The Fake Attack On Big Bird #

Yesterday the Associated Press took a picture of Romney on purpose with a little girl  looking at his butt that was highly inappropriate. It just shows how “in” the Presidents camp the AP is. It’s disgusting. Whatever happened to unbiased media? Since FOX eviscerated them for their terrible biased practices, they have changed the photo. Amazing, but they were happy to blast it all over yesterday to embarrass the Presidential candidate. I wonder if the child’s parents got a lawyer? I sure hope so…and I am not usually the type for litigation.

The President himself has done nothing but thump on the Governor Romney’s comment on cutting PBS funding of $444 million. When he said though he liked Big Bird and Jim Lehrer at the debate but thought they could be used as an example for cutting some extra pork in the budget because he didn’t think they needed the money he’s been nothing but mocked by the left.

I think the President sounds foolish by harping on the topic but you never how it might come across to America as a talking point especially as the press has picked it up and run with it daily. Fortunately PBS and Sesame Street has requested the President and his Administration remove the ad as PBS is non-partisan and does not want their Big Bird used in ads. But the President, in his usual omniscient fashion hasn’t dropped it yet. We’ll see how that plays out.

The President also had the audacity to use some really controversial talking points in his speech in Ohio when he used talk of Big Bird, Elmo and a White SUV speeding for the border that could only be alluding to OJ and race baiting. Why would he do that?

I don’t understand why the President is wasting time on Big Bird except he has nothing else to stand on since everything he’s done is a disaster. He’s trivializing the Presidential race by trying to undermine Romney and this one comment. Perhaps it will hurt his own case.

The race is getting ugly as we all knew it would, but Romney just needs to stay on point, sound intelligent, point out Obama’s lack and take it to the White House! The polls have shifted in Romney’s favor, that is a fact. The Republicans are starting to win all over the country, Pew and Rasmussen have Romney winning. No matter how all the Liberal Media want to spin it, no matter how they want to say Romney is barely winning, he is winning! When Obama was winning, it was all important, now it doesn’t matter, huh?! Why?

Let’s see what happens at the Vice Presidential Debate…we can only hope Biden gaffes as he’s wont to do…oh, wouldn’t that be so sweet! The pressure is supposedly on Ryan…we’ll see, he is a very intelligent man. I think he can handle Joe…who we know is a boob, and the pressure is on them, they are losing! 

Then on to the Presidential Debate. Let’s see if Obama can handle the altitude this time! Oh, there isn’t any question of altitude? What will be their excuse this time? Maybe the sun will be in is his eyes. Maybe he still forgot to get Michele a present. Whatever…maybe he’ll get the questions he desires, and he’ll prepared, then he’ll be golden again. Maybe he’ll have the questions pre-prepared so he knows the answers. I wouldn’t put it past them all. Maybe he can have an ear bud, so his people can give him the answers. Whatever. I just hope Romney kicks his ass again and puts this matter to bed! I’m so over this already. I can’t wait to vote and hear the decision. I hope it is a landslide in Romney’s favor and he saves America.

Perhaps instead of all this Big Bird talk, Obama could discuss Libya and why he and his administration stuck with the point of the YOUTube video for 14 days instead of admitting that it was a premeditated attack on 9/11/12 and the murder of 4 American citizens! Just an idea.

(C) Evelyn Garone 10/10/12


About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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11 Responses to The Fake Attack On Big Bird #

  1. Jake says:

    Instead of giving false promises, maybe Romney or Ryan can tell the American people how exactly they plan to make everything better without it costing a dime. Instead of lying to and misleading the American people. Obama won the debate, hands down. Unfortunately, no one was listening to hear how. They were buying into Romney’s BS.
    Franklin Roosevelt said it best:


    • Evie Garone says:

      Jake…..You might be one of the only people who think Obama won the debate and if that gives you solace I’m happy for you. If after 3 1/2 yrs of Obama’s failed policies you still want to believe him you go for it. Explain how there has NEVER been a budget…explain how he RAMMED through OBAMA CARE in the middle of the night that NO ONE with any sense wants…unless YOU think everyone deserves State mandated healthcare just because they live in America even though all people have had healthcare though already…but now NO ONE will be able to afford it! Why do DOCTORS and NURSES think it will be worse than before, ie. long waits for care. I would suggest that you might want to go to sites that are pro-Obama and agree with each other. I am never going to see your side and you are never going to see my side. Even Chris Matthews and Bill Mahr agreed Obama was abysmal but if you want to be a blind follower, you might want to hang out at other sites. Thank you for reading!


