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“Finding BIGFOOT” !

Last night as I was lying in bed I was searching the TV for something appropriately lighthearted to watch to lull me to sleep, well I came up with it — “Finding Bigfoot” on the Animal Planet. Call me wacky, … Continue reading

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Are YOU Part Of The Truly POOR? Supposedly 1 Out of 7 ARE ! #

I was listening to talk radio again…perhaps I shouldn’t because it just torques me up. They were discussing what is now “considered” poor in America and it is interesting what people who are in this category may have. This category … Continue reading

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Leaving the Store Barefoot…

I don’t think that happens very often, and I don’t believe that has EVER happened to me before but I’m always open to new adventures. Today I went out to do a bunch of errands, shopping, dressed well thinking I … Continue reading

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