THERE is NO other choice but #Trump!


Dear Citizens of America,

I have a call to arms to all for today! We MUST#Vote Trump in this coming election!

I have listened to other sides besides my Pro-Trump view and listened clearly to these speaking against #Trump but NOT for #Hillary. Whatever your views, at this point in the election – there are 2 choices (whether or not they were your original). It is cut and dried.

I haven’t spoken to many very Pro Hillary, because I am blessed and don’t really know any. I have though read their #Twitter posts and they are disturbing. Most hearken back to her being a woman & having a vagina, well guess what, I have a vagina and don’t care about that. We tried a First with Obama and that did not work out well. I am all for a woman President when we find the right one. Hillary is NOT that candidate. I have also seen and heard their denial of anything #Hillary has been proven guilty of and wonder how people can turn away from physical proof of her wrong doing and lying.

TRUMP VS Hillary

You either Vote for #Hillary who is Anti-American, pro globalism or VOTE #Trump who is PRO-American and Anti-Globalism. To me it is that simple. I am amazed how people I know and love can be so against a man, Trump, who I just think is terrific. I believe people who do not know Trump or know of his many successes in NY have been swayed by the media smears. I have to admit, I do NOT know all the negative #Trump things they tell me because I will NOT read all the Progressive left wing rags trashing him.

I do KNOW what I have heard Mr. Trump say and it resonates with me. I am pro 2A, I am pro-Constitution and I am for The WALL and vetting of refugees. I have attended a Trump Rally and saw nothing but positivity and love there in line and during the rally.

Trump may not come across as polished as elites and “highly” educated people desire, but I believe Trump is speaking from the heart and really does want to help America. That to me is enough. Trump may say things that are brash and coarse, but is that going to hurt you or America?

I don’t want to get down in the mud, but to even contemplate a Vote for #Hillary or sabotaging #Trump just doesn’t make sense to me.

I, as many of my fellow #TrumpSupporters, can not understand how the #Reps like #PaulRyan #MittRomney, and the likes of #GlenBeck and others who have jumped ship and outright disrespect Trump as the #Rep nominee can in clear conscience do these things. Are they truly evil, too like #Hillary and not care what happens to America as long as they are protected by their cushy gov’t. jobs or media jobs and want more wealth?

This election is one of the 1st I have been so adamant about. I was no Romney/Ryan fan in the beginning but decided to jump in with them when it was them or Obama. I defended both and spoke to people about them vs Obama. I started to believe in them as the campaign went on as an Independent who leans right. I backed them because it was either them or Obama, so to me some who cannot accept #Trumps phenomenon nor some of his brash talk should remember this very same nose-holding many of us did last time and as a Party do it this time.

I believe the #American citizens who just want a better life in America with Law & Order again, less taxes and common sense values really want Trump. It is THAT simple, Trump truly wants better for all of us……people need to cut through the BS of the garbage issues like Trumps taxes, Trump’s words on tape 11 yrs. ago and focus on what is important.

Our very future hangs on this Vote, do you really want #Hillary deciding the next bunch of Supreme Court votes, where she & they will change the very fabric of America and American freedoms?

If you are ready to throw stones and hold grudges against Trump for his words how about #Hillary’s words which to me seem so much more dire and will affect my life, my childrens and my grandchildrens lives negatively. That to me is the point….

It is  > Hillary VS Trump< and you must make a choice

Please remember that you should NOT believe Mainstream Media, you must do your own homework and make an educated choice……Please think about it long and hard.

Hillary has been proven guilty of many things that the #MSM and supporters love to ignore & eschew …She did abuse & torment #Bills victims, she does want Globalism, she lies constantly and not for the People’s good, she was guilty of Whitewater and Benghazi. She speaks negatively and derogatively about most “groups” of Americans except herself and fellow Elites.

Trump is the change we need. He supports Police, American safety, will build a wall and is NOT out for himself. He wants to cut taxes, support better education and get rid of ObamaCare. Please keep that in mind when voting……..

Thank you for reading….

Evelyn Garone


About Evie Garone

I am an outspoken woman with independent views of the world. I am spiritual but also realistic. I've successfully raised two men who I've sent off to college and am now following my love of the arts, including painting, drawing and writing. Thus, two blogs, two books I sporadically work on, voracious reading, among other loves keep me busy.
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2 Responses to THERE is NO other choice but #Trump!

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  2. Elena says:

    You’re a Fox News parrot. Congratulations. You’re the reason America Isn’t Great Anymore.


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