      • Jake says:

        I choose these sites, because it sickens me to see people like Romney. He has been wishy-washy on every policy since he was born. That’s just a fact. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have a Dem. or a Rep. for President. They’re both retarded. But I will choose the lesser of two evils, since this society has forced Bi-parasitism on everyone. It sickens me to see that people just choose the guy who spits the BS, because its what they want to hear. Obama didn’t walk on as President on a perfectly situated Country. We were already in debt, thanks to Romney’s buddy George Bush. I know the “George Bush” card has been played before but that doesn’t mean you can discount it. So he walks on with a shit ton of debt, and then the housing market collapses. You think Obama’s first priority is to make YOU happy!? NO, it’s to save the country from going under! If anything, he saved our country! Yeah it might have cost us more, yeah it might have done this or done that, whatever you wanna bitch about, but Romney, he ain’t gonna fix it. He’s gonna make it worse. But please tell me he’s gonna fix it, SHOW ME how he’s going to fix. I mean so far hes agreed to this, but also agrees to the opposite. So which one is it, Mr. Romney? Oh, and Chris Matthews and Bill Mahr said Obama lost, well I’m dumb, I completely forget that they were the supreme deciding factor on who won a debate. But, but wait, is it even possible to win a debate? No? It’s not? Oh yeah, its meant for both sides to give their plans and opinions on what they are going to do in office. And if you were listening, you would see that Obama did just that. He didn’t make false promises, he didn’t tell 27 myths, that your bud, Mitt Romney did. And so what if I believe that everyone deserves Health-Care? Someone lock me, I’m a “commy”. I believe in the people. Yeah, it forces them to buy Health Care (affordable or not w/e) but its a step. A step toward making our country not such a BIG FUCKING SHIT HOLE! You can’t change a country over night, and you sure as hell can get rid of 15+ years of debt in 4, while satisfying everyone. We are not the country our founding fathers wanted. Obama isn’t gonna change that, Romney sure as hell isn’t going to change that, and so where does that leave us? To evolve. Not only do we need to evolve as a society, we need to evolve as a Nation. It’s faith, I have faith that Obama is not some Tyrant that is purposely trying to fuck you over, no that’s ridiculous. What isn’t ridiculous is the fact that Romney wants to and WILL fuck you over. Did you forget about the 47% or are you not apart of that? Because whether you think you are or aren’t, I can almost guarantee you are. Romney doesn’t give a shit about you. All he wants to do is make sure you stay alive so you can suck their elitist dicks while his corporation friends fuck you in the ass. I apologize for my crude language, but I have strong feelings on this subject, just as anyone else does. Maybe I won’t change you mind, but I don’t need to. If we ever have a President Romney, you’ll be asking yourself why you even voted for that mother fucker.


      • Evie Garone says:

        It’s a shame that you couldn’t keep the conversation civil. I feel just as disgusted as you do with your choice of Obama but realize that we all have freedom of choice, so instead of getting slightly crazy and reverting to swearing perhaps you should take a deep cleansing breathe before you type anymore comments. As I said I think if you are so upset about Romney and my choice you should just go to Obama sites and commiserate with your compatriots instead of taking your vitriol out on me. I will not rise to your bait! I agree this country is not the country our forefather wished it to be and Obama is helping that downfall real quickly. I noticed that you sidestepped every point I mentioned quite adroitly, why is that? Check google Obama did tell lies in the debate…fact check yourself!…he hung his head…in shame the other half! I never said I expected Obama to change the country overnight the cocky bastard said he could, again check his speech on google from 2009 he made so many promises he hasn’t kept, so if you want to quote liars, the sword cuts both ways Sir! And your Sainted Obama is the one who is raping the people and turning them into slaves dependent on food stamps…turning the dollars into a worthless piece of paper. Maybe you should do a little more homework instead of frothing at the mouth! And the word retarded is real mature…….Take care I thought you cared about the people…….


