Brian Williams is just a Symptom of NBC and other Networks Illnesses


Brian Williams may win the “biggest Pinocchio” or be the biggest “liar, liar pants on fire” this week, but the problem, the bigger ill is that we, the people, do NOT get the truth!

Our esteemed Newscasters, who used to be journalists, are highly regarded by the average citizen who still gets a lot of their news from their respected and believed Nightly newscaster.

Unfortunately, it can not be said that our trust is held in as high regard.

The powers that be at NBC were supposedly in the know that Brian Williams was varnishing the truth on the RPG attacked helicopter story that we’ve all heard by now, though they and many others knew it was an untruth, nay a straight out lie, yet continued with this charade for close to 12 yrs. What is wrong with this world? Was no one taught the golden rules? Have they gone out of style like the raccoon coat? Or is it as usual, money talks…..?

Of course it’s the bottom line….Brian Williams was the highest rated and watched anchor man and NBC didn’t want to cook the golden goose. They suggested to Brian that he “cool it” with his many varying versions of his near-death flight, but he persisted, laying it on thicker and thicker more often and more vaingloriously. Though he actually did nothing heroic himself he had David Letterman and the audience on the edge of their seats.

Again, Brian couldn’t do a true mea culpa and take his just desserts. Oh, no. He had to give a sanctimonious half apology that pissed off even more Vets involved who finally outed him. Ain’t Karma a bitch?! Brian wasn’t satisfied telling and retelling the story to his buddies on a hard-drinking night, like normal people, he went and blabbed it on Letterman for goodness sake’s!

Then as if this couldn’t be the bottom for poor Brian, they are now looking into his coverage of Hurricane Katrina and his purporting of a dead body floating by in the French Quarter and of getting dysentery from the water at his hotel. Is nothing sacred with Brian? We’ll see in the future what else is uncovered from “your humble corespondent” and his need for self-aggrandizement.

As to NBC and other networks illnesses as I’ve alluded to, I’m speaking of the collusion of NBC Executives to the knowledge of Brian’s lying and going along with it. I believe one of the tenants of journalism is truth. People believe what they hear on the evening news to be truth, to need to know they can trust what they hear on the news is delivered without any exaggeration or spin. Obviously that is not the case with NBC and I would bet they are not the only network exaggerating or spinning.

NBC has decided to suspend Brian Williams for six-months without pay and say it is warranted. Here follows their statements:

“We have decided today to suspend Brian Williams as managing editor and anchor of NBC Nightly News for six months,” NBC News president Deborah Turness said in a memo to staff sent to “The suspension will be without pay and is effective immediately. We let Brian know of our decision earlier today. Lester Holt will continue to substitute anchor the NBC Nightly News.”

In the same statement, CEO of NBC Universal Steve Burke said Williams’ actions were inexcusable and jeopardized the trust he has built up with viewers during his decade as the network’s lead anchor. But he said Williams deserved a second chance.

“We are rooting for him,” Burke said.

Brian misrepresented events which occurred while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003,” she said. “It then became clear that on other occasions Brian had done the same while telling that story in other venues. This was wrong and completely inappropriate for someone in Brian’s position.

His account of the event quickly came under fire from soldiers who were present that day. In an interview with the military newspaper Stars and Stripes, crew members said Williams was “nowhere near” the Chinook helicopter that was hit, nor was he near the two other Chinooks in the formation. In fact, crew members said Williams was in a separate helicopter that arrived at the scene an hour later.

What I find amazingly coincidental is that Brian’s 6 month suspension should just about be up in time for the build up to the Presidential primary coverage of 2016, about the same time the American people have moved on to the next celebrity faux pas, I wonder how Lester Holt feels about that?

What do you think?

© Evelyn Garone 2.11.15

About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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