Yin & Yang#

I’m going to share some MAJOR differences between the sexes…

How About Musical Taste? –

Does anyone want to field that one? If I have to get in the car one more time ready for a fun RELAXING sharing of time together with my significant other, just to palm-slap my forehead yet again at how stupid I am, remembering as the music hits me as I enter the car that this ride will be anything BUT ! Jimi Hendrix was an artist, yes I’ll admit that, but on Saturday morning before a cup of coffee, sans a shower and 10 hours of prep time, his is NOT the voice and guitar I am ready to have blaring out of speakers in a confined space. OK, maybe it’s just me, but as I’ve aged and mellowed, like a fine wine, I find I tend to have realized I like my Hari-Krishna music, soft and gentle like the soothing mellow 60’S and 70’S tunes rolling out of the speakers at a manageable volume, until I’m amped up on my caffeine, then if an especially rockin’ tune hits me just right, I might turn it up, but not first thing in the morning.  Yin & Yang.

My husband wakes up in the morning rarin’ to go, happy as a lark, ready to blast his music oblivious that his noise pollution affects others around him, especially yours truly, ME, unable to believe all do not love 5 am.

I try to have patience, I really do, but I swear, I’m grinding my teeth down to dust. No wonder every time I see my dentist he asks me if I grind my teeth at night. Hell no, it’s in the morning on my relaxing Saturdays when I should still be in bed!

Regarding Temperature . . .

I know I’m a trial. I’m always too cold. I’ll go outside in the Arizona heat to warm up because I’m so cold in the air-conditioning that I insist on having at a balmy 80 degrees. I know that sounds hot, but when the temperature is an average of 107 outside, think of the difference, that’s still 27 degrees cooler. I think that’s cool enough. I will relent, if anyone (including ME) says they’re hot in the house, I’ll turn the temp. down a degree or two, but I’m sensitive enough to feel it and end up with a blanket on even after I might have been the hot one!

Fashion, Yes I’m Going There!

Since getting the fashion involves SHOPPING the sexes outlook is so dissimilar it’s amazing! Women can make ANY outing a shopping expedition and enjoy it totally, immensely, but include a MAN who’s heart is not in it, forget it, you might as well nip that shopping extravaganza in the bud, before you even start, because Women, it will NOT be any fun, if the man does NOT want to be there. Oh, he’ll fake it for POINTS, probably for sex, later. But, he will still drag his feet, or rush through the stores so fast your head will spin. You can forget about window shopping, they just don’t get it. Men, as a whole do not enjoy touching fabric, dreaming how it looks on, unless he’s your gay friend. They are a shopping DREAM.

Again, I have tried this with my better (?) half only realizing while in the middle of said debacle that I am living Ground Hog Day, and have not learned my lesson for the umpteenth time! I believe it is the exact wording of insanity that to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome . . .( I prefer to call it optimism!) Same thing?

Anywho, how about fashion itself? Now I know there are some men out there, especially younger men still in the market looking for Mrs. Goodbar who know how to dress, but men as a whole do NOT know/care how to dress. If they did not have women to cajole them, suggest, or even shop for them, God alone knows what they’d be wearing. It’s a scary, scary thought. I know there are some women out there with questionable taste, I’ve seen the pictures, too. The women who go to Walmart in their animal print stretchies,  or their bikinis. But, come on, as a whole woman dress so much better! They seem to CARE what they are wearing, and we know men don’t. As long as their bodies are somewhat covered, that’s all they’re worried about. It doesn’t matter if it looks good, what’s up with that?

I think I’ve covered enough for today . . . I’ll get back to you with more when it comes to me, because we all know there’s much more where that came from! If you’ve got any topics, send them along. . .we all need a laugh!

(C) Written by Evelyn Garone 8/2011

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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4 Responses to Yin & Yang#

  1. SandySays1 says:

    Hi Evie,
    As an impartial canine observer, I have to say your analysis is spot on. At my house the Mrs. puts John Denver on for breakfast. The Geezer (my human), being older than dirt, prefers bluegrass! That’s kind of goody-two-shoes and the filthy beast. Mrs. Geezer has a temp range – 73.5 to 74.5 degrees vs the Geezer who doesn’t complain if the teperature is over 40. Hmmmm, the shopping thing is a tough one – Mrs G says the old boy can be a flaming rectal aperture in the store. Her solution is to tell him there is supposed to a Bikini modeling contest in the parking lot and he should go to the car and wait for it. It’s worked 417 consewcutive times!


  2. Sharvil says:

    Evelyn, All these differences between men and women are made by the society itself, even from the times of the apes, men are more muscular ‘cos the men went for hunting while the women just sat down and cooked the food, if the women would’ve gone for hunting in those days, they would have been muscular and us men would be like the women. God/Creator/Nature did not make Men and Women differently, it is US that make the difference, our mentality and thinking.

    But what you wrote is totally correct, those differences do exist.
    ……especially, we love metal……jimmi hendrix ❤ haha.


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