Does Todd Hoffman Have A Cocaine Addiction?

So finally, the close of “Gold Rush” Season 3 — Live and during the show while Todd Hoffman was “on” he was acting very hyper and strange, sniffing and face twitching all text-book signs of cocaine use. As I witnessed it myself and was bewildered and disgusted like other onlookers I wondered what happened to Todd the religious and righteous man.

The Hoffman Crew did not close out the season with their purported 1,000 ounces of gold which shouldn’t have come as any great surprise to people watching. The show seemed to move at the speed of a glacier thanks to the use of many ridiculous stall tactics….Christo did not need two hours to tell us the final amounts of gold mined by each crew…no one met their estimation and no one met the hype of “The Mother Lode”. All the guys were pretty decent in their handling of their differences of opinions which I was surprised with. I would have been tempted to throw a few people under the bus, but I guess they are far bigger people than I. I did find it amusing that the Legend of the Yukon, Tony Beets agreed with me stating that if Todd and his crew spent more time mining and less time hitting their hats together they might have found more gold. Parker Schnabel did have the balls to state to Todd that since the trommel was going to take 8 weeks to build and with the mining season being 6 weeks away Todd might have thought it out better, but again, Todd had excuses.

Perhaps it is too soon to point fingers accusing drug use but mayhaps if people intervened in others peoples lives before the train wreck happened it could be avoided, thus saving much mayhem in the future, lets face it Todd’s a mess. Is this why two of his long time crew and friends Chris Doumitt and Greg Remsburg are leaving mining and “retiring”? Are they perhaps sick of Todd’s inconsistencies, his erratic behavior and terrible decision making?

There is much buzz on the blogosphere, here’s the download from last night…..

The video has been taken down and has disappeared from the internet….what does that tell you?

What do you think? Wasn’t Todd acting squirrelly and very jumpy, gesturing impatiently making me wonder if this is why all during the season he’s made such questionable decisions. I hate to jump to conclusions, but after seeing it with my own eyes…….these actions were not those of a man with a simple “sinus” infection as he claimed.

On to next season, “Gold Rush” Season 4 South America….perhaps so Todd Hoffman can be closer to his beloved cocaine connection?

Evelyn Garone 2.23.13

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I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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136 Responses to Does Todd Hoffman Have A Cocaine Addiction?

  1. Jason says:

    I DVR-ed the show and just finished watching it minutes ago. I absolutely think that man was using. He had all the signs, along with just plain looking sickly. So, I typed in “Todd Hoffman cocaine” and apparently many, many other people think the same thing.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Maybe he’s been drinking Tiger Blood………Evie

    • Andy newberg says:

      Me too. I DVR’d the show and just finished watching it. I am an Oregonian just like him. I eat at the same Joe’s Donuts as him too. I also, as a young college buck, did my fair share of inhaled substances. There is no doubt that Todd was using during the Live Show.

    • DAN says:

      Yes he is using but,its not cocaine.He is probally taking his fathers pain pills or rather snorting them. Just seems like heroin.

      • Evie Garone says:

        Thanks for your input…whatever his issue is I wish him the best with it! Drugs are serious and to abuse them in public is rather brazen and shows a total disregard for social mores and other sensibilities.

  2. Texas Eric says:

    I suspected Todd was partaking in booger sugar in the first 5 minutes but held doubt in belief that he wouldn’t dare make such a bafoon of himself on live TV. However, my doubt dwindled when it was revealed that Todd was scouting prospects in South America. Todd’s sniffles, twitching and uncharacteristicly upbeat and chatty demeanor suddenly made perfect sense. That’s some solid work. He’ll need to turn up evermore gold to feed that nasty habit. Hahaha

    • Evie Garone says:

      I couldn’t believe how Todd would disgrace himself on live TV. Perhaps his ridiculous behavior has unfolded at the mine to such a degree that that is why two of his long time buddies are leaving to “retire” from mining……perhaps they are just done with Todd’s shenanigans! If Todd really has this drug problem it will only unwind further in South America if he has the drug readily at his disposal……God help him! Wouldn’t it be funny if his compatriots jumped ship and joined the young Parker Schnable? Thanks for reading……

      • brent heroth says:

        there is no doubt he was on coke,i have seen it a hundred times!!!

      • Texas Eric says:

        I like Parker’s chance at long term success and his business tact far more than Todd’s. It would be great to see the Hoffmans’ crew make the decision to break new ground with Parker rather than hang around with Todd for what is sure to be a downward spiral of emotional and cognitive instabilty in South America. If Todd hadn’t been a jerk so frequently the past few seasons, I’d be more inclined to wish for his good fortune. On flip side of that coin, I hope his family and loyal crewmen are spared suffering.

      • Evie Garone says:

        I do like Parker though his maturity level and anger issues have shone through with his workers a few times and I was disappointed with him. He needs to control that and take some lessons from his wise Grandpa Schnabel…..there is a great man. I also like Dave Turin and hope he pursues Gold further….if it wasn’t for him the whole season for the Hoffman crew would have been an abysmal failure, Todd skated because of him and rode on his back. I too hope Todd gets his act together, all kidding aside for his family and loyal crew….they deserve better!

