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Our Loss Of Privacy

We’ve all been caught up in the growth of the use of personal computers, cell phones, iPads, etc. but did we ever realize how they would erode privacy in our daily lives? When our phone rings do we have to … Continue reading

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Sad News from FB !#

I don’t usually go looking for friends on FaceBook, I have my present life and I’m happy with it. When I first opened my FB account, I think I may have been more interested in talking with some old friends, … Continue reading

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Great Job, TSA!

So in the news today. . . our TSA hard at work. While looking through luggage they found a woman’s vibrator and couldn’t help themselves when putting in the official note that states they opened your luggage to inspect also … Continue reading

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No I Won’t Re-Post Your Message Because I <3 Child Abuse, Hunger, Abortion, Global Warming and Terrorism

Why do people still insist  on putting rumors in their statuses on Facebook and continue the string of untruths? That’s how ridiculous things go VIRAL, don’t ya know?! I usually just ignore these statuses, there are too many to even … Continue reading

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Why The Zero Tolerance Policy Stinks!! #

I believe it was 1994 when it was decided that there should be a Zero Tolerance for Guns in schools, this spilled over to anything having to do with what is “interpreted” by  school administrators (GOV’T.) as unacceptable, ie. drugs ( … Continue reading

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Did you ever Google your name and see all the things under your name? There are all kinds of tidbits of information available for all and sundry to see . . . I’ve heard tales of this tool called Life … Continue reading

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Obama & Bush – Together In Class!

I have to say, that the now present President, Mr. Obama is showing an enormous amount of class by inviting the past president Mr. Bush to attend the ceremony at Ground Zero to celebrate the killing and death of Osama … Continue reading

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Another Joy Of Proud Parenting…

Preparing for my sons college graduation, I thought I was ahead of the curve purchasing the announcements right from the college bookstore itself. As I opened a pack getting prepared to address them and get them ready for mailing I … Continue reading

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Boundaries on Privacy

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth as I love having other people clean my house, I just wonder where the line is drawn and/or if it is if you come from … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For…

Ha, Ha, Ha! How often have you heard that? How true can that saying be? Just like a previous blog I wrote, remember what I said, old adages are STILL here for a reason…and what, my dear readers is that? … Continue reading

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