The X-Factor…It’s Getting REAL!#

I don’t know if you know but Wednesday was the Presidential DEBATE and I was all about that . . . and as anyone who knows me knows I am so activated this year in politics it was like MY Superbowl. I was ensconced in my sofa, wrapped in my blanky, with my snacks and my chilled Red Bull, at high attention ready to see the making of history and I was not disappointed. Unfortunately, my DVR was NOT taping The X -Factor and now I have to rely on other people’s take on the X Factor sing-offs.

I missed Wednesday’s show and have the Thursday show but feel so out of the loop, I am so disappointed. I’ve been trying to download the Wednesday show to view but as I’ve said ad nasuem if you follow my blog I am inept as a computer nerd and am a little technologically backwards and can’t seem to stream it live. I know, I know it’s simple if you have any computer skills, but that isn’t my forte. Don’t even go there, as I’ve tried to do it, I’ve opened about ten different things that shouldn’t have. It’s ugly. I’m going to have to have my son come clean my computer now. My Gawd…you don’t want to know what I’ve done trying to do a simple matter like that! I moved all my music to my pictures then deleted my music, so I emptied my deleted folder to my desk top and had to delete it again all in the name of art and blogging! This is quite a conundrum for a simple blogger with no serious computer skills, I just write!

Anywhooo, back to The X Factor and the singing!

So I’ll try to muddle through with what I did see. The girls Paige and CeCe sing off “Secrets” which Paige said she didn’t want to sing. I can’t help but wonder who’s going to get through? I like both of them for their singing. Paige is likable, Ce Ce Frey is not. Ce Ce and her leopard body painting is getting old and a little obnoxious, do we really have to watch her do it? I’m kind of sick of hearing their hard luck stories and tears and how CeCe wants to win it all. I’m sure everyone in the competition wants to win $5 million. Why did Paige accept the song if she didn’t want to sing it? I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy. I think it’s all for the ratings! Britney ends up saying she liked Paige, but I think CeCe sang better, but why do these people take the shit from the other contestant…obviously they are in it to win it and they are going to pick a song that they can shine in not the other way around…come on now..grow up! Simon says…”oh, they looked so exhausted”…Well, Dude..this was your idea, no?

What was interesting was that the two contestants have to sing a song together and see who does it better. How many times did we hear that one person picked it and the other one didn’t like it? Well, suck it up buttercup, who ever was the dominant personality was the sensible one. The slacker who didn’t put their foot down, could or should have if they didn’t like the song, so if they are the loser too bad. Case in point, the country singers Tate Stevens and Willie Jones, supposedly Tate picked the song and Willie didn’t know or like it. I had trouble having sympathy for Willie. He was there for the choice of the song, if he didn’t like it why did he accept it? Have some balls and stand up for yourself! So Willie blew it singing it and will probably get cut!

How many times did we see the people choke and forget the lyrics…sorry. Call me a bitch, but I have no sympathy. This is a competition for $5 million, $5 million….if you invest this correctly you can survive the rest of your life! People are starving, the economy is tanking! These people are getting the chance of a lifetime… get a grip, no sleep for a day for two, big shit! Come on, in my youth I did that all the time for fun! This is supposedly what they all want to do for the rest of their lives! They live and breathe this, right?! Then, come on, do it! Learn a song! Sing it with your heart…So next week we’ll see who gets cut…we’ll see the last 24. They also left it with the cliff-hanger that LA Reid doesn’t like the group he gets and he says ….I’m outa’ here…… if he’s leaving the show! Yeah…as if he’d leave that paycheck!

So that’s it for now…..gotta go shopping. It’s Saturday. Have a great day!

(C) Evelyn Garone 10/6/12

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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