American Idol – The Top 13 Guys Sing

Where do I start? OMG Where is Simon Cowell? We need a real critique of the singing, not all positive, pablum fed “Oh Dawg, you’re the greatest!” “Oh, that was beautiful, you have it all, etc.” bullshit that these 3 are feeding us. They never heard a song they didn’t like….

After having heard some of the singing, I don’t know how these contenders got in to the Final 24 except for their “watchability”. Perhaps it’s like waiting for a train wreck?

First up was Reed Grimm singing “Moves like Jagger”. I happen to like him, but he does give off the vibe of a hyperactive maniac running around the stage. I think he is very different, kind of like Casey Abrams, without the growl, perhaps if he settles down he’ll be okay. The judges loved him and said it was a great way to start off the show, which I agreed with.

Next up was Adam Brock singing Aretha Franklin’s “Think”. He did an okay job, I just can’t get over his self-proclaimed “White Chocolate” name and how he has a big black woman trapped in his body….can’t he just be himself? The judges did like him.

Next up was Deandre Brackensick singing Earth Wind & Fire’s “Reason”. OMG??! I thought his hair throwing and falsetto was very memorable, but not in a good way. I thought he was terrible, yet the judges fell all over themselves telling him how great he was…I have since decided either I have a tin ear or through the TV the singing sounds different? Or perhaps I’m honest? Perhaps this picture says it all……..the real reason he is on the show……….

Next up was Colton Dixon singing “Decoded”. He did a better job than I expected, even jumping on the piano. He really put on a good show, and I’m sure the judges were proud of forcing him to try out again this year after sending him home last. I’m just wondering how his sister feels, afterall she was the one who tried out, Colton just accompanied her and now he’s in the final 24. Irony? And of course the judges loved, loved, loved the rocker in him.

Next up was Jeremy Rosado and the message we were hit over the head with, even being shown the words on a sign in the audience, was Nice Guy. That may be but I was very underwhelmed by his singing. I thought he picked the wrong song, “Gravity” and came across sounding weak breathed and wimpy.

Aaron Marcellus was next up singing the Jackson Five’s “Never Can Say Goodbye” which the judges went crazy for. They even gave him a standing ovation, and again I felt like I must have missed something. I thought he was just okay, nothing special. I thought he was much too low key, nothing to stand out and be remembered.

Chase Likens sang “Storm Warnings” and I was unmoved. He may have tried to work the audience, slapping and touching hands but for me it was a NO SALE! He just did not connect with me and I really tried to like this guy.

Then on to Creighton Fraker, who in all the prelude to this has only annoyed me with his screechy voice. He chose to sing Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” and I loved it and him. I thought he sang beautifully with feeling and now has earned my kudos! Steven Tyler loved him but the other two reminded him that half of the guys would be going home.

Phillip Phillips decided to sing Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” and did his thing. I like him, he’s different and talented. The judges loved him, but did say perhaps he should stay “a little more with the melody” next time! He did really change up the song, and I was a little unsure if I liked it quite as much as the original, but he’s different and I think talented.

I do not even know how Eben Franckewitz got this far, but singing an Adele song may have ended his run. I think Idol was going for the Justin Beiber look-alike factor, but the poor kid is in over his head. He reminds me of an overindulged child who’s family has been telling him he was great whenever he sang for a little too long and got people to believe it. The judges as usual were kind in their advice and couldn’t shatter his dreams by telling him the truth, that he was terrible.

Heejun Han sang “Angels” and did his usual sweet thing. I do not understand the love for this guy. He seems nice enough, but I do not see the talent factor. I hear his broken English even in his singing and it leaves a little something to be desired. Maybe for once the judges were a little honest, and suggested a different song choice. I don’t think that was the problem, perhaps talent is the issue?

Joshua Ledet who hadn’t impressed me, but I ended up liking him and his song, “You Pulled Me Through”. The beginning was a little rough, but by the end of the song, with the gospel feel of the song, he had me. The judges loved him.

Then last up was Jermaine Jones singing “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross. I don’t know if he’ll survive the cut and what a shame after being the wild card and being brought back. I thought he seems like a nice enough guy, but I wasn’t knocked over by his rendition.

I swore I wasn’t going to watch after Simon left the show and now I know why. I just felt the judges weren’t honest at all. It’s all about the viewership and I really believed in all my naivete that it was about talent?!

What do you think?

(C) Written by Evelyn Garone 2/29/12


About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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