  3. matt says:

    wow, totally on cocaine. What a mess..

    • Evie Garone says:

      I know, right…what a shame!

      • Jose says:

        You guys need a life drug addict come on people if it wasn’t for Todd this wouldn’t be possible if even is the one that pushed for the show lets give this guy some credit were its due !!! You guys seem to know nothing or you wouldn’t be so harsh with Todd 900 plus ounces is a great accomplishment !!!!!!!! Way to go Todd you deserve more from these idiots yeah sometimes ur not the brightest but in sure you would be the first to admit that and you have !!! This is your crew and show you made possible !!!!

    • Stan says:

      He is still just a punk ass kid! The camera crew found that out! HUH!

  4. Nate says:

    lol ive done plenty of cocaine….and i swear as soon as i saw him i knew he was on a big gagger lol………

  5. He was tweaking, I showed my wife the next day to confirm my suspisions and she agreed it looked like he was full blown wacky. I don’t think S. America is a good idea for him possibly he can work out a deal with NatGeo and do a episode of Locked Up Abroad / Gold Rush, double the cash for the party.

    • Evie Garone says:

      I know it is the popular consensus that he really was using…I hope we’re wrong. Maybe it’s for attention and publicity? I don’t know, I just can’t imagine that he being a user would be so stupid to use right before a live show….either showing such a strong addiction, not being able to curtail his usage even for TV or just outright audacity and complete disregard for the law and social mores! Imagine, but he has caused quite a buzz!

      • Nice you said BUZZ…… I have watched this show from episode one, and Todd have never acted like that that with the tweaks. I love the show or concept of the show, and I also am obsessed with Alaska. The live show was not what I wanted for closure, and hopefully the host can get his flow a little better next time, it almost looked like he needed some coke, or a drink.

      • Evie Garone says:

        I too have watched this show from the beginning and never missed one thanks to my DVR. I never noticed him acting so strangely, except for his terrible decision making….though I put that down to intelligence(?) and ignorance. Just sayin’. The LIVE show was terrible, Christo did not close out anything…no one reached their goal, Todd was just plain bizarre and did look wanting….ready for his next fix and erratic in his gesturing and speaking. Ewwwww, just a mess! I was surprised no one actually discussed the stupid decisions made all season long…..ripe for discussion….unless they were so non-plussed with the Wild Card that was Todd Hoffman! Ha….I don’t think I will follow the new lunacy that will be South America…..

      • Yeah, and what about the mother load BS they were promoting all season and they award it to a guy almost 200 oz short of his goal…….In my opinion you say someone hits the mother load, it’s game over you can retire. They really missed the mark, but I will continue to watch it for some strange reason.

      • I agree. That whole “mother load” hype was a crock of dookie. I was for sure someone found a boulder of gold with that kind of ascription. Christo is a tool bag. This was made more evident by his awkward “stare-downs” towards the camera before commercial breaks. His repeated failed attempts at stirring up conflict among men who were so apparently opposed to the idea was also d-baggish. – TexasEric.

      • Evie Garone says:

        I thought for the longest time someone was really going to find the “Mother Lode” which would describe way more than 800 oz. ……the show built that angle up and I agree that was BS… we’re all side tracked and in rapt attention to Todd’s “PROBLEM”. Might it be a publicity ploy? I don’t know…I just am wary of television and smell conspiracy theories everywhere……

  6. says:

    if He Was On Coke As Everyone seems To Claim, Todd Hoffman Wouldn’t Be Fat !

    • Evie Garone says:

      First of all even if you “do coke” you don’t get thin overnight. Second he does look like he has lost weight and was drawn in the face! Thanks for reading….

      • Jon Davis says:

        Agreed. I had a problem with cocaine in the distant past and went from almost 200Lbs to 132Lbs in a matter of 2 yrs time. So it does take some time.
        Todd has lost weight though. The first place you could see it was his face. It was more sunken in rather than chubby like normal.
        I hope for his sake he doesn’t head down a dark path like this. Guys his size already have enough stress on their heart.
        He can be a real dope with some of his decisions at times but I like him and hope the best for him.

      • Evie Garone says:

        I thought the same thing about his face…..the rest will come if he uses enough and long enough…but as you said the stressors are really dangerous……drugs are a young mans game! I did like him until lately with his really stupid decisions and across the board decisions…I still wish the best for him, too! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Eric Kubelle says:

    Were Chris Farley and John Belushi skinny when they died of cocaine over doses? Not!

  8. Al Ritter says:

    Todd’s probably going to South America to get closer to the coke!,,,,,Yea he WAS using BIG time!

  9. Danarchy says:

    I have been around far too many people with serious addictions, and I am 100% certain that was no case of the sniffles. The man was using, and I feel bad he was/is such an embarrassment to his teammates. It’s really pathetic when you can’t go a few hours without using. It will bite him, and his investors in the ass at some point. Unfortunately, it will cost his team also. He needs serious, long-term help to fight it.

