Please Don’t Challenge Me…….I’m Challenged Enough!

Okay…’s my rant of the day…..

What’s up with the Ice Bucket Challenge? I know it’s supposed to be for a good cause and all, but really, is it just another good cause gone awry (viral stupid)?

If you want to give to ALS give to ALS it’s a horrible disease… don’t have to show off on social media, do you? It started off harmlessly enough I’m sure but like all things that have run their course it’s now just plain stupid….all the “kids” are doing it and posting it on FaceBook and I’m sure (wink wink) they are donating to ALS, don’t you?

So please, do NOT NOMINATE me nor challenge me, if I choose to donate to ALS or Breast Cancer or whatever other great cause moves me I will without telling anyone what I’m doing, thank you very much!

I’m sorry if I sound so hardened, I just get so sick and tired of all this social media hype and everyone running around thinking they’re cool partaking in it… is great if ALS gets all the money they’ve been promised from this media blitz, I’ve heard it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million. That’s awesome. I just think it’s gotten kind of stupid at this point to still be pouring ice buckets over heads, just donate already. We get it, you want to be part of the “in” crowd but maybe that’s just the bitch in me!

© Evelyn Garone 8.20.14

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Thunder and Lightning



As clouds gather in the distance

I anticipate the coming storm

looking forward to the mother nature’s fireworks

the rumbling and grumbling of the Gods

their bowling in the sky that was explained to me as a child

I shiver with anticipation

in awe at the raw power

enjoying the majesty of the light and shadow

My eyes blink then stare into space

looking for more brilliance

I jump and cringe from the sheer cacophony of chaos

I time the difference between the light and sound

knowing the distance between

multiplied by X

is how far away the storm is

loving the discord

snuggling in my blanket

feeling comforted

yet excited

Safe in my home

when the storm passes too soon……..

I am bereft of succor.

Awash in loneliness.


© Evelyn Garone 7.15.14



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When I Tell You I Love You


Picture by E.Garone

Picture by E.Garone

When I tell you

I love you

do you care

do you hear me

does anyone…

has anyone

since the beginning of time

Does it matter

Does anything matter

will it ever matter

In the scheme of things

I wonder


then I look

at you







© Evelyn Garone 6.30.14

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Remembering to Blog…..


Blog orange

As I read other blogs, I remember I used to blog everyday.

What happened? Life got in the way…

but I remember I need to write

and maybe that’s why I’m out of sorts.

I wonder if my readers “miss me”?

Realizing I want my blog to grow….

I must get back to basics.

I will start writing again…..

© Evelyn Garone 6.29.14


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Dennis Miller Is Truly Funny

Very Funny Live.....

Very Funny Live…..

Last night my husband and I went to see Dennis Miller from Saturday Night Live fame and “The Bill O’Reilly Show” where he’s known as the “The Sage Of Southern California”. I found him hysterical and right on point.

His political views lean conservative and are obvious when you hear him speak.

He lambasted Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Obama and James Carville calling him a garlic-knot headed tic suffering idiot. If that isn’t nailing it, I don’t know what is! He also said if we wanted to trust someone who looks like Nancy Pelosi after her doctor of choice finished with those plastic surgery results spearheading our Health Care, we had to be crazy! She looks like she’s in a perpetual wind tunnel.

Then mocked John Boehner (R) Speaker of The House, as being so tan he should be the real “Washington Redskin” mascot logo. Then said he cried so much he should be called “Cry Baby Tammy Faye Boehner”! He also insinuated he isn’t the greatest House Speaker.

No one was off limits, calling the VP Joe “Hair-Plugs” Biden who smiled so much he looks like the logo of The Cleveland Indians. He says his hair plugs are so bad and obvious it must have been Obamacare doctors who did them.

On people pleading temporary insanity, he said the state of litigious ridiculousness was outrageous. Insinuating that a guilty faker should be fried in a clown suit.

If you have the chance to see him, do. If you’re a liberal, be prepared for scathing commentary contrary to your beliefs, but worth hearing.

