American Idol – Do The Top Ten Slay Billy Joel?! #

I’m looking forward to see how the contestants do and how honest the judges will be this week…hopefully their honesty from last week will continue.

Jimmy Iovine and Diddy are going to help mentor the kids as they sing Billy Joel songs this week. Tommy Hilfiger is going to give them style advice on their “look”. So we’ll see if they come out looking like the Stars they need to be to win this competition!

DeAndre comes out first to speak with Jimmy and Diddy and is very nervous after having bombed last week. I personally did not like his rendition of “Only The Good Die Young”, but I am not an expert, just a member of the audience. I also do not vote, it’s just not my thing. I just opine! I do not get his appeal…I do not think he’s found his genre yet…I do not think he’s comfortable in front of an audience, though he tries and I do NOT love his voice. If Simon was here, we would hear the truth, that it was karaoke.  Steven did not really say anything, as I do not think he wants to hurt anyone’s feelings, or if DeAndre is the pick of FOX as I suspect, he does not want to disagree with the sponsors of his paycheck. Jennifer as usual loved him, she is just the new Paula who pretty much loves everybody! Randy agreed, it’s easier to go along with the popular opinion when that is what FOX asked you to do!

On with the next contestant….Erika…one minute she has shoulder length blond hair with some pink highlights as she’s talking to Jimmy and Diddy about singing. Wait for it . . . when she shows up at the meeting with Tommy Hilfiger it will be longer with lots of pink and brown extensions….then Hilfinger suggests she show off her jawline. She may be the only one who listened to Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion advice and as far as my husband, a man’s perspective. . .she shouldn’t have!

As for Jimmy and Diddy’s advice for her on singing “New York State Of Mind” it is to not over sing it. She comes out with a new do, a dramatic short black hairdo that all the judges kindly say they like, I’m not sure about, it’s just so different.  Randy loved it and her singing, but said of course that she shouldn’t over sing but could have done more! Jennifer wanted her to loosen up and unplant her feet, maybe move around a little, but otherwise the actual singing was fabulous. Steven agreed with both other judges, just saying she should put some of her personality in it, but she sang great! I thought it was good, it just wasn’t one of my favorites…

Joshua brings out a black suit to Tommy who thinks he’s more special than that and suggests a tuxedo with a black tie to become more polished…to dress up. Cleanly polished to look like a very experienced superstar.

Joshua wants to sing “She’s Got A Way” and he’s never heard the song before and he’s worried because it’s a pop song and he’s soulful. Diddy tells him he doesn’t have to go so harsh and make it screamy at a point. Jimmy tells him it sounded as if “James Earl Jones ghosted into his body for a minute” at a certain point in the singing. I thought that was hilarious! Diddy tells him he needs to be present, it seems he’s not all there as if something else is on his mind, and once he does the song comes along…

Joshua is all worried that he sings soulful, not pop, well ya’ know what…suck it up Buttercup… you are on the biggest singing competition going for millions, learn to improvise, if you really can sing, they are just “words” I would think you can sing anything  as the judges always say, so suck it up and go for it….plus Billy Joel has sooo many songs, I can’t imagine your couldn’t find one song that you could interpret…come on big boy, work it!

Jennifer knew Joshua didn’t feel the song. Somehow Steven didn’t know this song…perhaps he was in rehab??? So Steven said he thought Joshua made him feel the song and come to life. Randy agrees with both. He tells him to never feel defeated, jump in and make it his own, because he has a great voice. I agree. I can’t believe that Joshua was being such a baby about it, he has a great voice, and if he wants to be a great success, he can’t lock himself in a box that he can only sing soulful! They are only words to sing,sing the hell out of them Man… so what if it’s a pop song, do your thing!

Next up is Skylar and I never would have expected her to have been awestruck by Diddy! Weird! She’s singing “Shameless” and Diddy said it sounds forced and he says if you’re telling the truth it shall set you truth. Hmmm, where have I heard that before? When she settled down and sang, I thought she lost some of her fire. I think they settled the fire in her too much, but WTH do I know. I love the spitfire that she is!

When she went and talked to Tommy Hilfiger I thought they had agreed on some boots, but a punch of color, why not RED? Well, there was no color, all black and white and her shirt dress was hideous on her already hourglass hips. Don’t they make these kids try these outfits on and see them? Then she was wearing pumps…WTF? Tommy, maybe more telling than advice, because no one is listening….

The song…”Shameless” was in a key that was too low so in the beginning she was pitchy? So why would you sing a song knowing that there were hurdles going in? Why would your mentors let you? I don’t get that… All the judges noticed it…. I don’t think she was as exciting as usually. So Randy says it was only pretty good.  Jennifer says by the end of the song, she has the audience with her. Steven agreed that when she got to the chorus she was good. I don’t know if that is they way I would want to be described. So Skylar finishes saying she hopes it was good enough to stay in the competition. What the Hell are the mentors for?

Elise is singing “Vienna” and Jimmy doesn’t think she should sing this song. Elise knows she should sing it 99.9%. Thank God she believed in herself! When she sang it the second time for them it was magical and they believed in her!

When she performed it was magical. She has such a different voice. I liked it a lot, I just hope America GOT it…she’s so different, I hope they appreciate her and her style. The judges were over the moon for her, they all gave her a standing ovation! Yay, for poor Elise has been in the bottom three a few times lately, fighting back to such a high is wonderful. Steven said she sang with a lot of heart and it was beautiful. She was all over the place and still stayed in the room, they know what they’re going to do tonight with the votes, she was beautiful. Jennifer was so happy for her she wanted to shake and hold and squeeze her! She was so proud of her and she loved how confident she was, she loved everything she did with her voice. Randy liked that she made it her own, he said she is unbelievably talented, he looks for someone to have a moment and that she did tonight, and said no one but her could have done the closing runs like she did… high praise indeed!