    • Evie Garone says:

      So I guess FDR could see into the future though I think anyone could use that sarcasm to say other people’s stance is BS…stay with your belief you’re safe there….I’ll try something new I’m not happy with Obama and anything he has done for the last 3 1/2 yrs. and really do believe he is trying to fundamentally change America….


  2. Jake says:

    Says the Woman who believes in a candidate that hasn’t told the truth since they caught him on footage at a dinner party.


    • Evie Garone says:

      I’m glad you were able to keep it civil THIS time! Perhaps Romney has changed his mind as we are all wont to do on some issues, is that always a bad thing? I also believe that he is at least a good person at heart compared to Obama who again, though I must repeat myself, an evil man who wants to fundamentally change the basics of America to something we will no longer recognize or remember as the best place in the world to live! Perhaps if you do not like it WHEN Romney wins you will move somewhere more to your liking like Greece, or Canada like I’ve read a lot of Obama lovers are talking of…believe me us Romney lovers won’t miss you all…I also would prefer a viable third party, but until that day when that vote will count and not help Obama , I will take the LESS of the evils and that is definitively Romney to my mind. As stated, we will never agree! Peace to you!


      • Jake says:

        Well if a candidate can change his mind when every he wants, whats the point? All it shows is that he’s willing to say whatever you want to hear so you will vote for him. That makes him UNTRUSTWORTHY. WHY DO YOU WANT A PRESIDENT THAT IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY!? Yeah, Obama slipped a myth or two in the debate, but 3/4 of what Romney said was misleading or a straight up lie. Disregarding myths or facts, Romney has YET to show us how he plans on magically making the economy better without it costing a dime. Everything you say about Romney and Obama, comes straight from the Republicans Dumbass Handbook. And since you don’t care that Romney flip flops, then why the fuck do you hate Obama for not doing what he said he was gonna? Cuz I mean all he did was change his position and since you agree that a candidate is allowed to change his position, then you really don’t have a problem with Obama, right? Its quite laughable how ignorant you are.

        Obama is evil? Really? No, just because someone has a vision for a brighter, greater future that strays from the Capitalist every man for himself competitive society we are in, does not make him Evil. He believes in the people. Mitt Romney, believes in the money, the only reason he believes in any sort of person is so he can enslave them to make him richer. Think this sounds like its straight from the Democratic Handbook? It’s not, its logic. ANYONE WITH A FUCKING BRAIN THAT CAN PROCESS LOGICALLY CAN SEE THAT MITT ROMNEY IS A JOKE. He has strings tied to his appendages and the GOP is giving YOU one hell of a puppet show.

        The first thing that points out your ignorance is that you assume The United States is “the best place in the world to live!”. This is false. What determines the best place to live? So far, America lags behind so many other countries in so many things. So why exactly is this place the best place to live? Or are you going to tell me its not because Obama is in office? You will never be able to win the argument that America is the best place to live, because there is no deciding factor on what determines the best place to live. Don’t give me that shit either, that “oh everyone wants to live here, thats why there are so many illegal immigrants.” That doesn’t mean shit. If anything that makes America worse.

        The second thing that points out your ignorance, is you say Obama is “raping the people and turning them into slaves dependent on food stamps…turning the dollars into a worthless piece of paper.” I’m trying not to fall over laughing at how ridiculous that sounds. Obama isn’t forcing people to become dependent on food stamps. Food stamps exist for the sole purpose to feed people that cant afford to feed themselves. Don’t give me the standard republican line that they should get a job because they’re lazy, either, because its more than just lazy people. Poverty is not just lazy people. There are hundreds of factors that could affect ANYONES life forcing them to result to food stamps. For example, MITT FUCKING ROMNEY! He has admitted to buying companies for the sole purpose of flipping them. In case you didn’t know that means selling them. So what happens when you worked for that company and now you don’t have a job? Because your Lord and Savior Mitt Romney just threw you under the bus to make a quick buck! You still have to pay rent, taxes, whatever. So how do you feed your FUCKING family with no FUCKING income? What makes you think Mitt Romney is going to do anything for you? He doesn’t give a shit about you.

