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On The Hunt For That Elusive Present . . . A Man’s Leopard Baseball Cap

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the shopping! NOT! The maniacal crowds, the frantic searching, that kind of shopping, I shudder to think of going to the malls. No thanks. But I do appreciate a heads up, an … Continue reading

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Shopping Pitfalls

Yesterday was a shopping extravaganza with a girlfriend and her daughter and Boy! did it take me back? My friend’s daughter was on the hunt for a specific thing, a dress for a get-together and she knew exactly what she wanted, unfortunately … Continue reading

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Are YOU Part Of The Truly POOR? Supposedly 1 Out of 7 ARE ! #

I was listening to talk radio again…perhaps I shouldn’t because it just torques me up. They were discussing what is now “considered” poor in America and it is interesting what people who are in this category may have. This category … Continue reading

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Keepin’ Up With Diddy?!~

I recently got an ad in the mail for Sean John Fragrance and was telling my family that this was Sean “Puffy” Combs line of scent and that he has a line of fashion, too. My youngest son, who’s 19 … Continue reading

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AMERICAN IDOL — Almost The Last Show Before the Finale …Who’ll Be the Final Two??

I just finished watching the DVR’d show of Wednesday night’s show — it was terrific! I loved seeing the evolution of the final 3 contestants singing through their 3 songs. Question though, I like Beyonce, but was she really there to … Continue reading

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Family, Graduations, Oh My!

It is so nice when family come from out of town and you can pick up talking as if you saw them yesterday. So nice that they come to a big occasion like a college graduation, so you are not … Continue reading

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Yesterday, One Of My First Days Out!

I had an appointment with my neurologist for my headaches and the upkeep of my botox shots that I receive in the forehead, cervical muscles, jaw muscles quarterly to try to keep the pain at bay. I was lucky enough … Continue reading

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The Family Shopping Experience Including Skinny Jeans #*!

This past weekend my youngest son came home from college to spend the weekend with us. I was so excited to see him, I immediately was ready to do anything he wanted to do. Afterall, ask any mother, an unsolicited visit is … Continue reading

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I Swear To God…

It’s exhausting relaxing and trying to rehab after surgery. Really. By the time I go downstairs to get one thing, I “remember” 5 other things I should do while down there, then I do them, which of course invariably includes … Continue reading

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I am so NOT a Good Patient!

Waaaa! I hate this whole recuperating thing, really. You’re not supposed to do ANYTHING, but sit and get better. I can’t GET comfortable to sit and relax. Yeah, that might work in the hospital but at home there are so … Continue reading

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