  10. Mike says:

    Considering his old man is an addict, it’s not hard to imagine.

  11. gsgar says:

    i did coke for years and quit(thank god) and he was definitely coked out.his twitches ,his mannerisms and a forced smile every once in a while and no look at the camera.bummer at his age

    • Evie Garone says:

      It is the popular consensus except with Pollyanna’s who don’t want to accept what’s right in front of them! I definitely thought he was squirrelly and acting strange. Thanks for reading……

  12. C. Rankin says:

    I just finished the episode and googled Todd Hoffman cocaine… this article popped up– glad I am not the only one who noticed it.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Ha ha ha, you are definitely not the ONLY one who noticed! I have had 2300 views a day since it happened……the blogospere is alive with the murmuring of his troubles!~ Thanks for reading…I hope you checked out some of my other blogs while you were here! Evie

  13. Did I miss something, but during the show I heard Todd say to his crew at 650 ounces we just covered our costs, everything going forward goes in out pocket. So If they ended up with 800 ounces, that’s only 150 ounces profit or approx. $225,000. Now the claim owner gets his 10%, the investors have to get some of that net profit, whats left to split among a crew of 12 guys??? How’s that the mother-load?

    • Evie Garone says:

      There was NO Mother Lode…….that was the point of so many avid watchers like you and I! We were so disappointed…..they made no great money that’s what I could never understand when Todd kept bragging about 1,000 oz. from the beginning. I expected or hoped they would find so much more! Todd is a boob! That’s all…and if he is using drugs like we all suspect that is just oh such more reason the season was an abysmal failure…thanks for reading!

      • Thanks Evie for confirming that. I just don’t trust “reality” TV, Who knows if the producers didn’t plan that sniffling act by Todd to keep viewers interested to see if he falls hard with it next season?

      • Evie Garone says:

        Ha ha, ya know I said that too! I don’t trust anyone either. It could be a giant conspiracy! I wouldn’t put anything past these people for the buzz for more “viewers”…..look at all of us commenting…….

      • Jon Davis says:

        If that is the case, and this is some sort of publicity stunt..
        That is downright stupid and can definitely have a MAJOR negative affect on him and his family.
        The whole thing could backfire on Todd as well as Discovery.
        Whatever is going on, I hope it stops.
        If Todd has a genuine substance problem, I hope he seeks help to get off the stuff.
        He’s too damn fat for cocaine,, he’ll end up in cardiac arrest..

      • Evie Garone says:

        I really obviously don’t know WHAT’s going on…..WHO does but TODD his GOD and maybe DISCOVERY ……I just find it very strange that they would have let him on live with such an obvious “problem” and the live buzz now is amazing….as stated my blog is alive with comments and hits…I’ve had 2300+ hits a day since this happened I’m not complaining I love the traffic but I just am skeptical when something like this happens I trust NO ONE — especially REALITY TV you just never KNOW do you? I guess that might be preferable to TODD having an addiction? As you stated with his weight issue, he’s probably just a statistic waiting to happen……..we’ll see during the new season how it pans out, if we all WATCH?! Thanks for following my blog?!

    • Stan says:

      Yeah Really! Who paid for the fuel,Volvos,trommels Oh yeah todd gave that back! Todd is the reason they didnt get 1500 to 2000 ozs.Period. Dont know why he is still calling the shots? Please take over Jack! And Parker! He is still just a punk ASS kid! Looked like his camera crew found that out! I would make him the water boy or something. Sure he is a smart kid but there thousands of kids in Yukon and Alaska who would put him to shame! Like Tony Beets daughter! She could outwork and outthink him anyday! There are teenage bush pilots,fishing boat captains,truck drivers,etc. etc. etc.Parker was nobody til you put him on that camera! it has turned him into an arogant little asshole! Could be Dave Turins son!

      • Evie Garone says:

        I’m assuming either the money came out of the final tally ….so they didn’t make much money. I’ve been saying that all season when Todd’s been saying 1,000 oz. would make them millionaires…..the costs needed to be figured in. I’m glad he got the money back for the trommel. Maybe the Discovery Channel helps with money considering how popular the show is. I would like to see Dave Turin take over, he is intelligent and has some education ie. (engineering) in a similar field and has shown commonsense. Parker has shown his immaturity and has blown through money.I don’t know how he’s going to do up in the Yukon.I guess we’ll see.

      • Stan says:

        Someone needs to ask Todd how he likes his new Porsche? My friend saw him driving a Black Porsche convertible around the Sandy area! How much does one of those cost?

      • Evie Garone says:

        Really…..interesting? I don’t think he made enough money for that? HuhH?!

  14. Don says:

    I never seen him do that any other time. I think he was just doing a little partying for the good season. We will know next season.

  15. Eric says:

    He was on either perks, heroine, or cocaine!!

  16. Tim says:

    Todd Hoffman was obviously high on cocaine during that live finale. It was obvious to you, and millions of others. Period. I’ve seen many people act exactly that way when high on cocaine. The dude had already come back from South America, maybe he tried some good blow down there and got hooked. Who knows. All I know is it was so obvious it was laughable.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Yes Tim… was very obvious to me and many of my readers. I’ve never gotten so many comments as this one blog or as many views….Todd has stirred up the viewing community with his risky behavior!

