Real Friends and Phone Talk…!#%$

I don’t know about anyone else, maybe it’s just me…I am getting older and bitchier but I really enjoy a good conversation with my GOOD friends on the phone. I know everybody is into this new Social Networking on Facebook & Twitter but give me a phone and a little time to talk with a GOOD friend, a REAL friend any day! The nuances of a real live voice and secrets shared can’t be topped.

Not even my cell phone is good enough. I have one, don’t get me wrong, I use it for what it was originally intended; emergencies, or when you can’t get to a landline! Imagine that, it has better reception & it can’t take pictures! A real phone, sitting on the couch all comfortable, snuggled up with a blankey and a cup of coffee, chatting up a storm about anything and everything. Analyzing life’s intricacies, political ins and outs, friends relationship pitfalls, and everything in-between. We laugh ’till our sides hurt, we cry so hard that we need to actually get tissues, and we right the wrongs of the world and our hearts.

Most importantly we “MAKE” the time for each other, because we are important to each other. We know that’s imperative to life!

You can’t get that same intimacy with “the new” social networking. Those 300 – 1000 friends are not your real friends, I’m sorry to tell you!

Maybe it’s me and I’ve grown up and moved on, but I am so over that whole thing. I don’t want to read peoples strings of consciousness all the time. I have enough going on in my own mind. I’m kind of a schizo myself, and you know that saying, you’re never alone with a schizophrenic, so I really have a low tolerance for other peoples bullshit. Just sayin’.

Then to read stupid sayings and peoples comments to that, ad nauseum can really get me going. I don’t want to read, “I’m hungry”, or “I’m tired”. You had the energy to type that, go feed your face, I don’t give a shit! As for all the bragging, I don’t care, God Bless you and your life, but I haven’t seen you in 30 years, I don’t give a crap about your boat, your new mansion, etc. WTF! Am I supposed to be impressed?! Is this a new version of a High School Reunion?! Really! I don’t share that stuff, I like my life, but it’s my life, I don’t think anyone but my GOOD friends need to know that stuff, I don’t have to put it on Facebook to VALIDATE myself. I just AM!!!

I had a really, really good friend, but she became way too BUSY for phone calls.  She would send me e-mails, not personal ones, supposed funny chain mail ones, and about 10 at a pop. I really didn’t appreciate this, but I let it go on for a little while. At one point, I actually sent one of the chains out to some people, and by accident to someone in my mailbox , who then sent me a nasty letter explaining how viruses can be attached to chain letters, etc. and how when people forward letters like that without deleting the whole list of previous recipients you get everything in their computer also, I thought about that and realized I could kill two birds with one stone. I sent an e-mail to that old friend suggesting she no longer send me jokes etc. as they might have viruses, if she wanted to communicate, send me only personal messages. She listened for a short time and then they started up again. That was the precursor of impersonal “friendships” before Facebook, a make believe “Let’s Do Lunch” long distance. I will be no part of it. I would rather have 25 good friends that mean something to me than these people, now I have blocked her, deleted her from everything I can. If she cared or noticed, she would have PHONED me, but she obviously didn’t. Years change people, and you drift apart. It’s all good. But why fake it with joke emails, its so impersonal, it is not real communication or friendship!  No thanks. I choose who I want to be friends with on Facebook and everywhere else very carefully. Why do people bother to gather so many friends on Facebook; to show they are so popular!? How Cool!! (Tongue in cheek!)

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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8 Responses to Real Friends and Phone Talk…!#%$

  1. bronxboy55 says:

    For what it’s worth, I completely agree with you about social networks. I don’t think it’s about real relationships, but rather putting on a show and creating the perception that these are real relationships. I’m sure most of the conversations on Facebook would never take place if the participants knew nobody else was watching or listening in. It’s the same with these people who have to be on their cell phone while they’re at the cash register in the supermarket. I talk on the phone maybe three times a week, and two of those are wrong numbers.

    Do you really have 25 good friends? If so, you’re incredibly fortunate. In fact, I consider myself lucky to have four or five. (Or is it two or three?)

    You seem to have reached that stage in life when you’ve had it with the nonsense, and you’re done trying to shine up your opinions to make them presentable. That’s what makes your posts fun to read — they’re true and funny. Keep up the great work.


    • Evie Garone says:

      Oh, thanks, you are good for the ego! I really have reached that stage, I just have to be me! When I say 25 friends — that’s family & friends on facebook, but I do have a good group of core friends I can call & count on that have been hard won. Keep reading, I love the positive feedback…I have some other rants in the archives of my blogs, another pithy one on FB & one on Tech etiquette, some times I go off! Whoops! Evie


  2. jackie says:

    Amen sista!!!! After a good gab fest I always feel great. We have fixed some of the world’s problems…lol…bye bye mean girls! Luv u!!!!


  3. gorgeouskim says:

    hi there hows it going


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