I’m Baaaaack!



I have not written in a looong time, but didn’t feel the need nor the motivation. Now, things are different.

I don’t know if it’s the political climate in this country or the major renovations I have decided to undertake in my house but I am not sleeping well & wake up jangled every morning. So, I’m here to talk about it.

Currently, the country is a mess, a bigger mess than it has been in years. Thanks #Obama and crew!

#Charlotte, NC is now a war zone, thanks to #Obama’s failed policies. He has caused more racial division than we’ve seen since the likes of the 60’s. #BLM & others “supposedly” angry with the way young black men are being treated and killed by the police are rioting in the streets like a pack of angry dogs. I would understand a peaceful protest which is what it’s supposed to be, but it has degenerated into outright mayhem. Some of the “protesters” are terrorizing other citizens, businesses and the #police. I can’t say I can understand black people’s strifes, I am afterall white, but I do believe that obeying the law would help

It is shameful and horrendous to see the progress we had made in this wonderful country in race relations blown away before our very eyes in 8 yrs. Is it all a plot to help the disintegration of #America as we knew her. Are there darker forces at work behind the scene? I’m sure some people protesting are really doing it because they believe in their cause, but many have disinformation and are acting on that.

Police seem to get no respect nor are allowed to do their jobs in this current #America. I tip my hat to the police, for having a thankless job, to protect the citizenry from those who would break the law is not an easy job, especially when being harassed, antagonized, catcalled and disrespected.

The height of hypocrisy is rampantly alive in #America. Those same people who do not respect police and our laws will be the very same who want protection under the law. I don’t understand how that is supposed to work. I don’t believe I am alone in my thinking.

There are so many citizens who are perplexed and horrified by the racial unrest. We personally have done nothing to exacerbate it, foment it nor cause it. I have nothing but respect for my fellow citizens who love and respect #America and her laws whatever their race, creed or color …but when you do not respect the laws, you are part of the problem.

That is all for now…….

© Evelyn Garone 9/23/16
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The Wide Spread Liberal Views


Ya know, I used to be able to listen to many differing opinions on the radio and television but I find myself having a hard time swallowing the hard line liberal agenda being shoved down my throat everywhere I turn. I live in Arizona and one of the radio stations is KTAR where it seems to have taken a hard liberal turn lately. To be told that I must accept the Gay Marriage vote with equanimity when it is against everything I was raised to believe just doesn’t sit well with me. On my Twitter feed I know I’m not alone. The President did not need to spike the football by lighting the White House (The People’s House) in Rainbow Colors to celebrate the win by the SCOTUS vote when he was for, then against then for gay marriage all depending on which way the wind was blowing…perhaps he should make up his damn mind, if he has one?!

As for television, I don’t think it’s necessary to see men kissing men and women kissing women, again to forward this agenda to make it mainstream. No, I’m not homophobic I’m just sick of having the gay agenda shoved down my throat by the minority. That’s right, the minority. The gay vote, and that’s what we’re talking about here…that’s why this has become tantamount, the  3% of Americans are making a lot if noise because they are not getting what they want. Then by extension a lot of others feel guilty or think they are just so special, wonderful, inclusive or liberal for backing this vote though it is actually unlawful as hell and exclusive. I don’t have anything against gays, I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, but don’t force me to be a party to it, don’t force me to be a part of it, don’t force me to condone it and to celebrate it. What you choose to do is your business, let’s keep it that way.

Why do we all have to be so sexually explicit anyway? I have no sexuall hangups, but why do we all have to act out on screen? What ever happened to people’s imaginations? Whatever happened to old glamorous Hollywood where the sexy people walked into the bedroom, dimmed the lights, and you imagined what happened? Then we wonder why children and teens are so sexually active, so sexually exploited, so curious, dress so provocatively, act out, etc. Well, movies, television, video games, et al. aren’t helping.

These are the thoughts running around my head.

What do you think?

© Evelyn Garone 6.30.16

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For Love Of Twitter


I’ve been TWEETing a lot lately, mostly political and I’m really enjoying it. You can learn a lot about the Constitution and what’s going on in the political landscape. Perhaps if more people did this they would know what is going on in America!

There are many opinions which are great when there is intelligent discussion but when it descends to obnoxious trolling it’s a shame. I haven’t had the unfortunate opportunity to have to deal with that yet and hope not to as I’m not great with confrontation you can’t reason with.

Some of the jokes are hilarious and opinions abound that are quite amusing.

It’s been a learning experience and fun. I’m getting a lot of followers and following a lot of interesting people. As a whole I am enjoying the experience!

© Evelyn Garone

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HP Delivery of Printer Cartridges is Inherently Stupid!

NOHP Nofedex

I’m writing this blog to inform my reading public of a Service Announcement. Beware if you get an email for printer cartridges through the mail at 20% from HP. Yes, they will happily charge you right away and try to deliver by FedEx, but you must be home to sign for them. The reason someone would order through the mail is for EASE and their process is anything but simple.

After the 1st attempt by Fed Ex to deliver which was a bust for I wasn’t home I had to make phone call after phone call to get the matter straightened out. Usually other things I order will be left at my door, if I’m not home. NOT so for HP printer cartridges. Perhaps they are afraid of theft, I don’t know their skewed thought process.

As I phoned FedEx for tracking, they couldn’t do anything for me except try to deliver 2 more times, leave at their depot across the city, defeating the whole concept of DELIVERY if I couldn’t be home the 3 days they decided to deliver.

After speaking to the first person on the phone at HP requesting as FedEx suggested to have them call and delete need for signature, after girding the barrier of English I was foisted on a “supervisor” who needed to speak to another supervisor to request no signature. For some reason this is their policy which they will not change at your request. This is not expressly stated on the original email, perhaps making people now that I’ve informed them rethink the whole purchase.

Now I am waiting for a refund to my account I purchased with…..and I have no confidence this will go smoothly.

FYI do not order from HP on-line for home delivery if you will not be able to be home in the next week or so for delivery. It is futile!!

Just my rant for today…..

© Evelyn Garone 4.28.15

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Great Quote


Excellent sentiment…..

© Evelyn Garone 4.21.15

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Twitter & Instagram

crazy woman

I haven’t written anything here in a long time……I used to write almost everyday, but somehow I have just lost the urge to communicate my thoughts through this medium at the present time. Perhaps that’s part of the journey….we’re always changing.

It’s hard to write when you don’t get feedback….as if you’re shouting to the mountains and getting no echo back.

My Twitter account has been pretty active….perhaps people like the quick give and take that goes on there. I know I feel validated when my tweets are retweeted or favorited…

So, perhaps I’ll start writing again…..when motivated, but it’s so much more gratifying to share a quick photo on INSTAGRAM and get immediate responses……knowing someone somewhere gives a shit what I’m doing.

Just sayin’

What do you think?

© Evelyn Garone 4.17.15

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Uplifting Quote of the Day

quote of day

“Nuff said!

Have a great day!!!!!

© Evelyn Garone 2.21.15

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