  17. Jamison says:

    I dont put anything past reality tv but I highly doubt they put a man a cocaine as a reality stunt…I had a 10 yr substance abuse problem sold a lot of drugs seen a lot of people on coke and it hurt to watch todd clearly on cocaine. You can tell from the first season he is irresponsible and doesnt have his shit together all he does every year is sell them dreams. If you figure some of those guys time spent busting there ass for what a dollar a hour overall so him and his father reap the full benefits. He could have easier been smarter about how he went about investing instead of getting brand new machines and making impulse buys a 250,000 thousand dollar trommels hes never even seen work. I wouldnt work for the guy unless it was cash upfront for the season. He in my eyes is going downhill and it sucks for anyone that follows him. His percepton of reality isnt there. Did you see when he tried shaking dakota freds hand fred kind of looked at him like your high and didnt want to really shake hius hand. Then the producer kept making comments to Todd that he wouldnt shut up. I am positive he was on coke or adderol it was without a doubt he was on a upper drug of somesort. Did anyone see thaty other shows that took place in the jungle. They all had nothing but problems and lost big, one of the shows ended early because they had no more money to keep mining. And todd thinks he can do this when he doesnt seem capable of doing this himself. All he does he try and boost morale he doesnt know shit about machinery he just wants to puch push even if it puts his crew lives at risk or its not smart to destroy the machinery. Hes a toolbag and I hope he goes to rehab instead of south america that just had bad news written all over it.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Agreed…….Todd is a mess and I hope he gets help! I wouldn’t work with him on a bet..he is disorganized and out-of-control. I definitely believe he was not “straight” when doing the last live show! Thanks for reading and commenting and good luck with the sober life!

  18. Ash says:

    Me and ma said the exact same thing! That’s I found this cuz I wanted to know if anyone thought the same thing. He was definitely on something. That’s too bad I do look at him a little different now. I watched the behind the scenes and he had alot of issues with production too..

  19. Bob says:

    That would help explain the dissension among his Friends, (crew). It also helps my argument that perhaps he is the Biggest F*#^@ing Idiot I have had the pleasure to watch prove to the world that there is a Legitimate Argument for Birth Control. He also drives me INSANE by saying “FRICK & FRICKIN’ ” all the time. I HATE it. If you don’t possess the stones to say the word, don’t use an abbreviated form to take it’s place. About the only thing worse concerning the use of this slang is when parents allow their children to use it. We all know why it is being used, it ticks me off that parents allow it and grown adults use it.

  20. Jason says:

    Former user. I noticed it also and showed the `signs`to my GF so she could pick up on it in the future.

    He must be a novice with the nose candy. Everyone knows to keep the sniffles down to a bare minimum….

    On the flip side… WHO GIVES A DUCK if he sniffed some.

    Have you ever watched the Grammy awards… do you know how many hollywood stars there are using before these events and others…. It curbs the anxiety.. gives confidence.. especially in front of large crowds….

    The only thing i`m knocking him for is for making it so damn obvious.

  21. yeyo king says:

    I wish I knew Todd. He would make me rich. With his decision making I could see him trying to smuggle in a few kilo’s in some camera crew’s baggage. Then he could be on the show-Locke up Abroad. I think he’s smuggling 20 kilo’s under his shirt every day.

  22. al walker says:

    I post as American1st on twitter & I think I was 1st to mention Todds obvious use of Cocaine or Speed on the Live Gold Rush Finale. Judging by his constant talking & his nose & facial ticks that reminded me of many yrs ago during a darker period of my was impossible not to see he was wired but good! Seems Todd has long history of failing at projects & his family bailing him out! Did you know his dad jack had a substance abuse problem the 1st yr? It was reported on one of the background shows at the end of the yr.
    Did anyone else notice how Todd seemed hell bent on destroying the success Dave turin & indian river crew had with the red trommel that fred dodge & Turin set up? soon as todd conbined the two crews?
    Todd seemed to be trying to destroy the red trommel just to make Dave appear to be fallible just like Todd with bad things the red trommel.
    Every decision Todd made was detrimental to the successful running of the red trommel even to almost having one driver back over the embancment at night!
    Parker never let his crew do the dangerous things, but todd the big sissy sat while all the others took all the chances.
    Im sorry but Todd Hoffman is a big loser in my book.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Al, It’s amazing how many comments I have received on this blog of mine. How many people agree with with you and me on Todd’s condition! I wrote this right after the show when I was so upset by Todd’s behavior…I agree with all you have said here, he is an abject failure and has tried to bring down Dave Turin at every turn, being jealous! I sincerely hope he gets his shit together, if not with using he will have a lot of trouble in his future! Thanks for reading…….

