Beware Picking Your Dentist

Perhaps you should learn from me and do more homework than I did and pick carefully when getting a new dentist. GOOGLE and YELP are amazingly helpful as I have found after the fact showing peoples’ opinions and experiences. Now that I am having serious trouble with my teeth and dental care I realized I should have done more homework. Oops! (In the famous words of Rick Perry)

I have a friend who is very particular and does her homework, checking the pedigree of her dentists and doctors very carefully. She is very wise, compared to me. I have been proven to be a fool. I have trusted my insurance company and their list, thinking they have vetted these people. Again, more the fool I. I don’t think they necessarily do.

After moving, it just seemed so overwhelming, there are so many things to be done, that I guess things slip through the cracks. I have to say I blame myself, and rightly so. I thought picking a doctor and dentist in my area from my insurance list would be sufficient I guess I was naive, go figure. Damn, damn and double damn.

Here is the living proof. I went to an established dentist that seemed alright. He seemed a little old-fashioned and when I showed up on a Friday his office was closed and I didn’t realize that was all —  I thought they were out of business, his office looks a little disheveled from the outside so I decided to move on after having visited a few times. I wanted to find a nice new up-to-date office. Be careful what you wish for!

I checked my Insurance providers list and picked someone new from their list. They are an established dental group that has a lot of mixed comments on YELP and GOOGLE now that I’ve checked. Mostly negative! I wish I had checked beforehand. When I went to the office after my brush with breast cancer I was very vulnerable and just wanted all the metal out of my mouth and wanted all the needed dental care caused by the chemo. The office help was very nice but the dentist was snarky.

Unfortunately I was exactly the kind of patient they were looking for. I was covered by insurance and willing to have done any thing they told me needed to be done. As I said, I was very vulnerable and willing. I had been raised to think people were upstanding and would not take advantage of idiotic people like myself. WRONG! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the work I was about to have done (two crowns) wasn’t even done well. After having the $5,000 worth of work, including 2 crowns and all replacement of my metal fillings I came out of my chemo-induced fog and wondered if perhaps I hadn’t needed all this work. Duh, ya’ think? When hearing that my husband also needed about $5,000 worth of work I started wondering. So I called my insurance company and decided to go back to my original dentist now realizing that he is in fact in business since he was still on their list! Thankfully, my husband never had the time to do the work and stated to me that the dentist worked on the premise of intimidation and nastiness. Looking back I agree. At the time I was just paranoid and wanted the metal out having heard it’s bad and can be affected by chemo and affect headaches. When thinking of going back to get a cleaning, I just didn’t want to go, realizing that shouldn’t be your attitude . . . there was obviously something wrong.

Moving on to the old dentist because he had always been nice.  He now has an attitude because the new dentist did work on me and he won’t touch the crowns . . . WTF! But he did say they weren’t done well! Oh great! So he tells me to go back and get them redone. I don’t know if you know what a can of worms that is, if you haven’t changed your primary. I didn’t think they would be able to touch me. I immediately went back there and spoke to the office manager and told her 1 crown had a  “margin”, a space where food was getting in, and the other crown was way too big and was setting my bite off.  At first they said nothing was wrong. I insisted saying I had seen an X-ray and wanted it redone. They looked in my mouth and then agreed. They then had to break it off. Extremely painful. And underneath they found decay. Oh no! So they now had to grind my tooth down to a nub. It was all at their expense because it was THEIR fault, but at my peril because of the pain. Then they made a new mold for a new crown and put a temporary crown on. I went home. I suffered for a week with terrible pain. I finally called and went back in explaining about the terrible pain, stating that I thought perhaps NOW I needed a root canal since they unfortunately ground my tooth down so small. Now get this, I’ve never had a root canal, I had no choice, the pain was so bad, and couldn’t figure out what else to do to escape from the pain. Shouldn’t they have checked, or suggested after they ground down my tooth? Damn, they ruined my tooth…so now we had to do a root canal and all the pain that entails.

Thankfully they have stood behind their (shoddy) work by fixing it, as they DID mess up  in the first place, but now I am between a rock and a hard place because my old dentist isn’t being magnanimous about taking us back as patients.

So it seems I am swinging in the wind. I would go to my friends dentist, yes the one who does her homework, but she has different insurance and I don’t think her dentist accepts our insurance.

So, as I changed back to our previous dentist, when I opened my mouth and he  wasn’t happy I really don’t want to go back to him. Before he had been a nice man…now he was kind of nasty, as if this was a pissing match. I tried to explain about thinking his office was closed, but I don’t think he heard. So what do I do now?

I guess I have to find a new Dentist in the Ahwatukee area that is Cigna…anyone know of one? let me know . . . I hate dentists even more than usual!

Can you imagine the health care we’re going to get if Obama Care passes?

Written by Evelyn Garone 11/17/11

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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