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Has Paris Fashion Week Gone Too Far?

OMG……..look closely at this pic. if you’re not a prude….that’s right that’s a flaccid penis you see. I don’t believe this is a costume malfunction, it was meant for the shock of it all! Who would really wear this fashion? … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping Is Hard Work……..

Seriously……shopping should be a sport….maybe even an Olympic event. Think of the potential….they could set up obstacle courses, outrageous sales, obnoxious sales help, the whole nine yards…. Today, my oldest son came home to share his scintillating company with me….well … Continue reading

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The “Fashion Police” tickles my Funny Bone!

I used to love “What Not To Wear”, now my new go-to fashion show is Fashion Police. It is hilarious. Joan Rivers is old enough not to care what people think and that makes her all the more outrageous. She … Continue reading

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Shopping Pitfalls

Yesterday was a shopping extravaganza with a girlfriend and her daughter and Boy! did it take me back? My friend’s daughter was on the hunt for a specific thing, a dress for a get-together and she knew exactly what she wanted, unfortunately … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian and The Rest Of The Media Whores

So in the news today, fresh off the presses is the break-up of the marriage of one of the world’s favorite media darlings Kim Kardashian and NBA star Kris Humphries. This after 72 days of wedded bliss. The wedding was … Continue reading

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NYC – Just Like I Pictured IT!

Wow. So, here I am in my old stomping grounds of NJ and NYC. I’m visiting my girlfriend of a good 15-20 years and we’re reminiscing and deciding what to do while we’re together when we’re not working at her … Continue reading

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Family, Graduations, Oh My!

It is so nice when family come from out of town and you can pick up talking as if you saw them yesterday. So nice that they come to a big occasion like a college graduation, so you are not … Continue reading

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HAIR-RAISING Experience at The Mall

OMG! I swear, I can not believe the way EVERYBODY is a SPECIALIST now . . . beware. Now even your hairdresser is, or at least I found out that the people at Toni & Guy are.  I only went there … Continue reading

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Table Manners, Etiquette & Tramp Stamps #%*

Alright, I hate to be pedantic and repeat myself but have you noticed the troglodytes traipsing through the world trying to pass themselves off as HUMAN? Or is it just me? Seriously, where have just regular niceties of living amongst … Continue reading

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I am so NOT a Good Patient!

Waaaa! I hate this whole recuperating thing, really. You’re not supposed to do ANYTHING, but sit and get better. I can’t GET comfortable to sit and relax. Yeah, that might work in the hospital but at home there are so … Continue reading

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