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A Few More Reasons Flying Is A TRIAL!

I know I’m no rocket scientist, but really does anyone but me and the woman who was sitting next to me think perhaps there might be a better way of boarding people onto planes? Do you think like she and … Continue reading

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Spanking/Beating . . . Hard To Tell the Difference in Texas!

I wrote an article this past June about a mother, Rosalinda Gonzales being brought up on charges by a judge for “beating” her child when she had spanked her daughter’s butt. She then lost custody of her other children. She … Continue reading

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The Casey Anthony Acquittal!

I know this is going to be controversial but I’m going to have my say anyway. I am glad I was not on the jury trying to convict Casey Anthony of Caylee’s murder. There was just so much obfuscation and … Continue reading

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Don’t Even Try Spanking Your Child In Texas!

Have you heard the case in Texas of the mother who spanked her child, and lost custody of her 3 children because she admittedly spanked her daughter back in December and the paternal Grandmother brought the young girl to the … Continue reading

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The “Clown-Arounds” Go Out To Dinner

There is a book I used to read to my two boys when they were young called “The Clown-Arounds Go On Vacation” that was about a clown family going on vacation and all the silly shenanigans that ensued. My family … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day Dad!

It is so hard to see our parents age. . .but I guess it is better than the alternative.  My Dad is alive and kicking in Naples, Florida in an Elderly Care Facility with my Mom. He is in the … Continue reading

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What’s In The News Today?

Facing an obnoxiously angry mob today, Anthony Weiner apologizes and resigns! Finally. Perhaps now that his wife is back in town, she has talked some sense into him and made him realize it was the only sensible course of action … Continue reading

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Why The Zero Tolerance Policy Stinks!! #

I believe it was 1994 when it was decided that there should be a Zero Tolerance for Guns in schools, this spilled over to anything having to do with what is “interpreted” by  school administrators (GOV’T.) as unacceptable, ie. drugs ( … Continue reading

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The GOD Particle

My husband is an engineer and is always reading material on science and mathematical concepts that are usually beyond me, but the other day he was telling me about the Higgs-Boson Particle, or the God Particle and how it can … Continue reading

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Parents Vs. Bureaucracy

Unbelievable! I think I’ve heard it all. One of the hot button topics in the news today is this, a school district in Chicago who has decided that they are not allowing students, except for special cases, ie. allergies and … Continue reading

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