Jon Stewart Really Bugs Me!

I do not think Jon Stewart is being honest with himself or his audience. I do not think he should be able to fall back on the old line “I’m a comedian” so everything I say is comedy first and should not to be judged through the same filter as everybody else. Why? He still has his own political leanings as much as anyone else . . he can’t help but be pulled one way or the other. I know as I write I always write a conservatively slanted view and I happily and readily admit it.

Where does he get off telling Chris Wallace of FOX News Sunday that he is insane because Chris believes that Jon Stewart’s slant and the recent mocking of Palin and her bus tour video being compared to a commercial for a VALTREX (a herpes drug) had “nothing” to do with politics? REALLY? Then there must be a lot of us insane nuts out there because I know I believe there was definitely more to it than “simply the technique” of the advertisement used in both ads. Come on now Jon. Do YOU really think we’re all that naive that we’ll buy your schpeal?  Cause I sure don’t! If you want to accuse the mainstream media of “sensationalism”, then you’re right there with them, aren’t you? I’m sure there must have been other commercials that used the same type of “editing” as Sarah Palin’s commercial and the herpes drug, perhaps something a little LESS questionable than a herpes medicine, eh JON? Really, did you need to besmirch her name, too? Hasn’t the lamestream media done that enough. . .?

If FOX news has their Conservative agenda how can you NOT admit that other news agencies must have some agenda too? Really? Everybody else is fair and balanced BUT FOX News? Amazing! Funny how that works. . .the other news agencies are just LAZY and sensationalist, but not biased. Okay . . that makes sense to me . . . NOT!

I also do NOT believe that YOU, Jon do not have any aspirations towards politics. Thou protests too much! Thou spends way too much time satirizing them. You speak too well and know too much about them. Your aspirations seem too high to not wish to take part somehow in the soup that you speak of, what was that “Rally To Restore Sanity” in Washington for, not just comedy?

I have listened to you, Jon you can be funny, but you can be mean-spirited and one-sided. You have your opinion and so do others. We shall see how it pans out with these political issues, but to deny the truth is to lie, Jon.

© Written by Evelyn Garone 6/2011

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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4 Responses to Jon Stewart Really Bugs Me!

  1. I saw the title of you article and it was like your were reading my mind!
    I just came across the video of Wallace’s interview of Stewart. It’s so the same old song and dance with this guy every time someone attempts to make him own his rhetoric.
    I agree, the guy can be hysterical when his schtick is not political.
    Outstanding article. Exactly my sentiment after seeing the interview.


    • Evie Garone says:

      Hey thanks for reading! I’m glad to know I could tickle your funny bone and you know what I mean. Great minds think alike, huh?! Thanks for reading and I hope you visit my site again. Evie


  2. ernie_oertle says:

    At sometime back in the past, I probably did laff at something JStewart said. I dunno. It had to have been yrs ago. It was when I became aware that he & the effete Steven`Coldbear’ were doing adolescent-level myopic news interpretation on some non-news channel, & my dim undiscerning hippy friends were ROF stoned-amused by Stewart-&-Colbert’s antics — that I figured I’d do best to avoid his obfuscation. That lefty commentary is like brain-cancer — it intends no Good. And so I have avoided. Have never watched a single episode. Or rather, have short-viewed enough to learn Stewart’s humor was as biased & ill-intended & intellectually-dishonest as what KO was barfing on MSNBC. KO wasn’t funny. I don’t see JStewart as a comedian – I see him as rude-&-bitter. “Mean-spirited & one-sided” like you said. Nothing funny about his nihilism & dispassion about the destruction of America.


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