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Physical Therapy Ups & Downs . . .

The physical therapy for my shoulder remplissage and torn or actually non-existent labrum has been a slow and painful process. It has been moving along and I am finally able to drive after 3-4 months of being housebound except for … Continue reading

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Fabulous News Today Pain and All!

I woke up today and felt different. It was the first time since my shoulder surgery that the first thing I was aware of when I opened my eyes was not the pain of my shoulder, it was the absence … Continue reading

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Hello, Is No one Answering . . . Impatiently waiting . . .

Why does no one LIVE answer the phone anymore? We are at the mercy of answering services and automated voice-mail dictating what buttons we should push to direct our call. I don’t know about you, but at least half the … Continue reading

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Orthopedic Surgery, here I come ! #@&

After having researched the Orthopedic specialist the hospital recommended, Dr. Matthew Hansen from the CORE Institute (Center for Orthopedic Research and Education) on the internet feeling relatively optimistic seeing that he seems to have a very nice pedigreed education, I … Continue reading

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Today was a Barrel of Fun – Hospital Included

OMG, did I really need to start the New Year off with such a bang! I would have preferred NOT having had to be taken to the hospital because I’m so fragile that I can’t even fool around with a … Continue reading

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