Vegas Is A Circus!

I love Vegas! It’s so interesting…..there is always something going on. You can get something to eat 24/7, of course you can always gamble, there are shows to attend that run the gamut, there are interesting clubs to people watch young people with scanty dresses and really high shoes with their tattoos drinking to excess and of course there are the parents blocking the aisles with their carriages. Why people want to bring their toddlers to SIN CITY is anyone’s guess, but to each his own.

Chilhuly Celing at Belagio Hotel

We stayed at The Aria which I find to be a very nice hotel, the service is terrific, the rooms are beautiful and the casino is nice and pays well. The beds are like clouds or marshmallows, I loved, loved, loved ours, I don’t know if I ever slept better. I wish the hotel could shrink-wrap it and mail it home to me and then I could always sleep great. The pillows were just right, not too stiff like most hotel pillows, the sheets and comforter were so soft, believe me it was heaven!  I like the Aria better than The Bellagio, where we have stayed previously, because the Belagio seems to be so crowded with international sightseeing foot-traffic there to see the Chilhuly glass ceiling and the conservatoire with the flowers that change for the seasons clogging up the casino and lobby. I find it quite disconcerting to stay there.

We also walked up and down the Strip and it was amazing what sights we saw on the opposite side of the street from our hotel. There were a variety of street performers from cartoon characters in full costume (in 110 degree heat) to human statues to girls with g-strings whose parents must be so proud, video game characters, religious preachers, Johnnie Dep impersonators, Spiderman, Batman, Transformers, beggars, dancers, all looking for a handout. Not to mention the guys handing out the cards for hookers, escorts or “dancers” who were totally in your face!

While we were at the pool it was amazing to see that 9 out of 10 women were endowed with nothing less than a 38 D, defying the laws of nature. The two positives from this is all the men were smiling and none of the women could drowned.

What was wild was the amount of relatively young people flashing money in Vegas between fake boobs and high-stake gambling, clubbing and drinking I am happy to see that the economy isn’t as effected as I thought. Either that or young people do not worry about tomorrow which could be a troubling thought, but hey, it’s not my problem. I am older, I never would have thought of going to Vegas until I could have afforded it, where  now we have some disposable income.

One problem I did notice was when we didn’t want a drink there was always a waitress, but at night when you felt like a drink, you couldn’t find a waitress for love or money. During the evening at about 7-9 pm  I swear I searched and searched one night. And when I found my girl, I tipped her and kept chummy, then she was there every 10 minutes which could have been dangerous. Oh well, if that was the worst thing during my Vegas stay, I think I’ll survive. When I did have a drink it was my new favorite, a Cherry Bomb which is cherry vodka, Red Bull and I add ice and club soda and make make it tall. Yum!

I found two new games in Vegas that were a lot of fun! I even won on them. Aladdin and Lucky 88. Aladdin is either 4D or the seat is in sense-surround. The seat moves with Aladdin’s magic carpet and it pays off well and gives a decent amount of bonuses and they are fun. Lucky 88 was awesome! I won about $288 playing $1.20 and having a lot of fun.

We ate at Wolfgang Puck’s Cucina and had a nice early dinner. The Maitre d’ was a jerk and thought himself very important. The waitress herself was very nice. They sat someone behind us on line before us which really upset me, but I ate my words as I gave the guy the evil eye. When he seated us he looked beyond us as if he was better than us so I would not go back. I do NOT like to be treated shabbily! The food was good, but I like to be treated better. I had the raw Ahi tuna appetizer and the others had the pizza which we thought were good.

We went to the Cafe Vettro in the Aria for a few meals. Their Asian salad is great. Do not get their steak burger if you want it cooked any way but well done. They will say they can cook it other than well done, but all the burgers came more cooked than we were prepared for, so be ready for that. The bun is too big and breaks apart. Their omelettes and eggs are very good, but their waitstaff leaves something to be desired. Also the sun shines in your eyes no matter where you sit and the air-conditioner is way too high, so it was uncomfortable cool.

The breakfast buffet in the Aria is great at $17.99 a person. Our friends that we traveled with went and said it was really good. Their bill for breakfast was less than our bill at Cafe Vettro and it was all you can eat. I would suggest it. I still haven’t made it to the Seafood Buffet for dinner and I really want to because they have all the crab legs you can eat, but next time I WILL!

We passed on shows this time, but had a few more good dinners. We went to Beso Steakhouse by Crystals which was very nice and the service was fabulous. Our waiter Comacho was so attentive and nice. My girlfriend had Ahi tuna with some very different potatoes that she loved. I had the seafood tower for one which was very nice and fresh. My only complaint was that it was comprised of too many bivalves – meaning clams, oysters and mussels. It also had shrimp, and lobster. I’m used to having a choice, to make my own. But it was good. Also, that was my fault for ordering it if I wasn’t happy with the choice. I didn’t remember I wasn’t crazy about bivalves until I ate them. I prefer shrimp, crabmeat, lobster, crab legs. I also had a crab cake for an appetizer that was very good.

Outside the restaurant there was a presentation of evening gowns worn by Hollywood Stars and it was quite fascinating to see them live. There was a feather shorty short pink one worn by J. Lo and many others. They were lovely!

We traveled with a couple that we really like and that was a huge success for that is important when traveling, because that is half the battle! We gambled a lot and had a lot of fun! The pool was a lovely oasis in the city and the water was a nice temperature.

That’s all for now. Good luck if you go.

Oh, by the way. I won! My husband lost. I left with about $358 after the 4 days of gambling….. he lost big time, but he had taken his winnings from AZ, so no real money was lost!

Written by Evelyn Garone 7/13/12

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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4 Responses to Vegas Is A Circus!

  1. stevebetz says:

    Hey — WE stayed in the Aria, too, last week! 🙂 I think it’s become my favorite place to stay — like you, I like it a little more than the Bellagio. I will say that the Encore is pretty sweet, though.

    A few years ago, we got a terrible breakfast at Vettro and won’t go there. The restaurant in the Cosmopolitan — the Henry — is actually a good place to get breakfast.


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