Again though with the fashion advice, Elise seemed to throw it aside….poor Tommy Hilfiger, I wonder how long he is going to stay if no one is going to listen. Tommy had suggested high-waisted bell bottoms and a short shirt and jacket for Elise who seemed to like it. She later came out in a red dress with a black long vest thingy on. Nothing like the advice…you tell me, I wonder what’s up with that?

Next is Phil Phillips doing “Movin’ Out”, but first Tommy suggests fashion sense to Phillip.  He tells him gray and jeans are not going to help him, that gray does not show up well on TV.  He says that even Bruce Springsteen puts on a real nice jacket or an accent piece and they show a clip of Bruce with a funky hat on stage. Phillip does not care, gray is his color!

We move on to the mentors. Diddy wants him to come out from behind his guitar, thinking it’s his shield. Then he wants him to “get into his groove”.  As in he needs to move… so he tries moving a little and Diddy is happy. As Diddy hears him sing just a few bars, he tells him it’s enough, he doesn’t want his sycophantic chicks to faint. So that’s it for him!

Out comes Phillip to do his thing. He shows up in not one gray shirt but two! I love his rendition. It is so different. But I have to say, he has crazy eyes… he might be voted most likely to knife you in your sleep, (just sayin’!) Jennifer says it’s a perfect rendition of the song, listen to the audience who are clapping up a storm and cheering wildly!  And she is right! He is who he is. Awesome performance. Steven said he “Phillip Phillips’d it!” He was hoping he would blow it out of the water and he DID,  to never stop being himself! Randy again said that those that DO, should, for the second time, as he told Elise… that he knows who he is and he is an unbelievably talented artist! To stick to his guns! High praise for the artist. Steven threw his scarf to Phillip to help dress up his gray and eventually he threw it out to the the audience at Ryan’s urgings and a bunch of girls fought over it!

Hollie comes out looking amazing. She may be one of the only ones who listened to Tommy Hilfiger to her credit. Steven seems to think she was over-thinking the song. He says she is one of the grand singers of the competition and that it was good. Jennifer says that she sings BIG songs and wants to win, but she needs to know every note. And though she has one of her favorite sounding voices in the whole competition, for when she slightly goes off a note she distracts.  Randy agrees that she has to tune it up a little on verses, the choruses were great. He thinks she’s great, too and think she needs the constructive criticism because she is so good. Whatever, they criticize her more than bad singers and America doesn’t always get that!

Case in point…Heejun is next, Oh Good Lord save us! I don’t even know how he’s still in this competition! He was asked my Tommy Hilfiger who he thought was a fashion icon and he mentioned Jessica Sanchez…a fellow Idol contestant. WTH, WTF?! He has no clue…then he said Madonna, okay really would he like to dress like her, with cone bras and all?  Then he said Michael Bolton…that’s where the conversation ended.

He chose “My Life” to sing and when he met with the mentors he was so “shattered” by his negative criticism from last week, really has no one ever told him he can’t sing before? Has no one critiqued him before? Even the BEST singers in the world get told they are not always good? Did he really only get positive reinforcement his whole life? Does he live in a BUBBLE? Amazing. The only reason he supposedly came or was still there was because he heard Diddy was going to be there to mentor…really,  WTF? Damn, too bad…perhaps he would have left if Diddy wasn’t here and we wouldn’t have had to suffer through him again. Jimmy told him to take it as positive criticism and as fuel, and Heejun said he was still freaked out!

Out he comes to sing and it’s an abomination. He does it as a joke, I think (I hope) so he can take the criticism knowing that he didn’t even try?! I thought it was terrible, am I a hater? Perhaps. But compared to the other REAL singers tonight I don’t think you can compare. We’ll see what America thinks, won’t we?

Jessica visits with Tommy Hilfiger and he loves the dress she picks out. It is very chic, fitted, lacy, black and goldish. She does have very good style sense. His only advice is to make it shorter, to hem it as she is short in stature and she should either wear long dresses or short dresses, no in between, not just below her knee, which I happen to agree with. I too, happen to be petite and have to watch length, though nice things do come in small packages, we do not want to appear too short legged. It’s not a good look.

She picks “Everybody Has a Dream” to sing.  Diddy tells her to pull back on her vibrato and that he doesn’t believe her. That she needs to make it more it believable. Jimmy says to sing it to Diddy and she does and it’s much better and they feel it and believe it! They do not want her to over accentuate or over sing.

She comes out it her shortened dress and kills it! She’s fabulous! Steven says that when God gave out vocal chords she was sooo at the front of the line. Jennifer says the song was written for her. Randy says consistency is important and that she has a moment every week and that all of the mentors and Tommy did a great job! That it was perfection . . . this is what I mean, how can you compare that, her singing to Heejun’s joke America?! Please remember this when voting, this is a class act!

Colton sees Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy likes his ideas of military punk, he’s just not crazy about his hair. That hurts Colton’s feelings.

Colton’s rendition of “Piano man” knocks over Diddy, who says he would buy it right then and there! What an amazing comment!

Out comes Colton…I think he does a great job. He has a nice voice. He does his own thing and at the piano with the lights it’s dramatic. Steven has his mesmerized face on! Jennifer had goosies (goose bumps) from the beginning through the whole song! Great job! Steven says he’s a great musician and great singer! Outrageous! Randy liked that he wants to be an individual! He says he gave a very sensitive, touching performance and loved his voice!

On to the voting and we’ll see what happens tomorrow! What do you think, who’s your favorite?

(C) Written by Evelyn Garone 3/22/12

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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