  23. jeff furlong says:

    I have inside info , he was doing coke since the second season. If you see his wife in this season’s episode “The Dirt – Chicks” With Guns” here pupils are huge and she is sniffing the whole time along with several other house wives. The two guys on his crew quit becuase their wives started using with his wife in the 3rd Season and they sent them to rehab .The only one’s who did not go were Todd and his wife. They are still flying high! Even on national T.V.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Hmmmmmm, I don’t know anything about that. I only know what I saw with my own eyes….and that was disturbing. Thanks for your input. Thank you for reading!

  24. Keith says:

    I posted on the live finale that u was outraged and that discovery should be ashamed about showing a crack head on live tv by mistake it was posted on Facebook as well but ohhh well yea was quite obvious and I cannot believe discovery allowed for him to go on I am very disappointed with the show I also wrote to the discovery website never got a response though

    • Evie Garone says:

      I’m not surprised they didn’t answer you… one wants to hear the truth! Thanks for reading!

      • leisamarie says:

        Evie, dahling…ur awesome! Luv how ur on cue w/ ur commenters…My sweet hubby & I were talkin gold & it just came up whata joke the whole Mother Lode hype was! I then asked him if he thought Todd was skiing in Aspen before the Live Show? Wink wink…He said ‘Baby, Todd was skiing the K2 while jammin to some Eric Clapton!!’ O.< we have watched since the beginning also & it had never been as evident as during the Live Show, we wish them all the best…cuz that's one nasty grip! Blog on…

      • Evie Garone says:

        Oh Leisamarie…… brightened my morning! What great discourse! You are funny and I enjoyed your comment….please keep reading and commenting! Don’t great minds think alike?! Let’s hope Todd get’s it together, or yes… he’s in for a nasty ride, let alone he’ll get to air his dirty laundry in the media and we’ll unfortunately get to see and hear it all!

  25. so if it was so evedent why did they air that show? and not straighten him out first. second they have already probably been to south america, if they are going to air them this summer. so maby he hooked up down there?

  26. chris Mac says:

    Funny, I too found this after having to google if he had a problem..I too have been around many people on” blow” and if there was ever a poster child for Training people on how to spot someone on drugs, well he would be it….I also have watched from beginning and have never liked Todd, I like Fred and Dustin and Parker….Dave youre too good for this crew and your buddy ole pal there was sabotaging you the whole way…Jealous of you in every way possible…Id much rather look at you on camera any day….I hope you take your Indian River Crew and do your own thing….Sad but then he’s in his own world of me, myself and I Todd Hoffman…..

    • Evie Garone says:

      Ha ha ha….I like the quote “He’s in his own world of me, myself and Todd Hoffman…” thanks for sharing that, it made me chuckle! That aside, I’m not big on Fred he can be a selfish bastard, but he knows his stuff, he can weld and fix anything, though he shouldn’t have too if he’d plan better! I really have been impressed with Dave lately, except his blind following of Todd and Grandpa Schnabel will always be my favorite…he’s a gentleman! Thank you for reading and we’ll see what happens in South America….hopefully Todd’ll get his shit together!

  27. richard says:

    Excerpt from the speech “Citizenship In A Republic” by Theadore Roosevelt
    delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France on 23 April, 1910

    It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

    • Evie Garone says:

      True, true……easy to throw stones I guess, though it was more an observation of his drug use and worry over what will happen to the whole crew. Thank you for your erudite addition………and thank you for reading with us plebeians! Evelyn

  28. Vas deferonse says:

    As a former coke Enthusiast, I can say for sure he was high as hell (on really bad coke) during the live show. Christo had to keep shutting him up. I guess that’s the risk of a live show.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Well, thank you for your experienced opinion…….I have no sympathy for Christo having to “shut him up” he ran the show his way, which was to misrepresent the Mother Lode for the longest time! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  29. DevilishGrin says:

    Next we are going to find out he got caught smuggling the “motherload” of coke into the country from South America. He can pack it all into his nose and discovery can make a show about addicts digging in his nose for the “white gold”… They can call it Drug Rush….. How embarrising for his friends and family. I feel for them. I too have had my battles with addiction but I never put the drugs before my family. Bills always paid, the wants and needs of the kids taken care of and then a small piece of the pie went to my addiction, in the privacy of my own home. Can’t say I ever showed up on live t.v. high out my gourd. Hope he gets help for the sake of his loved ones. Sad….

    • Evie Garone says:

      Well said! Thank you for sharing your opinion, I happen to agree with you except for the whole “digging in his nose” business. It is sad and what’s even sadder is that so many people saw that episode and are fired up about it…..Discovery really should gave planned that better, huh? I have never had quite as large an audience and such a reaction as this blog…..people react to controversy, it makes me wonder?! I, too hope he gets help…thank you for reading.

  30. shannon says:

    I was unable to watch the last few shows. Could anyone tell me who got the most gold and what the amount was. Thanks

    • Evie Garone says:

      The Hoffman Crew ended up with the most gold but short of the the mark of The Mother Load as reported…..830 oz. for the Hoffman crew not the purported 1,000 they always said! and Todd was acting crazy as if he was under the influence of drugs, perhaps cocaine? Thanks for reading, sorry you missed it! Evie

  31. adamn problem says:

    Yup Googled Todd Gold Rush Alaska Cocaine and here I am

  32. xunixan says:

    I figured he was tipsy or drunk when I first saw it, after all you could clearly see they were all drinking beer. That plus the excitement of the live show is what I accounted the behaviour for. Watching it for a second time the twitching and sniffles are much more apparent. With so much misinformation out there it is hard to know anything for sure.

