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Mother’s Day Treasure

Mother’s Day included me getting up and showering preparing myself for a day of visiting with my 2 sons and husband. My oldest son who is 23 decided to make a reservation at Mimi’s for Brunch which was a wonderful … Continue reading

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Update On The Casino Shenanigan….

So…..I wasn’t exactly excited to go to the casino last night by myself again.  (my friends were busy and my husband had an early call at work) I’m just not used to going out at night in the cold. I’m … Continue reading

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One of My Favorite Places – The Casino!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that my husband and I like going to the casino for relaxation. My husband has a high pressure job and I think all the noise and distraction at the … Continue reading

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It’s BUNCO Day!

Contrary to people’s belief we do not play Drunko Bunco but it is a frivolous day for a bunch of women to let off steam and share some together time. Bunco, if you don’t know is a dice game that … Continue reading

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Gambling Fanatics at Their BEST??!! #

Yesterday was the last day of my husbands vacation and he was home with me having ended his extravaganza at the Bonneville Salt Flats a few days early as the racers came, saw, conquered faster than anticipated. He had a … Continue reading

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Golf Maniacs, Apps. & What’s Appropriate during Polite Conversation . . .

all this and more flies around in my mind at any given moment. There are no boundaries and no discipline, that’s what makes ME, ME! We were at the Mc Donald’s for an early breakfast, an egg McMuffin and hot … Continue reading

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What Is The Right Behavior or Etiquette at Casinos?

I do not know if anyone knows the answer to this one, other than common sense and manners but just for the record I shall list some of the “Don’ts” that are commonly done that I find rather irritating, rude … Continue reading

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