Ooops I Did It Again! Yet Again!

When will I learn to take off my rose colored glasses?! Or my dunce cap? I don’t know. Ok., I was on Facebook, where I actually only go infrequently, but for some reason an ad caught my eye, damn, maybe I should just put a needle in that eye and get along with one! Alright, thats a bad idea, but I might need to take some serious action with myself after this episode of bad judgement. Now I wish I didn’t harp on asking people I know to read my blog, like my oldest son, some of my friends, oh, I digress, sorry. . .

So the Facebook ad was about a nice lady, kind of like myself, A Mother/Teacher trying to save a dime here and there while trying to whiten her teeth, she “supposedly” came across a great solution, she tried these two sample products at a next to nothing cost to her. Using the products together they worked like a charm. And, she’s going to share her secret with you and ME!  Beep, Beep, Beep, Warning, Bullshit meter should have gone off. Remember what I said about me, my glasses and hat. I guess my meter is broken. Maybe I never had one. The wolf would have loved me to walk into his woods!

So immediately, I clicked on her site all interested! WTF was I thinking? Now, thinking back on it, I don’t know. I’m not always this gullible. Sometimes I’m downright tough! I swear. You can ask some of my friends, and my kids, I can be a tough bitch at times, I come from NJ, I even lived in NYC for 2 years!  I’m not always such a pushover, sometimes though, I guess I just want to believe the world is a nice happy place where people mean well, where they stand behind what they say, where there is truth in advertising, where people don’t lie, where you get what you pay for, where you really can get nice pretty white teeth again. Oh, to dream.

My husband and sons call the town where I grew up, Westwood, NJ, Gummi Land, because when we talk about semi-unreal and nice things, I’ll say, but “it happened there” referring to my hometown. The air was more pure, the days were longer, you could trust people, it just about rained lollipops and sunshine the way I remember it. Maybe I am in denial from something awful, but I liked it there in my safe remembrance of a happy childhood, where I lived a “Brady Bunch” life with my happy family. I just wish sometimes, we could trust as we should be able to, like Gummi Land. Again I digress, back to the oops!

So the site is offering you two products one is called VIVID WHITE SMILE that is a sample size for Free, (Yeah right) just pay shipping $3.87 Total when you type in the savings code the nice Teacher/Mother supplies you with and the other is a Whitening Pen (which I did not order ) and I’m sorry I forgot the name of and I do not want to slander them by making a mistake. She/They also gave you a savings code for this one. It didn’t work, that’s why I didn’t order it as it was $19.99 and it was supposed to be FREE, the small print DID admit that they would then send you one every month and charge you so I quickly left that site.

Right then my radar did ping, put what could I do I had ordered it already?  I did have a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, so I slept on it. Two – three days later my sample arrived with no paperwork in the envelope, just a little box. I’ve just held onto it wondering what to do.

Today the phone rang, it was an East Indian man with the obvious accent, with an unrecognized phone number, I don’t even know why I answered the phone. I usually ignore all calls like that. This gentleman was definitely calling from India as a telemarketer, asking me if I had received something in the mail, offering to lower the price of my tooth whitening product, I told him I was not interested, I told him I wanted to be cancelled right away from this program, realizing the mail scam right away, he told me he couldn’t do it, he wasn’t the one I ordered it from, he just wanted to give me a better price…I wonder if I would then have gotten a second product? Who knows? I promptly hung up on him I felt like a rat in a trap! Damn again! Can’t get a break!  Ran up the stairs, looked on the box for info., none of course, looked for my e-mail confirmation, couldn’t find it, slapped my forehead, at least a few synapses are still firing in the old brain, I Googled the company read massive amounts of Fraudulent complaints about VIVID WHITE SMILE, Thank God found an 1-888 number and immediately called and spoke to some woman.

She had the audacity to ask me WHY I wanted to cancel as No One had ever cancelled their membership before, I laughed in her face, told her that was blatantly untrue as I had gotten this number from Google where there were many disgruntled complaints filed. She then had the nerve to try to give me an e-mail link so I could cancel my membership, (Right!) which I promptly refused telling her I didn’t trust a link. Adamantly requesting she cancel it right that minute as I waited and check that I had not been charged a cent more than the $3.87 that I had agreed to, she took care of it saying they wanted the customer to be happy! Ha! Giving me my cancellation number slowly, hopefully it is now taken care of! So People, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OUT THERE, UNLESS YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO GO SEARCH FOR IT YOURSELVES & CHECKED IT OUT FIRST &  DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THE COMPANY!!!

It turns out reading the complaints, these people start sending you more whitening product every month as soon as 10 days later, at $99.99 a pop forever without forewarning you or asking you. A lot of people don’t check their monthly debit statements, or credit card statements, so they are unaware!  I got lucky with the guy calling me with the “Sale” product price, either they are hurting with their scam falling apart, or someone is getting greedy and jumping in on the gravy train. I had unfortunately given them my phone number from the beginning but that was how they looked up my account.  I was able to Redial the man from India and the auto. options on the recall asked 1. To be added to their Do No Call List. I did that. Then I called back again & picked the other option 2.  for an Executive to call me back  I will rip them a new one and make sure I am not on any more  membership plans. Usually if you do get to talk to a live person & tell them you want no part of their scam, that is enough!

I can only pray this Fraudulent Scam is over for me and maybe I got away with just a few phone calls and feeling stupid and disappointed in Humanity yet again. And know & NO the great big world is not like my little street in Westwood, NJ!!


About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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4 Responses to Ooops I Did It Again! Yet Again!

  1. Fun post. I laughed out loud more than once. 🙂


  2. bronxboy55 says:

    Your post is entertaining and troubling at the same time. I’ve been trying to figure out for a few years now if there are more dishonest people than there used to be, or if they just have more opportunities. I get scam emails every day. I don’t respond to them, but my wife and I have been ripped off in other ways, and we’re so suspicious now. And I really don’t know which is the greater loss — being cheated out of our hard-earned money or (as you said) feeling disappointed yet again in humanity.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you’ve heard the last of them.


    • Evie Garone says:

      Hey thanks for reading, I’m sorry you’ve had some bad experiences with ripp-offs! People really are creepy! Bastards!
      Let’s hope it’s over…I really don’t want to have to go to the bank, admit I’m a dumb blond, tell my husband, etc….Ha, Ha.!! Stay tuned, I hope this is my last ooops! Evie


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