Concierge Doctors…who knew…

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I did. I mentioned to the ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat doctor) about the office that referred us to him “changing” because the DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) not quite an MD)), taking over my regular doctors office by deciding he would become a Concierge doctor. He said that’s a great money move for him…of course it is. But is it good for me, no!?

Why would I do it when I have good health insurance from my husbands job that we already pay for? I believe they are preying on peoples fears of impending illness and also some rich peoples ability to pay that extra $5,000/yr. for the security of health care in these uncertain times. I read an article by doctors and specialists saying if the average person was offered either $1,000 or a free CT scan the majority would take the free CT scan, and there is no reason for it unless there is something wrong, so why is the average person so happy to look for something wrong? Hmmm. . . .That’s just looking for trouble, we’re not even sure if there are too many bad repercussions from the CT scan itself.

Right now I am happy with my coverage. It is not as good as it was…as the economy has taken each new hit in the last 2 years so has our Health plan and I have to say I am not looking forward to see what this Obama/Pelosi abomination is going to do it. We may even be dropped as the penalty a company gets charged for dropping their workers is less than covering their workers. So much for healthcare for all!

Now they are also flip/flopping on the issue of people with pre-existing illnesses and if they will even HAVE to be covered, how ridiculous. When I got and kept my coverage, paid into it for 20 years I had no issues I was healthy — no pre-existing illness, as my breast cancer was discovered in my 40’s, they better not decide after they DID cover my expenses, which was wonderful by Cigna I must say, but after Obama/Pelosi get done bastardizing, butting in and everything else with the American health care that now that I have an “existing”, as millions of other Americans do that we can be dropped or not covered. That would be UNAmerican! Again, what happened to the promise of healthcare for all, I was happy with the way my health plan was!! Butt out Government, please don’t HELP!

I do like the show Royal Pains on cable though, if only real life was like this!!

Oh, also, my son is fine. No fungal infection. It was just scar tissue that the PA should have known if she had looked in both ears, because it is in both ears and it would be unusual to have the fungal infection in both ears with no pain, no itching, no draining. With his history of ear infections his whole childhood which we spoke of, the scar tissue is obvious. So, the lump on his neck is nothing to worry about, probably just a swollen gland or lymph node, and we’ll keep our eye on it, but we’ve had one before and took it all the way to biopsy and it was nothing.  The visit to the specialist, the nice ENT set our mind to rest, so it wasn’t a wasted visit, but it really wasn’t needed for the “cottonlike” substance on his eardrum, where a fungal infection would not be!

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