Fabulous News Today Pain and All!

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I woke up today and felt different. It was the first time since my shoulder surgery that the first thing I was aware of when I opened my eyes was not the pain of my shoulder, it was the absence of pain. It was awesome. The feeling in my arm was just normal. My two shoulders felt similar. It was a nice feeling, and not one I was used to recently. I was surprised, and didn’t really believe it. I found the timing, considering today was the 6-week check up with my Orthopedic surgeon, amazing and quite coincidental but serendipitous. I was really happy I could share the good news with my doctor and not always sound like a whiny baby when I went in for a check up. I don’t think I sound whiny but you don’t know how you’re interpreted.

Perhaps that enthusiasm was to be short-lived. Maybe it would have been better if this had happened yesterday so I could have had a full day to have enjoyed the pain-free normal feeling shoulder. I don’t know why the Doctor and X-ray technician could not leave well enough alone! Damn! They decided to take X-rays when I told them I had ridiculous pain when I sneezed. Everything was in order, the Doctor said the X-rays looked beautiful! Yahoo! But the taking of the X-rays themselves was not nice, by manipulating the arm into the right positions to take the X-rays was painful. Darn.

Then, back to the examination room for the Dr. to look me over. Picture this. Let me set the scene. The Doctor is a big man of 6′ 6”, about 250 lbs., I am 5′ 2” 110 lbs. so when this man handles me, he “manhandles” me without even trying. I’m sure in his book, he’s being gentle, but, you have to remember, my poor little arm hasn’t been moved more than 30 minutes a day and I’m very gentle with myself. Along comes this giant, who’s probably been doing this for 10 years, its old hat, he’s not worried and neurotic like I am about a little pain. So, needless to say, I left the office a little worse off than I started off! He tells me to take the sling off and he decides to move my arm all over the place, then tells me, it’s “tight”! Ya think? It’s been in a stinkin’ sling for 6 weeks? Of course it’s tight! I’ve been afraid to breathe on it! Now your throwing it around and pulling it this way and that, and now tonight, I wonder why I have an icepack on it and had to resort to pain meds again, damn!

So all in all, it was wonderful news, now I can go to physical therapy. I am not allowed to USE the arm, just let it HANG there. I like that. I thought once “they” told me, that was the PA and the Doctor, that I could do away with my smartsling that meant I was to start living, but NOoooo. Don’t use it, just remove the smartsling and start physical therapy 2-3 times a wk. for 6 weeks to start. Then we’ll see where we go from there.

I asked the Doctor what happens if I drop say a plate, what if I naturally go to get it with that hand, he said, “Don’t!” “OK”, I said. Makes sense, not!

I immediately decided to test this out my tripping and falling a few hours later, and luckily my bad arm stayed glued to my side! Thank You God! As I started shaking and crying from relief and fright, thinking of the what ifs that only a boob like I can do when the moment of crises has been averted. Thanks to Spooky the cat who wanted to go out too late after curfew and was getting me up off the couch and clumsy me tripped and went flailing and flying and finally falling ass over tea kettle onto the ground saving myself with my GOOD arm! Ah life, ya’ gotta laugh…otherwise ya’d kill yourself!


Written by Evie Garone 3/2011

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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