Who Is This Guy Piers Morgan Anyway? #

And why does he annoy me so much?

I read his Wikipedia Bio and he has a checkered past in England . . . he has been known to be as abrasive there as he is here, and has done some questionable stock trading there. But, who and why is he here in America interviewing us?

What is the great exodus from Great Britain to America with these media types? Is it the almighty dollar and it being better here in America, the way it’s thrown around in the entertainment field? I would think so. Is it once you’ve made it there, you move on to America for the height of success and fame?

All I can say is that between Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne, where is the America in America’s Got Talent? It’s left up to Howie Mandel but he was born in Canada. How ironic! But back to Piers . . .

He really is not my favorite guy. I don’t know if he is trying to be the next Simon Cowell by being mean on America’s Got Talent or he is just like that, but Simon could carry it off better as the guy you loved to hate, it just seems when Piers does it comes off smarmy and ugly.

As for Piers’ show, Piers Morgan Tonight, I could do without it. I have stopped in a few times as I’ve passed by, but his interview style is just so off-putting. He thinks he is dashing, when I think he is just plain obnoxious and obsequious. He thinks he is “charming and respectful” his words. I think he’s just full of himself. I think he should just go back to England and try again there.

FYI he has written 8, count them 8 books. I can’t imagine why anyone would read even one book by this guy, but why 8?  3 of these books are memoirs, 5 are not about him, they are about other Famous People, ie., sucking off their largess . . . just sayin.’

Then, as his new popularity from the Christine O’Donnell debacle will probably bring him more viewership, which means neither here nor there to me, it would just figure. I don’t know why she ran off the show, was it for sales for HER book? What stunts these people will pull for sales is amazing! I’ve heard so much of the brouhaha about that, and don’t know who’s right or wrong, don’t care! You can check out the Youtube interview between the two and draw your own conclusion, if you CARE!

Last night my husband and I were watching (America’s Got Talent) AGT, when Piers was getting all uppity about an act. Now I happened to agree with him that the act was not a talent that should go forward, but he was downgrading them so nastily, as if he was the Queen and so above it all that he came across so mean and unpleasant. Okay, I guess it could be for the ratings, perhaps I’m falling for the whole act, but he’s such a jerk! I want to shake him for all his fake class! Pulllleeaasee! He said if this one certain act “The Funny Little People” were to be let through by the American people he would go home to England!! I wish he had said this the day before…the day of voting…I BET THEY WOULD HAVE WON and he would have had to go home, back to England!!!! Instead his pick, self-proclaimed “The King of Kinetics” won and he got up on the stage on BENDED knee to him and gestured with his hand . . . what a jackass! He’s so over-the-top! So he gets to stay in America, RATS!

I don’t know about you, but I would NOT get down on bended knee to ANYONE, but I guess he can be BOUGHT!? I find him so repulsive!

What do YOU think of him?

(C) Written by Evelyn Garone 8/2011

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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2 Responses to Who Is This Guy Piers Morgan Anyway? #

  1. he gets under my skin, too


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