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Horoscopes and Astrology – The Truth

How often have you read your horoscope and they are so vague, you feel they are able to fit anyone born under that sign just from the broad wording they use? The concepts they are describing are so abstract, it’s … Continue reading

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Astrology and Synchronicity

Do you read your Horoscope like I do? I had been doing this for as long as I can remember just enjoying the fun of some of the comments. Back in the day, the horoscope was a small blurb snuggled … Continue reading

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Forgiveness…An Ah ha Moment.

We are all able to hold onto our anger if we choose to, but it can eat us up from the inside. This Ah ha moment came to me the last few days as I was contemplating my son’s graduation … Continue reading

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What’s Up With the New Zodiac Sign? #

Why are they changing our horoscopes? Oh, of course because Pluto is no longer a planet… I do not want to change from being a Gemini. . .I’ve always felt I was THE¬†quintessential Gemini which is the sign of the … Continue reading

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