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To Valet or Not Valet?

I’m currently rethinking my whole view on valeting my car. I have no physical proof of what caused my newest cluster fuck except that there is damage to my car’s undercarriage that is going to cost $3,200 that neither my … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves

I was listening to the radio today….to News Talk Radio and I was surprised to hear one of the talk jocks use the saying, and more than once “I could care less”. I believe the saying is “I couldn’t care … Continue reading

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Friends Shouldn’t Let Jackasses Drink and Drive!

Roger Ebert didn’t pull any punches with his Twitter comment yesterday on the death of Ryan Dunn from the MTV show “JackAss” and the movies of the same names when he crashed his Porche 911 into some trees in Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day Dad!

It is so hard to see our parents age. . .but I guess it is better than the alternative.  My Dad is alive and kicking in Naples, Florida in an Elderly Care Facility with my Mom. He is in the … Continue reading

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Out & About and Even Some Gambling!

My most special reliable girlfriend took me out today for breakfast. She is the same friend who saw me through my other illness. She lives right near me and she’s able to pop in at the drop of a hat. … Continue reading

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Is 20yrs. for 9 DUI’s The Charm?

In my neck of the woods here in Phoenix, I heard that a wonderful gentleman, Jack Mizer 58, was finally sentenced to two 10 year sentences after pleading guilty to two cases involving 4 felony charges of driving under the … Continue reading

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But, but I NEED My Pain Meds…

I have been so good trying to space my meds far enough apart, not eating them like candy, but I find I really DO need them to get through the worst of the post op pain. Last night I realized to … Continue reading

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Men Are A Different SPECIES. . .

Last night the “Man” car had some problems and he and I didn’t get home ’til 12:00 am because of it…what can I say, the frailty of man and his inventions. When my husband called me from work and said … Continue reading

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Don’t Even Get Me Started. . .

It was going to be an afternoon to enjoy. My husband and I were going out to spend the day together. We left later than I’m sure he wished we had but I had had a really major migraine the … Continue reading

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