        I need to do my homework? Maybe you should do yours. Our money has been shit since the creation of the Federal Reserve. You are familiar with the Federal Reserve, right? You understand how it works? They loan the government money at interest. So if they loan the government money, how does the government pay back interest? By borrowing MORE money. In our society, MONEY = DEBT. We will never have enough money to cover the debt. Our money is shit for the sole purpose that there is nothing backing it. The gold standard was abolished, meaning that that paper you hold in your hands, is nothing but paper that YOU put value to. That’s why our country isn’t the perfect country. Because we are in a never ending cycle of debt! Even if the entire country were to collect every dollar in circulation, we’d still be in debt.
        So how do we fix this? Well, Obama wants to tax the rich. Why? Because they have more money then either you or I will ever see in a life time, more money than THEY will ever see in a life time. Let me put that into perspective. If you had 1 billion dollars, you would be able to spend 1,000 dollars a day for a little more than 2,000 years. And Mitt Romney says no, I don’t want to tax them, I want them to continue to make BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OFF the middle class. These people have so much money that when you put money in a bank, it goes into the pockets of these rich mother fuckers. When you go to pay taxes, it goes into the pockets of these rich mother fuckers. Obama believes in equality, if you make more you should be taxed more simple as that. Please tell me why that is an EVIL thing? That Obama wants to lower taxes for you and raises taxes on them so you don’t have to pay AS high of taxes.

        Third thing that points out your ignorance. You said, “I expected Obama to change the country overnight the cocky bastard said he could,” WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK MITT ROMNEY’S PREACHING? Its laughable how blind you are to his bullshit. Hes saying the exact same thing, the only difference is HES HAS NOT GIVEN A PLAN ON HOW HES GOING TO DO IT! All he’s said, is “trust me, I’m gonna do it.” Well, how can we trust him, when he’s already proven to be UNTRUSTWORTHY!? A good man at heart my ass!

        I’m probably missing more points, but I’ve taken up enough space as it is, so closing words: Obama did not hang his head in shame during the debate. Obama was docile during the debate because he figured people actually listened to what the candidates were saying. But as you and millions of other ignorant Americans have proven is that no one really did listen, they just got caught up in the Siren’s Song that Mitt Romney was singing (I hope you understand that reference). The entire time, Obama was trying no to laugh at how much Bullshit was coming out of Romney’s mouth. I dare you to go rewatch the debate and watch Obama smirk countless times with his head down.


      • Evie Garone says:

        Again you have to resort to all kinds of crude words, I too like to use these words but don’t usually in this type of forum where it’s someone else’s page and they might not appreciate it. Usually I notice people resort to this when they can’t control themselves. I guess you might want to seek help for your anger issues! As I said, I don’t really want to engage with you, but I can’t help myself it’s too much fun! Though it’s pointless, you are a very angry man, and can’t hear for the voices in your head, perhaps you taste bitter defeat! Is that froth on your mouth or Obama’s jizz? I think you bow at the Temple of Obama ….Romney is not my Lord and Savior I wouldn’t give him the power. If you listened I said I am just hoping he will be better than your SOCIALIST Obama. I hope he is an improvement over the abomination that in my OPINION has been Obama. At this point in time we still have the FREEDOM to have opinions though you and your ilk will do away with them and call us ignorant and know what is better for us as you talk and yell at us. You may try to shout me down, but this is America and we do have those freedoms. I never called you ignorant..I don’t think you need to use names, but that is always what people like you do when called out! You sound like you are 8…na na na …I dare you to watch the debate again (I have watched it more than once…don’t presume to know what I do!)….tax the rich….they have more than me, wah, wah, do you need a tissue for your issue? How old are you, have you ever worked or payed taxes? Why are you a mystery man (I use that term lightly, I think you are a boy), is that so people can’t catch up with you and tell you what a dick you are?…I’m sure it is…why don’t you go back to the sites that agree with you and appreciate your vitriol? I’ve really exhausted my patience with your trolling here! You might want to reread before you post and check for your inaccuracies before you throw stones! You can’t spell, you also have a problem with seeing clearly, Obama is allowed to throw in myths, but Romney is a fucking liar, okay that makes sense! If you opened your eyes and ears tonight I think you’ll hear a serious financial plan from Ryan….but I’m sure you will say it’s all lies. Did you listen to the speech I told you of 2009 of Obama’s where he spoke of all the ways he was going to save America..,.it was all lies! How come that’s okay?I never said I expected it overnight, do NOT misquote me you little worm. Also, I think America is the BEST place to live that’s all that matters…me, my husband, my children the armed forces who fight for it,I noticed you are here, millions of other people with their freedoms and rights…you piece of shit…if you do NOT think it the Best PLACE….please, LEAVE America! You are a jerk! Get off my site! If Obama is elected again it will not be the best place to live…he is handling Libya with lies and like an incompetent! By the way, I’m sure you are in college….how are you paying for it……is this crappy country helping you?