    What I never understood is how they kept coming back, they never made any money yet they all seemed to survive the winter seasons just fine? Is is the TV show and the fame keeping them afloat?

    • Evie Garone says:

      ‘Tis true we don’t know anything for sure but I know what I saw with my own eyes and I really think there was something funky with Todd! I also agree with you I can’t figure out how they keep coming back for more…it’s a mystery. Thanks for stopping by …

      • Roger says:

        Is it really any of your business?? If Todd wants to do cocaine or meth, that is his choice. The thing I won’t cut him slack on is him badmouthing people, calling them “armchair quarterbacks” for HIS faiulures, no matter the reason. He obviously doesn’t have much money or he wouldn’t have to do reallity TV to finance his mining operation, OR coke habit!! I hope his coke habit is more sucessful than his mining decisions! My little bro lives in Sandy, OR and is probably worth more than Todd H. If he were worth the money, he would finance his own operation, own his own equiptment, and pay his employees no matter how much gold they find! Work is work, so they should get a percentage and a monthly salary, or whatever they choose.

  33. David Marcus says:

    No question, but that Todd was high during the live episode. He’s an egomaniac. For kicks, I periodically check his facebook page. His loyal following has dwindled, but that would come as news to Todd. He pontificates….probably the very first time I’ve ever understood that word. I’m totally disgusted by the way he has interjected his “faith” and religion into the mix. In one interview he said there were three reasons for Gold Rush (oh, and once again, he had to make it known that he originated the concept and is due all the credit for Gold Rush!): #1–faith #2–family and #3-hope. He’s all over the map with his half-witted schemes……he’s peddling buckets of 30 year chili…..”I’m not one of those doomsday people, but….” he goes on to preach about being prepared. I’ll never understand how or why so much of the Hoffman portion (of the gold rush episodes) is Todd. Remember first season? What I liked and miss most is the members of the team. I rarely allow something so ridiculous take up time or get under my skin, but I enjoyed the first two seasons of Gold Rush…..mostly b/c I saw it as a treasure hunt and wanted to believe good guys in hard times were giving their all to take care of their families. I saw a teaser for the jungle gold…….”they’ll need at least $60/hole, else they might not mine”…….three holes averaged $31/hole—-far less than a break-even amount. Todd says…”well…one hole was $50……let’s get going.” It wouldn’t matter what the $$$ was… long as he’s got other people’s money, and a network that enable him to play, he’s NOT going to NOT MINE. It has nothing to do with God, with family, with HOPE……or any concern over what it will mean for the people working on his crew. He cares only about himself. He’s so quick to speak about how hard it is to be far from his family……those are words and only words. During the summer he allowed his boys to run around the wilderness…..”they became feral”……naked….in their underwear….in-other-words without any sort of supervision. I’ll finish with this…..I recall the scene where his nephew was pleading with him…..he was terrified of operating at night because he said if he backed up over the ledge he could die. And Todd told him to wear his seat belt and do it. That was enough for me to know my suspicions were correct about Todd. His pride and ambition…..reaching the 1000 ounces was more important to him than the life of his nephew. Fortunately no one was hurt, but I cannot imagine any father (or uncle) would have behaved this way. I’m saddened, as a Christian, that there are many good people…..many Christians……who seem to be oblivious to everything on account of his proclamations. The funniest thing ever? Remember when the grown men tap their hats together? “That’s a prayer”……….(Todd). Anyone that has a little time to kill will get a kick out of the Gold Rush Alaska Todd Hoffman page on facebook!

    • Evie Garone says:

      Hi David……Thank you for reading and commenting. I understand your anger and sadness towards Todd, for we may feel like we were duped. If you are like me and a lot of my readers I think we were disappointed in Todd for his misrepresentation of Christianity and all it stands for, but I guess the longer I am away from the show I realize who the hell am I to judge? Having watched that mess of a show that was the last LIVE show I really thought Todd was under the influence of drugs mostly my thought was cocaine but as I look back now I just don’t know…who does but God and Todd? I guess as I get older and wiser I realize if we are to judge him so harshly we too will be judged harshly and I don’t want to be judged harshly for I am not perfect, far from it! Anyway, I guess I’m feeling philosophical today. I agree with many of your points. I do find the hat tapping weirdly amusing and a waste of time when mining should have been being done, and the big show called “The Mother Lode” a big sham. I won’t check out his facebook page because I don’t care what he has to say, I won’t watch his new show because I don’t care, I’m done with them, fool me once and I’m done, I am no fool! Make no mistake….it was a REALITY SHOW! Peace, Evie

  34. audsafraud says:

