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Music Has Charms To Soothe The Savage Breast

Whenever I find myself in a mood….and when I say in a “mood”, I mean bitchy or otherwise not pleasant or uplifted I’ve realized I need to break it or it will get a firm hold on me. It might … Continue reading

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LOVE can be….

inexpressible………. too deep for words so tangled and jangled and sad lovely and exciting heartwarming and wonderful motherly, voluptuous scary sexy and hot soothing and healing Godly and pure everything………. what is yours? do you know? (c) Evelyn Garone 1.4.13

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Power When we look outside ourselves for too much direction, for our truths, our answers we can open ourselves to less Less faith in ourselves to be the strong individuals we were all meant to be Don’t give your power away … Continue reading

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Beauty is found in moments of perfect harmony that must be savored……..for they wouldn’t be as lovely if they were found too frequently………. (c) Evelyn Garone 11.16.12

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Pain feel the weight, medicate can’t escape, meditate what’s the cause, who knows play the blame game as you analyse forget them — breathe in breathe out don’t deny, just stop fighting……….and RELAX Give them up to the powers that … Continue reading

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Open Each Day Like A New Gift!

Do you remember years ago there was a radio announcer who used to say “Open each day like a new gift”? Sometimes life is as simple as that. Perhaps we need a new perspective to realize we can start each day with … Continue reading

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Blue, Bleu

Blue Bleu expanding, surrounding all encompassing stare into it if you dare jump in if you must It’s so inviting Isn’t it? Slide into it……… it’s so big and beautiful…… (c) Evelyn Garone 11.11.12  

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Is Anyone Out there?

The black velvet sky scattered with glittering rock shining down so close Feels so vast and wise am I alone? Can I find the great consciousness or shall I close my eyes and find it inside myself? (c) Evelyn Garone 11.8.12

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“Gold Rush” Season 3 – Will They Strike It BIG?# – Do or Die

I don’t know if any of you out there follow the “Gold Rush” Series but I can’t help myself, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. It’s a Reality Series on The Discovery Channel 9/8C that is on for the third … Continue reading

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Christopher Columbus and History

It’s odd how history and the passing of time can change the perspective on things. My whole life Columbus Day had been a day some people celebrate and again a throw away comment on FB made me check my facts … Continue reading

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