© Evelyn Garone 6-22-14


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Terrorists – 1 America – 0

Hillary & Obama

Everyday I look in the mirror and bemoan that I’m getting older, then of course I realize the alternative….plastic surgery! I’ve heard a lot about this new LifeStyle Facelift and I think about it, then I say nahhh! It’s just life and the natural progression of things. But as people are worried about trivialities like that, Rome is burning!

Did we fight the Iraq war for nothing? Did our men and women die and lose limbs for naught? What a shame that Iraq is now being lost to the terrorists named ISIS because we left too early. Whatever your stance is on the war you might agree that the Generals might have known a few more details then our esteemed President who thought it was a great political move to bring all our troops home while letting the terrorists know exactly when we were leaving. Hey, how’d that work out?

I’m not a war monger, I understand though we wish to spread peace throughout the world, some people just don’t get the concept. So, perhaps we should stay the hell out of everybody’s business. If we feel we must go to war for whatever reason next time, perhaps we should go with the intention of winning! War is hell, but once that course is chosen you must go in with both barrels blazing, make a serious statement and commitment, unfortunately kill people, that’s what war is, but win the damn fight and then keep a presence there to preserve whatever sort of peace has been reached to keep the insurgents in-line. We can’t just help, then cut and run hoping it’ll maintain itself. It just won’t happen, case in point, Iraq.

Now we and the Iraqi people are screwed and the poison will spread in the Middle East. So what will we do now, Mr. President? How’d making your own stubborn uneducated decisions work?

As for Hillary and her book of lies, I’m disgusted. To say she and Bill left the White House broke seems to me a giant outrageous lie. I’d like to take a look at their financial statements. How’d they buy two, count them two, million dollar homes after they left the White house then? Most people in America are lucky if they own one house, Mrs. Clinton…. so I find that interesting to say the least, if not outright bullshit!

If working in the White House leaves you broke, why is she dying to go back there as President? Inquiring minds want to know. Hillary then has the audacity to complain about the debt they incurred from sending Chelsea to college. Forgive me if I don’t shed any tears. I sent two sons to college and I don’t think anyone cares how my husband and I paid for it, nor the other millions of other constituents of this great nation. How much is she making from this pile of garbage she calls a book?

How many woman will fall for the “First Woman” syndrome? “What does it matter” to quote her own words. If we want to be politically correct, it shouldn’t matter if/when she runs if she’s black, white, male, female, etc. But see, that’s the problem…politicians play on our weaknesses. They will play on her sex. It should be about her policies! She’ll try to be everybody’s sister, or mother or wife. She’s now trying to “re-make” her self image. She’s trying to repackage “The Clintons” into people “just like you”. Really? I don’t know if they ever have been, but it’s been years since they’ve been “like me”!  It won’t be okay to pick on her because it’ll be sexual discrimination. That’s a load of nonsense of course, but people will get on the “guilt wagon”, the “First Woman President” wagon, the “we hate men wagon” and perhaps vote for her for the wrong reasons. You get the picture. DON’T FALL FOR IT! Remember who she really IS!

As for Hillary’s calming influence over the wold, I laugh. Perhaps, it may seem true to some, but not to me. The world is not a calmer place, look around you. How many wars are being fought around the world right now? I believe she has been a divisive personality as much as the President has. She will not unite this country, she will divide the sexes. If women believe she will be looking out for them, I think they will be sold a false bill of goods. She and Bill have done nothing but look out for themselves and their bottom line since they showed up on the scene. Hillary’s thesis on Sol Alinsky should be studied before people think seriously about casting a vote for her.  You need to know what her core beliefs really are.

Back to her lovely book of lies she’s hawking on all the talk shows. Has she no shame? When did it become appropriate for Presidential candidates to go on all the ridiculous talk shows like show-biz people hawking their wares? Bill and Hillary each get paid in the 6 figures to give speeches, so if they are broke, it must be bad money management, so why would you want that person running America? As if we don’t have enough money problems in this country already. I don’t believe much that comes out of this woman’s mouth, but you can call me a doubting Thomas, yes, I’d want to put my hand in Jesus’s side!