    I had my questions as well but I was totally shocked of the number of people that were of the same opinion. I am a cocaine addict, clean and sober for 9 years. The sniffling and slurring are textbook signs of addictions. He showed some signs that proved to me that he was on coke. There are a few signs that I thought nobody could pick up on me. The runny nose….it just made me paranoid that my secret could be revealed. I focused on trying to hide it so I rested my head in my hand/fist while conveniently placing a knuckle or two very close to my runny nostril. Two runny nostrils were a bit harder to conceal but I thought, its not unusual for someone to rest their head in TWO hands. Having to concentrate on this, of course the paranoia increased. But, I could maybe hide all that by bowing my head down slightly so nobody could have a clear view up my nose. To be successful at that, I couldn’t look anyone in the eye for longer than a second or two and that was from out of the corner of my eye. I feared that I would be found out but when I managed to fool them, I figured I was successful. When I finally decided it was time to clean myself up, I realized I was fooling nobody. I’ve discovered since then that the majority who are on coke show the same signs. If I had a scruffy goatee like his I would swear that was me. Yup, he was on coke!!

    • Evie Garone says:

      I’m glad you found help for yourself. Thanks for reading…….I hope Todd gets help if it’s true he’s an addict or having trouble like it appears! Evie

  35. Ginger says:

    Todd’s money must come from producers credits and creation it does not matter if he find a nickel of gold on the show as long as there are commercials and ratings they will still dangle that carrot .

  36. Todd did a video and had a live drug test because of the accusations. Doctor confirmed he was clean….at lease for the period of the test.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Ritchie……thank you for sharing this. If this is accurate and real then I am happy for Todd. It probably might not put all the doubt to rest for he was acting strange that night, but who knows, perhaps he was just pumped for the live show? Good for Todd for trying to alleviate doubters, I for one am satisfied, for I was just curious and kind of horrified at seeing his weird actions that night. I don’t want to besmirch his reputation…

      • If you asked me if he was a terrible leader of men, I say yes. If you asked me if he’s a bit lazy, I’d agree. But I really don’t think he’s a junky.

      • Evie Garone says:

        This information seems to confirm that…….if it’s accurate! Perhaps then, Todd’s claim of ADHD medicine was making him act funny or medicine for an upper respiratory infection? Perhaps we’ll never know? I’m just glad if he’s not using that he’s not using…….that would be a horrible thing. I agree he is a strange leader of the crew…even now in South America they seem like a six-legged dog running around with no direction. Again, thank you for sharing your opinion and the youtube information…….Evie

  37. rn506 says:

    I thought he was on something just from the constant sniffling, but sorry folks.. sad to say I used for a few years of my life and you get more than runny nose, he would of been acting way way more erratically, he seemed be acting the same way he always does even when mining. Also, I would have to assume that leaving out in the bush and being on your feet all the time one would lose some weight. I’ve had sinus infections that have made me act that way as well.

    If you don’t know something 100% then it’s just speculation.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Thank you for your comment. I thought Todd was acting erratically the night of the LIVE show, but since then he seems to be okay. Of course it’s speculation, and thank God in America we’re free to speculate, that’s one of our rights! I’m happy to hear you are doing better with your problem and thank your for weighing in with your opinion and with some actual experience.

  38. Mort Telford says:

    I don’t have any idea if Todd is using drugs or not. What I am sure of is that he is such zero that he would screw up and lose money if he had a winning Powerball lottery ticket.

    • Mort Telford says:

      Todd is a dreamer who is followed by a black cloud. Christo knows it and has exploited Hoffman’s bad luck and all-round buffoonery for all (the ratings) it is worth.

      • Evie Garone says:

        Again, you are speaking nothing but the truth….but perhaps if Todd did a little homework it wouldn’t come to such disarray. Thank you for reading and commenting. Evie

  39. HelloGoodbye says:

    Trust me. He was using coke the night of the final episode. The drug test he took several days after the show, unfortunately, was outside of the window required to capture coke in his urine (it’s a water soluble drug). His doctor was not being ethical – as he should have pointed that out in the “drug test” YouTube video (Todd Goes to the Doctor (Part 1&2). Don’t think you can beat a coke dip stick test after 3 days? See Wiki answers dot com “How long does it take cocaine to leave your system?”

    • Evie Garone says:

      I really did think Todd was under the influence of something that night as stated….I don’t think he was acting normal. All the drama of the YouTube videos of drug tests can be fixed and doctored. I hope I never see Todd in the state I did that night of the final episode it was disturbing, but as I’ve said since I don’t really want to be judge and jury, for who of us haven’t done things we regret? He’ll have to live with himself…..we know what we saw. Thanks for reading and commenting…..

  40. Sara says:

    What is “an outspoken women”?

  41. Sara says:

    I do it too. LOL.

  42. stevebuddy says:

    Todd Hoffman was for sure on something ! The signs point to coke, but since his slumlord dad is on pain meds, if it was a time release pain med like Kadian, which is time release morphine, he could of broke the capsule open and crushed it up to snort it, this to would give you the signs you are on coke. If you really think about it, when he was out of the country, he was acting up to, now daddy is there with his pain meds, which he can get though customs easy, so I bet Todd is playing with daddy’s pain meds !
    That whole family is scum ! They have cheated the others out of gold !

