Cruisin’ the Pacific


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Today is a recovery day…I know, I know, I was on vacation and I shouldn’t be tired, but alas I am. We tried to take it easy on the cruise, to actually RELAX but there were so many things to do so you felt you really should take part in them…

You always got a little newspaper the night before so you could plot what you wanted to do the next day, here is a sample of some of the things happening on our ship daily.

First and foremost we always got COFFEE with really pretty and delicious danish and little cakes! Most important! Then we sat and people watched as we decided our day.

Unfortunately as at most resorts there were never enough lounge chairs so it was first come first serve so it was a free for all at the pools and decks. It is funny to see the shenanigans people pull to reserve their chairs, without supposedly reserving them. It’s not allowed. You really are supposed to be there at the chairs, yet people will still insist on leaving their things on the chairs then disappear to go gorge themselves at the “all you can eat” buffets and these people take that seriously. So the vultures circle the chairs and even talk to the attendants, looking for intervention, it’s too funny!

Back to the hourly happenings.

6:00 am – Noon on TV there is a Wake Up Show with the Cruise Director

All Day – Pick Up Daily Brain Quiz.  (Love, Love, Love!)

9:00am – 9:00pm Sports Court is Open

9:00am  One of the Movies on Neptune Deck on Lounge Chairs

9:00am  Cards & Games Available to Borrow

9:00am  Mixed 4Some Golf

9:00am  Friends of Dr. Bob & Bill Meet for a Walk around the Decks

9:30am  Let’s Line Dance ( Let’s NOT!)

9:45am  Grandparent’s Bragging Party  (OMG)

10:00am- Noon Rachel will be in Art Gallery for inquiries Getting                          ready for the Auction (They even had Gauguin, Picasso &                      Erte)

10:00am  Scholarship@Sea Enrichment Lecture- Russia: Then & Now

10:00am  $60 Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament

10:00am  Movie

10:00am  Kona Coffee Sampling!

10:15am Morning Trivia (FUN!)

& ON & ON & ON ad naseum ’til midnight!

We were long ago in bed getting ready for the next day’s activities!

Can there be any question why I’m tired?!

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I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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  1. stanley says:

    Makes great reading! Cheers!


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