“The Beatles Songs” – American Idol Results

Last night the Top Nine Finalists sang “The Beatles” hits and as Jimmy Iovine said….their songs are perfection, but if you don’t sing them well, everyone will know!

Kree Harrison shares her heart wrenching personal story of losing her two parents whenKree she was young and bonding with her sister who suggested she try out for Idol. Jimmy says she is a natural. She is singing “With A Little Help From My Friends”.  She said she had a cold but you would never be able to tell from her singing. Keith says no matter what she is Kree! Nikki said she puts her own “Kreedom” on it! She thinks she is a Superstar! Randy thought it was “The Bomb”. He thinks she has a lot of confidence and is ready. Mariah didn’t think it was good she thought it was fanfreakintastic! Ryan said she looks stunning…beautiful!

Next up is Burnell Taylor from Louisiana. He’s singing “Let It Be” This is one of my all time favorite songs, which he doesn’t know and Jimmy thinks he’s at a disadvantage not knowing the lyrics, though he could kill it if he learns it well! He thinks he has a unique tone to his voice, I agree he is unusual. Nikki says he didn’t sing the song he caressed it. He keeps his own artistry, like Kree as a new young singer. Randy really liked it. Mariah was concerned that he didn’t know the song but loved it. Keith says he is the most recognized tone in the competition and he liked it. I really liked it.

Amber Holcomb is from Texas and a farm life. She’s singing “She’s Leaving Home”. Jimmy Iovine says she won’t be leaving the show, she’s murdering the song! She has a beautiful voice and actually gave me chills!  The judges were hard on her and knew she didn’t know the song…..I thought she was good so what the hell do I know! Randy asked her if she knew the song and could tell she didn’t and said she wasn’t there for the first half but came into her own in the second half with her strong notes. Mariah repeated about not knowing the song then apologized saying she could tell she was in her head. Nikki was more interested in her dark lipstick, she has suggested light lipstick and was disappointed that she only wore it one week at her urging. (shouldn’t this be sexual harassment or sexual something that they are always discussing how the GIRLS look?) anyway, I digress, but she said that Amber should suck it up and smile not show that she’s singing a song she doesn’t want to….she’s correct….sometimes Nikki is actually wise in what she says! Keith says it’s his favorite song and he thought she was good.

Lazaro has his mother interviewed speaking Spanish. Jimmy helps him with his practice and says it is going to be risky to sing this song his way. Mariah and Keith think the key might have been too low. Mariah is proud of his perseverance though that is not what this show is about, it’s about the singing and his singing wasn’t great. Nikki wants Jimmy to stop helping him, she thinks he makes him nervous, not the regular Lazaro because of Jimmy undermining him. Randy thought it was his worst showing ever and wonders where his vocals have gone. Lazaro is brought to tears. He had had a different song picked out and because of Jimmy I think he changed it last night and it showed…..Yikes!

We come back after the commercial break to discuss the massacre of Lazaro and Ryan asks who is he supposed to listen to Jimmy or the 4 judges and the judges say he has to deal with it….they are trying to help and so is Jimmy with the metre and key.

Candace Glover is singing “Come Together”. Jimmy says instead of analyzing the esoteric lyrics just get to the “Get together” . He says the competition is lucky to have her in it, she will kill it. Interesting song choice. She has a powerful voice and the audience loves her. Keith loved this whole other vibe tonight! Nikki loves her vocal, but sometimes she wants her to wear it on her face….meaning sometimes she loses her expression, she wants her to wear the attitude she exudes on her face. Randy loved her doing uptempo with her big voice. She can own it ’cause she’s got it! Mariah says it was like a prize fighter and she murdered it!

Paul Jolley is from a farm with his family. Jimmy says it is fun watching him develop and that he is getting much more natural. He is singing “Eleanore Rigby”. I like his voice. Nikki did not like his performance, bland, safe and forgettable she says. Randy said he thought he was disconnected from the song. Mariah said she thought it was a great song choice, she likes his upper range, he needs to give as much emotion during the whole song, though. She thinks he could do uptempo dance songs. Keith liked some of the middle of the song, he thinks he has likes the angst in his voice and could sing pop-rock not country. The are very hard on him, though the audience seemed to like him. I think that between the judges advice and Jimmy’s tutelage it is actually hurting some of the competitors like Paul and Lazaro who are having trouble being themselves….they are trying so hard to mold themselves to everything they are being told by so many outside forces, they are actually getting worse.

Angie Miller just graduated High School last year and won an award to be the “Next American Idol”. Her family is very proud of her. She is singing “Yesterday”. Jimmy has busted her chops, and told her to believe in her talent not volume and not to over-sing. She really is good and is one of the judges favorites. She has a beautiful voice and is showing it…..her performance is beautiful….chills! Randy said she is one of his favorites in this competition, it was a stellar performance! She showed restraint. Mariah said it was a respectful performance. She showed her voice and her ensemble is Pow! Keith said there were moments she was trying not to think about everything Jimmy said and moments she was Angie but he sees HER! Nikki says unbelievably amazing. Then she’s beeped! She says she has a great range she can rock and do anything and even Disney soundtracks!

Devin Velez went to Military school in Chicago and it’s very structured and clean and he likes it. He’s singing “The Long and Winding Road”. Jimmy says put himself in Brian McKnight’s place and it’s a brave place to be if he gets it right which he thinks he will. Mariah says he never ceases to amaze her. It was so good. He has done all different genres and he is terrific. God Bless him. Keith again says it’s his favorite Beatle song. He needs more emotional connection, he needs his heart in it. Nikki gives a shout out to the background singers, she thinks he’s committed, he’s very truthful! Randy says Devin is back tonight, he has R&B in his voice and brought swagger and doesn’t need a run all the time.

Janelle Arthur closes out the show. Her little hometown in Tennessee is behind her all the way! She’s singing “I Will” and Jimmy says she has to breath properly. It’s an understated song with subtleties. It’s beautiful. Keith says he loved it and she has is country and she is pure and true. Nikki is obsessed with her and says she is great. She doesn’t have to yell and scream. She is angelic and looks like a goddess. Randy says she is BACK! He says it was one of the best performances of the night, the subtleties were great. Mariah said last week she liked her fire, but she is listening she is sweet and gorgeous and was wonderful tonight.http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xycxmy_janelle-arthur-i-will-american-idol-12-top-9_music

That’s the play by play last night!

The bottom three tonight are Paul Jolley, Devin Velez and Amber Holcomb. The big surprise for everyone is that Lazaro ISN’T in the bottom three and that Amber IS! Maybe if the judges didn’t make Lazaro cry by being quite so mean spirited America would have voted correctly, but as we’ve seen in other seasons America votes with their hearts and when the judges ‘diss people America protects them, so maybe it’s not such a big surprise that Lazaro was not eliminated! But of course, Paul Jolley is the real loser……he leaves after he sings for his life and the judges do not save him as it has to be a unanimous decision and it is not…….no surprise here, they never liked him.

Evelyn Garone 3.21.13

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