Ups and Downs Of Home Improvement

WP_20130131_002So the home improvement/bathroom project is going well?! The guys were moving at a fast pace with all the tiling, but I was wondering why the tub deck itself was not being tiled. I thought they were doing a great job with the shower and didn’t want to ask too many questions knowing I didn’t know all that much about the order of what they were doing…..after all it’s not my area of expertise and I didn’t want to seem like a pain in the ass…..oh well, lesson learned after the fact, sometimes perhaps it’s better to ask too many questions than to remain closed mouthed which is definitely a strange place for me to find myself.

So it had seemed either it was a question of miscommunication with Gary or he didn’t think he could tile the whole tub surround without ripping out all the old white faux marble without hurting my spa tub though he did write “tub surround” in our contract. When we noticed that the guys “seemed” almost done doing the tiling on the wall around the tub but hadn’t done the tub surround itself, my husband asked Gary about it. He came over to the house last night to discuss it. He is honoring his contract and is making it right! Unfortunately, it turned into more work for him as it seems he has to undo a bit of the surrounding tile work. He is getting down and dirty and doing a lot of the work himself now pulling off the old cultured marble surround that I hated and taking off the new bull-nosed tile that was abutting it – we’ll see where we go from here tonight when we have a meeting to discuss the next steps.

Also strange is the plumber has gone AWOL and we have a new nicer plumber on board half way through. Welcome to construction Evie, isn’t it fun?! Ken the original plumber seems to have abandoned us and Richard is here, he seems very nice…..he has taken on the new centered drain and finished it, next up the Roman tub valves and handles then onto the shower heads and handles.

Alex and the guys will be back soon to take on the rest of the water-proof flooring and tiling project. I have drawn up an artists rendering of what I would like the tub surround to look like. My husband likes it and Gary has seemed to agree to it, I can’t wait to see it become reality. We are going to meet tonight all 3 of us….Gary, my husband and I – to see what we have to do now after our second little “hiccup” or as Gary called it…his brain fart, but again though he seemed to forget he needed to tile my tub surround he is being a stand up guy and making it right, as he just stated to me and our new plumber Richard “As a good business man you have to make the homeowner happy, especially in a small place like Ahwatukee, you never know when you’ll see each other outside of work!” Very true….

The shower is almost done and it looks nice though I do not want the tub surround to look just like that, that is why I have decided to take the design into my own hands. I would like the tub surround to be different, one of a kind. I also would like to use more of the glass tile to make it eclectic and pretty. The old white, stark cultured marble was very plain and needed decoration to break it up. I would like to use the glass tile as the statement and not need much more decorative flair after the fact, that will be the statement.

Again, please wish us luck through the minefield that is home improvement. I do believe the finish date may be delayed but that doesn’t matter as long as the finished product is fabulous.

I just heard Richard call Gary and ask for a reamer for the tub……it seems that of course the handles do not fit in the holes already drilled for that express purpose. Why did I ever think this would be easy? Oh, I love life……I’ll remember that and take deep cleansing breathes! Richard took this opportunity to let me show him another job I asked him about….I had asked Ken the other plumber/handyman about doing my outdoor lights……but after he disappeared I wouldn’t trust him again. This guy Richard seems nice. We’ll see how he shapes up.

So that’s this day in a nutshell……

Home Improvement……….ahhhhhhhhh! Ain’t life grand?!

As it turns out Richard seems to think I do not need a whole new power source for the garden lights. As he says why bother, the one I have is working fine, so that will save me a whole bunch of money. Huhnnn. Everyone I talk to seems to give me a different story. Though I am thinking I should probably get an electrician Now, I like this guy Richard, but I liked Ken too until he scampered off this job, but I did have reservations. I liked the price quote Ken originally gave me on the electrical job he did on my front light timer, but I was surprised when he didn’t check if the timer was the actual issue in the first place when he replaced it. He just assumed that was the problem when I told him I had electrical issues with my outside lights, and once he replaced the timer and that didn’t solve the problem, he had to look for the core issue. Kind of like putting the cart before the horse? When Gary my contractor mentioned he was using Ken the original plumber/handyman/electrician for the job I had reservations but it was Gary’s call, I tried to sway him another way to a licensed plumber, but he wanted to show loyalty for the referral. Enough said…..lesson learned, always go with your gut!

Evelyn Garone 1.31.13

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I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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  1. I had no idea you were elbow deep in home improvements! We’ll be doing something similar in a few months. I couldn’t agree more with you about licensed workers. 🙂


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