Here’s another nugget of wisdom from Hillary recently in regard to the unbelievable Taliban swap that shall go down in infamy

“These five guys are not a threat to the United States,” says Clinton. “They are a threat to the safety and security of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s up to those two countries to make the decision once and for all that these are threats to them. So I think we may be kind of missing the bigger picture here. We want to get an American home, whether they fell off the ship because they were drunk or they were pushed or they jumped, we try to rescue everybody.” I’d like to know what you all think of that?

Kind of reminiscent of her other often quoted and never forgotten  “What difference does it matter any way” when referring to the four dead in Benghazi. Wow, what a great lady! Please don’t be fooled…..perhaps when she was very young her motives were pure but they have been bastardized over the years and she is not looking out for the people.

So folks, you make the call…’ll be your vote and how do you think the country is faring? How do you think it will do under a HILLARY Administration?

As for your hard earned dollars, perhaps you might want to squander a few before the government taxes it away on a book filled with laughs or gasps of astonishment at her bald face audacity! I’d rather read/hear the excerpts. I don’t need to make the Clinton’s any richer by buying this swill!

© Evelyn Garone 6.13.14

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Another One of My Great Ideas Gone Awry

tv-over fireplace


A few years ago I decided that we needed a new TV. Well, since we were going to purchase one and install it, since the latest models of course were flat screens, I decided the best idea would be to install a whole entertainment center from soup to nuts.

That included surround sound speakers in the ceiling, a new receiver to deliver the best sound possible, of course hooked up to a blue ray DVD player, hooked up to outside music speakers, etc. The whole nine yards all controlled by one universal remote. Needless to say this has not been a seamless transition.

In my innocence or ignorance I should say, I thought you call in some referred experts, and Viola, done! Yeah, in a perfect world. This journey has been fraught with so many pitfalls, I’ve been close to a nervous breakdown innumerable times. All my husband and I want to do is watch a little TV at night and chill. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so…

From the company that installed everything including the upgraded intercom system including my 6-player CD which just died for more money than I’d like to admit, to never answering their phone we’ve had problems, to the company dissolving probably for exactly that problem or for using sub-par equipment which I was lucky enough to be the recipient of that has since died in a remarkably short 4-5 years it has been a joy of listening and watching experience – NOT! When it works it’s great, when it doesn’t it’s a nightmare for a personality like mine that gets upset by problems that I can’t control. My husband on the other hand, thank god takes them in stride and remains calm.

So, just recently we’ve had the CD player and the TV die in the same week. On to the new company. I called the maker of the Intercom/CD player thinking they’d be able to do a quick fix, but no that would have been too simple. So, $500 dollars later and a company of their suggestion I now have a refurbished (they don’t make new) CD/MP3 player in my wall.

Then the TV broke after process of elimination was reached. $2,000 later we purchased the newest, biggest, best TV we could fit in the spot, hey if you need one you might as well go for it, right? So we ended up with a Smart, LCD 60″. $500 later it was installed. Two days we watched it then it started acting up, Again we called the TV Wizards and by process of elimination we have decided it’s the cable box. He told me to get the latest greatest cable box if we could, all the other digital ones are refurbished and that’s why this is our third with problems (don’t even ask) We hoped that would be it. So we went to the cable store and got a new cable box. While there, the cable guy told us all the cable boxes are refurbished and we could get Contour TV with the newest, latest greatest box, with no issues and it would actually save us $4/month. So we got a box to tide us over and we’re getting Contour installed Saturday. Guess what?. The Jabroni at the Cox Cable store put the two processes on the same work order so when we got home the cable box would not work, because he already signed us up for Contour! Oh God grant me the strength…..I know it’s just TV, but it’s so frustrating! Some good news, while the Wizard was here he installed speaker wires to the TV so we don’t have to do 4 functions just to turn the TV on. Why can’t anyone do it right the first time? He had to get a ladder and a owners manual out and spend time reading what to do, I guess he was avoiding that…..much easier to make us do 4 functions than work extra hard.

My husband just wants his old black and white TV with the rabbit ears and tin foil!!! Life was simpler, cost less and had less to go wrong! If you are not technologically savvy you are at the mercy of the techies and what they say.

So right now we’re looking at our big piece of art on the wall – it depicts a black cat on a starless night night eating a black piece of licorice. You should come see it, it’s beautiful! Who needs TV?!

© Evelyn Garone 6.13.14


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