The Young and Restless!

This might be a misnomer but I don’t care, I like it its catchy! I might not be considered young any more, but hell, I’m not gonna call myself old if I don’t have to, but I sure will admit I am restless. The other day I decided the house needed much ignored upkeep/repair work that is the type that you kind of overlook. So I made the phone calls and I’m not sure if  I’m happy or not. I have people climbing all over my house and I’m going crazy. WTH was I thinking………or is that my problem, I don’t think things all the way through?

I had a painter come in and give me an estimate and it was so good that I decided pretty much there on the spot to go forward with the job. When he came back to do the real job it was like a world-wind as he brought 3 guys, ladders, drop-cloths,  plastic-wrap, brushes, rollers, the whole nine-yards and attacked my house…everything was in disarray and I don’t do chaos well. But I muddled through and came out the other side decidedly happier and prettier, the house looks so nice. I had 3 rooms and a bathroom done over and the  downstairs ceiling repainted and the house just looks wonderful! Unfortunately, having only repainted some of the house has made the older paint now look forlorn and makes it apparent that it’s worn and needs to be fully done, so it would seem that after the Holidays, we may need a revisit from our new favorite painter to finish the whole job.

As I looked around the house assessing what else needed to be done to make the house really look spiffy I decided the counters in the kitchen needed a rejuvenation….they need the grout touched up, filled and sealed as do the floors. I called Ace– The Place and they gave me a Handy Man who then had hooked me up with a few people and I have gone from there.

In between that the garage door broke so we had to have a repair man come fix that. And then the back screen door broke, too. So all this exacerbated the situation and all hell has broken out in the Garone house.

I had a repair man for my dryer here twice last week and also a plumber came and went. They luckily did their jobs semi quickly but they were under foot. I also had the cabinet man drop in to evaluate my kitchen cabinets and give me an estimate and drop back in with samples while the painter was here so it was quite a circus. As I said, I’m not one for chaos and my husband was home working while this was going on. The painter plastic-wrapped him in the kitchen so he could work, but then forgot to paint the ceiling where he was so had to return to paint the next day. None of these things in and of themselves were hard just juggling them for me, not the most organized person, was interesting and a kind of lesson in organizational skills.

I have the guy here currently fixing my grout which is poisoning us or getting us high, I can’t quite decide which. The fumes from the can of Superior Acrylic grout is amazingly pungent and toxic I’m sure. I just got up and opened the back sliding door but I don’t think that’s good enough, I’m going to open some windows, too. Wow… I’m letting him do his work the doorbell rings…’s the sliding glass door man that I found on-line. Just what the hell was I thinking with all this energy the other day?I have 5 closet doorsliding mirror closet doors that I want to replace. They are from the 90’s era and they are seriously ugly and tacky with the gold or brass accoutrements encasing the mirrors, my only problem is my husband couldn’t care less and they are expensive to replace. Any questions? Of course I want to do it…..but when the guy walked around the house pensively rubbing his chin writing down all the measurements and all the numbers and came back with the final number my head almost exploded. My husband is going to kill me! The final number is over 2 times what the guy quoted me on the phone and I wasn’t thrilled with that number! Ha…….I’m dead……..of course the number on the phone was of the lower quality door, which is not what the guy said, humph! THIS guy said he’s been doing it since the 90’s and the quality of what he’ll install will be the best, blah, blah, blah, with felt material up in between the sheets of mirror so there will be no noise, blah, blah, blah………it’s all getting fuzzy around the edges, I’m getting crazy overloaded with information. I don’t know what I want anymore. He came with no books of pictures of doors, he showed me a picture on his phone. What? He and I sorta’ settled it that he knows what he’s doing, but do I really know that? I just don’t know. I’ll think on it……I’ll tell the hubby…….we’ll “discuss it” and if we do go forward we’ll do the best quality in our master bedroom and the guestroom where they’ll rip out the white wood molding all around the door and put all mirror in and it’ll look really well finished. In the other 3 rooms we’ll have brushed aluminum where now there is brass and and it’ll be a little less expensive. Details, details……so was I just restless? Should I have just stayed with the work out regiment?

Oh, did I forget to tell you that one? Yes, I also signed up for a workout regiment…….but that didn’t work out too fabulously either! The physical therapist/coach got a stomach flu that she then passed on to me. So, I am now a little under the weather and while in bed not sleeping because I don’t feel well I was analyzing my life which I am the type to do….over-analyze I realized I was so not enjoying the work-out regime I had started with this new woman who I called her and cancelled my new schedule why I still could. First of all she should have realized she couldn’t get over a stomach flu in one day and not come back to the gym and give it to me, but that’s beside the point, but also I just wasn’t into our “thing” we had going for 30 minutes a day which a friend of mine pointed out was way too expensive and not long enough to do anything productive for my health. Whatever…I wasn’t looking forward to it the night before a training session either, so it wasn’t for me…..I will have to look elsewhere for my physical health benefits……perhaps I am ready to attempt yoga again, now that I did do some physical work with this woman, though I learned I am out of shape, I can do things with limitations. Ya’ gotta kiss a lotta’ frogs, to find the right one in love as well as health and fitness! So there you have it………

I still have a few irons in the fire for home projects, but they’ll have to wait until after New Years…..I’m kinda over it.

(c) Evelyn Garone 12.11.12

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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