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Sunset in the Valley Of The Sun

How many times do we take things for granted…. This picture was taken when we walked out of the casino where I was lucky enough to win…. I noticed everyone else was walking by the splendor right before their eyes! … Continue reading

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My husband and I were a little disappointed by our last endeavor for vacation plans. We had decided to attend the races at The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and unfortunately were rained out. The salts suffered a major “micro … Continue reading

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My First POW WOW

Native Americans, dance, Pow Wow Continue reading

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Quiet The Mind

Roadrunner! Continue reading

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Beauty On the Wind

Butterfly Wonderland… Continue reading

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Golden Sunrise Alive With Promise

As the sun rises painting the sky a resplendent tapestry of molten gold I sigh knowing another new day is suddenly alive with promise and anything is possible Evelyn Garone 5.16.13

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One With Nature

Wind chimes like Tibetan prayer bells ring in the distance bringing me the peace I seek Birds sing their sweet refrain as they float overhead as if for me alone while the wind gently blows cradling my face bending tree … Continue reading

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Real Beauty Sketches – VS – As We See OurSelves This link was sent to me by my 21 year old son………obviously I have a wonderful son! I as many other women may get caught up in the age oldĀ conundum of feeling not-good enough or not-pretty enough once in … Continue reading

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Sit a spell and listen to nature’s music it can calm the soul Melt into the magic around you Take in the natural rhythms and return to your true self Be reminded we are all connected through this big wondrous … Continue reading

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The birds are chirping in the early morn’ the bushes budding again the green creeps down the mountains lazy breezes blowing through the tree fronds bountiful blossoms on orange trees smell so amazing wafting on the wind sweetening and renewing … Continue reading

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