What Not To Wear!

Constantine (right) and Woodall on What Not to...

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OMG! How funny! I do not know if I’m punchy  because I’m tired or if tonight is an especially funny episode but I must have cracked up at least 3 times out loud by myself.

Clinton & Staci are working on a friend of Clinton’s named Debbie who is obsessed about her “boobies” (their words not mine) and the jokes have ensued. This is just hilarious. She definitely has some kind of hang up about her big breasts, instead of being happy, enjoying the”girls” and dressing to enhance them, she tries to wear her clothes baggy, looking like a slob.

So they’ve spent two days transforming her and it’s been a long road. She has not gotten the hang of shopping for her shape. They had to come out of the backroom and help, but then she’ll end up with better clothes with their help.

By the end of the show the remake on her was amazing; the hair, the make-up, and the clothes, all of it was so worth it on her see really looked like a new person and so much better.

So, if you are ever bored, and really looking for something to watch, contemplate, What Not to Wear! Sometimes it’s amusing…

(c) Written by Evelyn Garone 12/2010

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I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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