    • Evie Garone says:

      I agree with you I think Todd was on something on the LIVE show as stated he was acting “squirrely” and with his symptoms it seemed coke. But with time I’ve realized who the hell am I to judge, though it was unfortunate he chose to use in front of millions of viewers, including children and families, not at home or with friends.
      As for your other comments, I can’t answer to them as I’m ignorant to those other medications and their landlord issues!
      Todd is not a good leader of men for he knows nothing about mining except he wants to make millions, I can’t understand why these guys follow him, but I feel they are in for another hard fall, as we’ve seen so far he’s making blunder after blunder already in Guyana, but it is a REALITY show and they are getting ratings! Thank you for reading and good luck in the future to you and Todd and the crew! Evie

  43. Turbo says:

    Guess what? The only people that noticed Todd using drugs are current and past drug users. At least Todd is out there doing something with his life…not sitting in front of a reality TV show every night whining about bad decisions. If he is doing a little coke, so be it. My opinion, it wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world for an American reality TV star to roll down to Guyana and score an ounce of coke. Just because someone has a coke addiction does not mean they are going to have weight loss. Cocaine affects every person differently. Thanks Todd for taking the time, effort and money to bring this show to life. If it wasn’t for you and Jack we, wouldn’t be having this internet conversation. Everyone else here…take a good look in the mirror if you want to see a real looser! Thanks for reading!

    • Evie Garone says:

      Hey thanks for reading and commenting. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Time will tell if Todd has a “problem” and I wish him well. Evie

    • Ev0146055 says:

      using drugs and doing something does not make it right turbo, that arguemnet is very irrelevent and shouldnt have even been brought to light…. not cool at all to say the least and speaks to you character so thanks for telling us what kind of person you are….

  44. Ev0146055 says:

    Thats why he has gone to another country, he can use coke frealy out there without any concsquenses…..i hope thats not the case becuase i like the guy but he sure seems to show all the symtems of being on coke…

    • Ev0146055 says:

      OMG, thats exactly what my post just said without even reading your post…Hopefully thats not the case because he seems like a good dude.

      • Evie Garone says:

        Thanks for reading and all the comments. Great minds think alike?! hahaha I wish them all well in their endeavors…they are pretty brazen for even taking the chances, I guess. Evie

  45. Mitch says:

    Todd Hoffman is self absorbed sniffling child with a beard he reminds me of a dwarf except lacking all mining skills. I feel very bad for Dave Turin and I wish he had taken Indian River right out from under hoffman because Todd is a coat tail rider with a cocaine addiction and problems taking responsibility, problems laying blame. he’s really pathetic really don’t want to see any more of him or his team on the show because it’s ridiculous he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing

    • Evie Garone says:

      I kind of like your description….Todd Hoffman reminds me of “a dwarf except lacking all mining skills”. I think that’s an insult to dwarves! I don’t think they are that fat nor that stupid, nor do they use drugs! lol

  46. Todd Hoffman says:

    Evie is very annoying responding to every single comment. Get off the computer and go outside, it’s hard to believe but there is life beyond the internet.

    • Evie Garone says:

      Hey Todd……I’m a writer…..that’s what I do… observe what’s happening around me and write about it. Obviously you must have read every comment to know that I answer every comment because I was raised to acknowledge people when they write to me and it’s great you commented, too. I wish you luck in your future endeavors. PS I do happen to get out and do so much more, I am a very busy individual that’s how I find things to write about. Take care and please keep visiting my site! Annoyingly yours, Evie

  47. Goldie says:

    Hi GUYs i do think todd Hoffman has a coke problem just by the way he acts on the show ,dos anyone have a link to the show where he was obviously stoned on i think it was a rap up of last seasons Gold Rush

  48. Goldie says:

    I find that to be amazing surely somebody has a copy of it it went on world wide cable release……i to cant find it any where it seems to be deleted every where i look and Todd Hoffmans not showing any of it just the doctor interview the next day LOL why not show what people are talking about and then dispute it ….must be pretty powerful video iam amazed the producers allowed it to air world wide must of been a live broadcast was it ?

    • Evie Garone says:

      Isn’t it curious that the live broadcast is suspiciously missing? Perhaps A&E and Todd are either totally embarrassed at the hoax they perpetrated or the disgusting display they let be viewed by millions and are sorry they let it go to “air”? Who thought that was a good idea? Perhaps Todd is now sorry he has besmirched his own name? Either way, if we’re to believe either “Todd the commenter” here on my site or the video of the doctor visit with Todd the day after, it never happened. As many others of the past and present would like to rewrite history, if a video disappears, it never happened. Todd Hoffman would be better off admitting it than changing history, millions know what they saw. I’m not saying I’ve never made mistakes in my life, but I’ve never decided to be filmed before millions, be paid for it, loving the publicity…….you have to take the good with the bad Todd…denial is ugly, admit your faults and move on man, God and man will respect you so much more for it!

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