Interesting Neighborhood Happenings, Whats the Truth?


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I’ve decided to go out into my neighborhood to look for fodder for my blog…the great roving reporter…

So,  something of interest. . . today as I was leaving my little enclave of “the Foothills” of Ahwatukee,  Arizona I saw this man I have seen a myriad of times. I have always been happy to see him, he actually puts a smile on my face when I drive by him. My natural curiosity finally got the best of me today and I finally decided to pull over to question this man, but he was not there on my way home.

So, I am going to piece the story together as best as I can, after all, isn’t that what fiction is?

So many times I have passed this older African American man walking in the morning. He lives somewhere in my little neighborhood. I’ve seen him come out of the end of my street onto the main street he seems to walk .  He seems to walk daily, he has a rather good upright bearing, looking like he is in great shape,  like he walks to stay in shape. He started carrying a plastic shopping bag with him lately. I had noticed him stooping to pick up garbage. I do not believe he started off with the garbage bag. I assume he eventually started carrying that as his walk brought him by so much trash that it only made sense to him, or he would go nuts, trying to juggle all the trash or have to keep backtracking to get trash he had to leave behind and come back and get.

Well today, the mystery deepens. I would swear he had on a DPW glow in the dark vest. The vests that are made to make you very visible to traffic, to make it safe for you to walk. So, did he find it in the bushes on the side of the road along with the other trash, left behind by accident by the DPW (Dept. of Public Works)  guys who also pick up trash with the stick with the nail on the end or the landscapers? Or was he noticed by enough other observant neighbors like me that he somehow got a job through the DPW to pick up trash along this very busy road? I do not know, it’s up to us all to speculate. . .

If I see him, I may interview him and write the TRUE STORY . . .

or not. . .

I hope he got a job because he got noticed and recognized for his good neighborly services and now he is being paid to do something that makes him happy and helps the community at the same time. I think if we all could do something nice like that it would help the world. I know that sounds facile, but it is true!

So did he do this before in his life before he retired and moved to Arizona and just couldn’t curb his natural working propensity? Or did it just start as a do-gooder thing, as he was walking, to stay in shape, when he saw one piece of trash, as we all do, he picked it up, then saw another, couldn’t ignore it picked that up, and so on. So each day, it became his mission, it drove him to have to walk and pick up this trash in his neighborhood, it annoyed him and upset him that people could be so cavalier about trash. Could it be that he was a retired Trash man that was disgusted to see that the trash dept. here were so lax, that they were falling down on the job, in such a beautiful neighborhood, to see so much garbage on his walk, he’d be damned to let it go.

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I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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  1. bruce dobie says:

    hi, just wanted to touch base. i get news alerts form you a lot, because i have signed up to get news alerts from my own company (which is anyway, just wanted to touch base since we both use the same name! best, bruce


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