Invoking The Archangels

Where do nightmares and negative thoughts stem from? Why do they plague some people? I’m sure psychologists can give you a long winded many paged thesis on that,


Evie thinks…..


There is a lot of energy around us and some sensitives may be susceptible to the energy, especially the negative energy that swirls in the cosmos at different times and it may be as if the devil and his evil minions are alive and well and come into our minds at night to haunt us…we must fight them off. It is hard, but we must remember to use all matter of positive things in our arsenal to arm ourselves, though sometimes we may forget and feel like we are almost “attacked” by the negative forces in the night and wake up horrified by creepy nightmares that affect the next day, we can be reminded what we inherently know.

I’m sure you are all aware of the many negative political controversies that are currently occurring in the US… I will not weigh in on them I will just state that that may set loose a whole lot of negative energy at the present time and being open to it makes some who might be more vulnerable susceptible to these dark forces, dark moods and nightmares.

Protecting ourselves with positive prayers can be important in thwarting the dark forces. Calling on God’s most powerful Messengers, the Seven Arch Angels can be helpful. Posting them on all four corners of your house while you sleep is a good start.  Inciting their names by chanting them slowly in three syllables four to six times before you sleep is the way I learned it and I believe it helps.

7- Arch Angels

Michael –  for protection and love

Gabriel – emotions – boosts them when in doubt

Raphael – for healing – mind, body, soul and spirit when you need guidance

Uriel – Brings warnings when in doubt, or overwhelmed

Raguel – for difficulties in relationship, help chaos

Sariel – keep things in order; your thoughts

Remiel – Hope, major transition – life/death


The Angels aren’t the answers to all your ills but I find they give me some reassurance, we are vulnerable when we sleep and our defenses are down. If God thought the Archangels were powerful, I sure as heck am willing to ask them for some guidance and help! I wish you peace……..

Also, surrounding yourself with pure,white light is always beneficial – just say a silent prayer asking for yourself to be surrounded by white light – as simple as that!  Saying other prayers at any time if you feel it is beneficial can always help, the Lord’s prayer is always good. Prayer is always good for the soul. Evil hates prayer!

Namaste, Evie

© 5.18.13

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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8 Responses to Invoking The Archangels

  1. I like your drift. I will be back for more. My prayer before sleep acknowledges the workings of archangels, among other spiritual beings mentioned in western religions. I have rarely had a nightmare. I would love to share it with you. My blog is about discovering the sacred in nature.


    • Evie Garone says:

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading, liking and commenting. It’s nice to see someone read my spiritual blogs and got it! I would be interested in hearing your prayer or suggestions. Evie


  2. Hi Evie, as a free-thinking, spiritually minded person, you still must believe in the wisdom passed on by others. In our modern times, it is often hard to know what is wisdom and what is folly. It seems that at least part of our spiritual path these days is to develop discernment; an intuitive sense that guides us toward the authentic wisdom available in traditional and less traditional sources. I would like to think that the intuitive effort involved in the practice of discernment would some day bear fruit as a direct knowledge of the deeper wisdom that, at first we can only recognize when it is uttered by fellow travelers on their worldly path.
    Fortunately, we all have some sense of the truth when we hear it or see it. I have tried to stick to that perception of truth through thick and thin, and have found it becomes easier to descern from falsehoods as I approach old age. I do think that the practice of truth brings us closer to wisdom. From that perspective, all that I have seen and heard and had an inner experience of tells me that the angels help us when we sleep, with our person struggle with wisdom.
    The archangels help us with the broader, less personal truths that characterize the times in which we live. Many of the tenets we hold to be true, are not from our personal lives, but biases from the culture in which we are raised. How true they are, and where these truths fit and compliment the truths of other cultures, is more difficult for us to intuit. This is where we need help from the archangelic beings. Thes also guide us in our sleep. Perhaps, if we were advanced enough on our spiritual journey, they would also appear to us during our waking hours as well. But at least we can ask them to be present when we are not fully present here, during the night. Some consciousness of their purpose and their existence will ultimately bear fruit as direct experience.

    Wisdom that has been passed down, that I personally experience as being true, speaks of a rank of beings even higher than archangels, referred to in Greek as archai, or the spirits of ages. As the angels help us with personal sense of truth, and the archangels help us with knowing how our cultural truth fits int the vast cultural mosaic of the world, spirits of ages help us to rise above the confines of our time and see what our times have to offer the great ongoing spiritual evolution of the world. Every age has not only its gifts but its pitfalls. We might see our times as offering a huge contrast between enlightenment and the proliferation of illusions, of artificial realities. Finding our way through this wilderness of possibilities is only possible with the guidence of the archai.

    Above the archai are ranks of other beings leading close to oneness with the universal being of which we, and they, are all part. But enough, at this point. Simply to say that wisdom is the auspices of the angels, archangels and archai.
    The qualities of spiritual Beauty are the auspices of the next higher heirarchies. Through-and-through Goodness is the lofty gift of the highest beings. Esoteric christianity speaks traditionally of nine ranks above humanity, and below the trinity which is god. All help unite us in the universal being, when we are powerless in sleep. It is largely up to us to do this for ourselves as we reach ever closer to enlightenment, I am completely humbled and at the same time honored by the task ahead. And I can use all the guidance and protection I can rightfully find on my path.
    I would blog this, but to whom? Thank you for lending an ear. By your writing, I know that you are onto a similar truth, though I am not sure where this truth has led you. I know we travel within sight of on another.
    I will leave my evening prayer for another possible communication of your continued interest. Thank you for reading.


  3. Evie Garone says:

    I so enjoyed your comment…yes, I believe we are on the same spiritual path….I seemed to have stalled, or come to an impasse, but perhaps that is why you have come into my life and commented…….I would love to hear more on this subject ……I agree not everyone wants to hear or learn these deep wisdoms, but I am interested in info. that is enlightening, authentic and mentally stimulating. You seem to encompass all these things judging from the content of your comment. Please feel free to share with me anytime ….my email is…I am open to conversation if you’d like….


  4. Hi Evie, I would very much appreciate having this conversation in a public setting. Perhaps there are others who would benefit. What do you suggest?
    My blog is my usual place for sharing my thoughts. This topic, though fundamental to my personal path, falls slightly outside the established tone of Landscaping the Sacred: discovering the sacred in the natural world. Maybe this ” conversation” could take the form of another blog, or add a new dimension to an established one. I will have to sleep on it. (The expression is far more apt when seen in the context of our topic.)


    • Evie Garone says:

      Hunh….I only suggested the conversation continue on e-mail for I didn’t want the comments to just keep going on the bottom of my blog…..though they could! I think you sleeping on it is very apropos…I don’t have any suggestions for US to continue a “conversation” publicly….maybe another blog written by you…..I don’t know how that would continue for you and I talking though if you want to start another blog having to do with this, I would probably read it.


  5. Evie Garone says:

    Back at ya! 😉


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