Just something I’ve noticed lately…keep a listen!

© Evelyn Garone 9.2.14

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Please Don’t Challenge Me…….I’m Challenged Enough!

Okay…’s my rant of the day…..

What’s up with the Ice Bucket Challenge? I know it’s supposed to be for a good cause and all, but really, is it just another good cause gone awry (viral stupid)?

If you want to give to ALS give to ALS, it is a horrible disease… just don’t have to show off on social media, do you? It started off harmlessly enough I’m sure but like all things that have run their course it’s now just plain stupid….all the “kids” are doing it and posting it on FaceBook and I’m sure (wink wink) they are donating to ALS, don’t you?

So please, do NOT NOMINATE me nor challenge me, if I choose to donate to ALS or Breast Cancer or whatever other great cause moves me I will without telling anyone what I’m doing, thank you very much!

I’m sorry if I sound so hardened, I just get so sick and tired of all this social media hype and everyone running around thinking they’re cool partaking in it… is great if ALS gets all the money they’ve been promised from this media blitz, I’ve heard it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million. That’s awesome. I just think it’s gotten kind of stupid at this point to still be pouring ice buckets over heads, just donate already. We get it, you want to be part of the “in” crowd but maybe that’s just the bitch in me!

© Evelyn Garone 8.20.14

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Thunder and Lightning



As clouds gather in the distance

I anticipate the coming storm

looking forward to the mother nature’s fireworks

the rumbling and grumbling of the Gods

their bowling in the sky that was explained to me as a child

I shiver with anticipation

in awe at the raw power

enjoying the majesty of the light and shadow

My eyes blink then stare into space

looking for more brilliance

I jump and cringe from the sheer cacophony of chaos

I time the difference between the light and sound

knowing the distance between

multiplied by X

is how far away the storm is

loving the discord

snuggling in my blanket

feeling comforted

yet excited

Safe in my home

when the storm passes too soon……..

I am bereft of succor.

Awash in loneliness.


© Evelyn Garone 7.15.14



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When I Tell You I Love You


Picture by E.Garone

Picture by E.Garone

When I tell you

I love you

do you care

do you hear me

does anyone…

has anyone

since the beginning of time

Does it matter

Does anything matter

will it ever matter

In the scheme of things

I wonder


then I look

at you







© Evelyn Garone 6.30.14

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Remembering to Blog…..


Blog orange

As I read other blogs, I remember I used to blog everyday.

What happened? Life got in the way…

but I remember I need to write

and maybe that’s why I’m out of sorts.

I wonder if my readers “miss me”?

Realizing I want my blog to grow….

I must get back to basics.

I will start writing again…..

© Evelyn Garone 6.29.14


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