  3. Jake says:

    Why is it that every time you respond it has me on the floor laughing? You’re as big of a joke as Romney is. Tasted bitter defeat? You haven’t done anything to defeat me! God, I can’t stop laughing. The best part was when you said, “I never said I expected it overnight, do NOT misquote me you little worm.” When indeed it is EXACTLY what you said! I cannot contain my laughter. Shall I pull the quote again? Or do you think you can be a big girl and scroll up this time to read it? I don’t misquote. That sounds like something Romney would do. Just because I use foul language does not mean I’m angry. Nor that if I’m angry I have “froth” coming from my mouth. I like to debate, I’m quite good at it. Unfortunately, only narrow-minded fools exist in this country and a good debate never seems to be around (I’m narrow minded only in the sense that Romney is a horrible candidate for President. That’s based on logic, like I said earlier).
    I am confused at what this means: “and can’t hear for the voices in your head”. I can’t hear for the voices in my head? Are you presuming that I have voices in my head? and that I can’t hear for them? What does that even mean? Do they not have ears? So I am forced to hear for them? But for some reason I can’t hear for them? That just doesn’t make sense. (Straw Man).
    Your hypocrisy is quite funny as well. “don’t presume to know what I do!” Yet, you presume to know what I do. Nice job. You claim Obama and his “ilk” wants to rid you of your thoughts and freedoms. Well, I’ll have you know that your freedoms have been sold out long before Obama took office. Its typical that you assume him and his party are out to get you, I mean why not, you’ve been reading from the bible that is the Republicans Dumbass Handbook. Yeah, you know the book where they spoon feed you shit and you gobble it up like a nursing baby that’s been torn away from the tit.
    I never said Obama isn’t responsible for his lies, I merely point out the fact that they are insignificant next to the abundance of lies coming from Mitt Romney’s mouth.
    One more thing that I find funny is that you are 20 years older than me, but I’m 20 times more intelligent that you. “Don’t presume to know me!”. I don’t presume to know you. I can just tell by the ignorant shit that you’ve been plopping on the internet that I am more intelligent than you. You never called me ignorant, because I’m not. Just because I make a few spelling mistakes when typing out a long response, in a short amount of time, doesn’t make me ignorant, nor any less intelligent.
    You have no sense of Objection. You can’t look at the world objectively, or you haven’t proven you can. America is the best place to live because I live here, and so do others…(not a misquote, a paraphrase). Good argument.
    You tell me if I don’t like America that I should get out. Well here’s an objective question. What exactly IS America, and how have we differed from it? Once again there is no answer. Like I said before, America is no longer the country our founding fathers wanted it to be. That’s not because of Obama, that’s not because of George Bush, its because of the 300-ish years that have passed since this country was created. Why does it not make since that we should evolve as a nation? Fuck the nation, we need to evolve as a planet! It’s the ignorant pieces of shit like you that inhibit this planet from its true potential. You need to stop thinking you’re so damn important and start looking at the bigger picture. Capitalism is EVIL. You want to know why there are so many problems in your life, in this Country? It’s Capitalism. But I don’t expect you to understand that, again you’ve been fed shit your entire life and have never really thought for yourself. It’s called Philosophy. I suggest you study it. But I mean it’s a little too late for you, so I understand that you aren’t going to.
    I am more intelligent than you because I know exactly why no matter what I say, you will never budge. It has to do with how our brains are wired by the way. It’s people like me that are the future of this planet. The intelligent ones. Unfortunately, when you spread your stupidity like a disease it catches on because its more “convenient” than actually thinking. You think Obama wants to tell you what to think and what to believe but what’s funny is you already have the GOP doing that for you. They give you that good ole’ redneck speech telling you they want you to have freedoms and blah blah blah, “commies want to steal your freedoms”, “Socialist Obama is out for your freedoms!” “They took errr Jouuubs!” It’s a fear tactic. Our society is run on fear. Socialism, Marxism, Communism, you name it, it’s not EVIL. The only reason you think it is, is because that’s what they want you to believe. Have you actually read the Communist Manifesto? I have. (Don’t give me the BS that it didn’t work for the USSR so its a failed plan. False. It didn’t work for the USSR because it wasn’t implemented correctly, not to mention that it skipped steps, creating a hybrid society that isn’t how Karl Marx planned it at all). And from what I understand it seems like a fairly well off idea, I mean it seems to be working for China, they have us by the nut sack. You need to open your mind, and take a good hard look at the world for what it truly is. You need to start to see where we SHOULD be heading, and not where we are heading. Do you believe in world peace? What about National-Peace? Capitalism doesn’t allow for peace. Capitalism is like a game of musical chairs. Once the music stops, someone gets left out.
    As I write this, I find myself getting bored. The only reason I comment is because I refuse to let you believe you won, and so I kind of don’t give a shit anymore, and am going to opt out of receiving emails from this shitty site. (This is not a declaration of defeat, its a declaration of Apathy. I know I will never change your mind, [and I know why], and I find just going on and on and on serves no purpose. I guess I always knew that, but right now, I’ll be the bigger man, let you seem like an asshole to all your “fans” (if you have any, which I assume you don’t, since no one has commented on this article other than me) and I’ll stop. Have a nice life, and I’ll be thinking about you when Obama gives his speech for his second term. Call me a jerk, but I kind of hope Obama wins and he is as awful as you say he is. I’ll be laughing the entire time at how shitty your life is gonna be.


