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Did The Duck Dynasty Man Quacketh Too Much ?

Phil Robertson in hot water…. Continue reading

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What Scares Me….

What Scares Me…. Continue reading

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Invoking The Archangels

Where do nightmares and negative thoughts stem from? Why do they plague some people? I’m sure psychologists can give you a long winded many paged thesis on that,   Evie thinks….. . There is a lot of energy around us and … Continue reading

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“The Law Of Attraction”

I, like many people, have heard of the “Law Of Attraction” and thought it was all just so much pablum and new age talk but seem to have been practicing it lately in my life and have found it really … Continue reading

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When I hear voices telling me what to do I cringe I thought we were free today it’s guns tomorrow who knows? How do we deal with this? Insurrection? Revolution? Better than giving up…….. and doing what we’re told I’d … Continue reading

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Dark lonely nights…

tick tock tick tock why am I up it’s 3:00 am I toss and turn with feelings of dread then tread down the stairs looking for solace look to the medicine cabinet no help there I’m stronger than that pick … Continue reading

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Feelings We Share

we have more in common than different these feelings we share we hide them……. but they leak out we emote them drizzle them through the universe for others to pick up it’s a messy messy place full of fear Love … Continue reading

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Tears In Heaven – Suffer The Little Children

I have tried to stay away from the news in Connecticut, trying to have some respect for the poor families suffering from the devastation at the hands of a mad man. Too bad he killed himself, but if there is a hell … Continue reading

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Frustrated as hell when all you can see is red as you are bereft as can be as tears fall confused and confounded disjointed, disordered, scared, scarred , marred, scattered, baffled, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, lost, mixed-up, at sea all because of technology . … Continue reading

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Fear….. Is insidious it can eat you alive it must be purged it helps nothing Once faced it disappears and the blinders fall from your eyes and you are stronger for it! Rise above it for it is the BIG … Continue reading

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