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THEY’RE All Writing Books, Why Not ME? #

I have to admit, I’m a FOX News and talk-radio newsaholic and enjoy listening to all the politicians bloviating but what has really gotten my attention is how everybody and their mother has a book to hawk. They do this unashamedly, … Continue reading

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Social Media and the lack of….

I was amazed how much hubbub I have heard surrounding both College Professors  for their audacity to try to take any means of communication from THE children….sob, sob. Oh, please. If it wasn’t for all the media coverage and the helicopter … Continue reading

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Sometimes Facebook drives me nuts . . .

I go to type a new notice, or they call it “Status” and it won’t go through, unfortunately I liked it or thought I did. I thought the wording was OK. But of course you can’t word it exactly the … Continue reading

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