Does Pat Robertson have Alzheimer’s Disease?

Priceless picture of this Religious Zealot!~

Priceless picture of this Religious Zealot!!

If you’ve been anywhere near the news this week, perhaps you’ve heard Pat Robertson, the Evangelical Preacher of the “700 Club” spouting his opinion on whether it’s correct to divorce a spouse with Alzheimer’s disease?

His answer would probably make sense if he does have the dreaded disease. Perhaps then he could answer for his wife and himself. . . I thought when people got married, it was “in sickness” and “in health” ’til death do us part? Where has that sentiment gone?

My mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and my father has been by her side everyday of the illness until it got to be too much physically for both of them. After more than 15 years of the illness, at least 6 years really severe, my father wanted to do everything he could for her, his love, his wife. Now they are both in a facility, just separate parts, she the memory division where there is 24. hr. medical care/observation/help, him the independent living and the only reason he had to “call uncle” is that he’s 86 and sick himself with macular degeneration and Parkinson’s disease and he no longer was any help in her care.

My father would not think of divorcing my mother, even if he met someone else during her illness and life. I think he has too much respect for her and their relationship, yes life goes on for the one living a normal (?) life, but still the sick spouse and family (let alone themselves) deserve some respect. When and where has it ever been stated that life would be easy?!

What the hell is Pat Robertson thinking, absolving this gentleman?  I think the gentleman needs to look in his own heart for what is right. He shouldn’t go looking for permission from a man of GOD (I use that term loosely!) to divorce his spouse and load them in a facility because they are no longer here (mentally that is) so he can move on with his own life . 

I guess Pat Robertson may have finally jumped the shark! To all the people watching “The 700 Club”,  perhaps you need a new Televangelist.

Hmmmm, I might be looking for a job!

© Evelyn Garone 9/11

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