Why All The Furor Over “American Sniper”?

american sniper

Let me preface this with WTH….the older I get the more I don’t understand people!

After all, “American Sniper” is in the end just a movie portraying Chris Kyle’s take on his life and the story of his career as a sniper. People are flocking to the theaters to see it. The theaters are packed, which is great for all involved,  but don’t take this for true history, per se.

To think when you see this movie that it is real life, I think you should think again. Kyle has already lost the case to Jessie “The Body” Venture to the tune of $1.2 million for “exaggerating” or making up the story that he punched him and Ventura fell to the floor. Kyle has also told the story that he has 250 kills when the gov’t. says he has 160, why the discrepancy? He said he killed, as a sniper, looters at the Super Dome in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. So perhaps the movie should be taken as entertainment, not a political statement for either side? That being said…

In the news, Michael Moore and Seth Rogan are having a problem with the movie “American Sniper” and I’m sure a few others might also. What’s their problem…..they love their freedom to say what they want that this sniper has helped fight for, but other’s shouldn’t have it, too?

If they don’t like the movie, perhaps they shouldn’t attend.

Chris Kyle had been known to exaggerate….and so do movies. But it can’t be denied that Chris Kyle was also a patriot, fighting for his country!

I haven’t seen the movie, it’s not my thing. There is enough violence in the world and news, I don’t need to go pay money to see it. I understand there was more to the movie than war propaganda as some would say. I understand there was much attention to emotions and coping of family and Kyle himself with serving his country in this capacity. War is hell and people will die. There are times it is us or them and it’s not pretty. It also can be interpreted through each person’s own filter.

Here follows Michael Moore’s  Tweets:

Hmm. I never tweeted 1word bout AmericanSniper/ChrisKyle. I said my uncle killed by sniper in WWII; only cowards would do that 2 him, others

My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse

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