    • Evie Garone says:

      Jake, I have to jump topics. Why are you such a nasty person? I don’t understand why you wanted to make this such a personal attack. It was a political blog that obviously we are on opposite sides of the fence. There was never any reason to go into my age or intelligence. You know nothing about me. I am a mother and wife, if you want to know. I live a very blessed life. I, too do wish this world was quite the wonderful place you hope for. I think you’re living an idealized dream that you will come to realize will take a long time to realize, people are not yet ready, we are not quite that enlightened…obviously…. if you and I can’t even have a civil discussion how do we think politicians can work it out or countries can stop fighting, and I call myself spiritual. I too have been ready to stop this discussion for quite a while, but as long as you kept up, so did I. I am so glad you are getting an education and feel so up to the task of showing your intellectual muscles, it will take you far in life! My husband and I have no financial woes, we have been very successful, especially for such an intellectually-inept blond such as I. We have been very savvy saving and have sent our two sons to college and they are doing well. I do not think they would show quite as much disrespect to a woman as you have, but I raised them well, again, pretty good for someone who plops ignorant shit, your words, on my site. I write for myself, and if people read, I’m happy. No one ever asked you to read, Mr. Unpleasant, SO YES, please do take me off your e-mail. I do hope your unrealistic ideals will not break your heart and I hope with your attitude and foul mouth you will be able to get more than a menial paying job Mr. Wonderful Debater, and if I’m so stupid why did you waste so much time with me? And yes Jake, I do have fans, but they read this blog and moved on with their lives………they actually might get some laughs from our comments!


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