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Super Bowl Hype

Now that it’s Monday, we can all recollect ourselves and get back to real life! The Super Bowl is over…Thank God! What a disappointment is was. Expecting the game to be a dynamic display of battle between modern day warriors … Continue reading

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Under Protest of the Writing POLICE, I AM Writing About Football!

So as usual it’s Sunday at our house and the boys are over, so guess what? Of course we’re watching football! It’s a big day…we are lucky enough to get a game everybody is excited about. The family team is … Continue reading

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Joe Paterno WILL Retire after Season End!

How awful to have to end your career under such a dark cloud . . . did Joe NOT do enough? Is his retirement soon enough . . . will the scandal be too much on everyone’s mind to let … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday . . .

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family and the togetherness that Sundays bring but when the men in my life come home its a whole different ball of wax from what I’m used to! Usually the house is … Continue reading

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Sundays with my Boys

Daddy had to go out-of-town and he did not want me to be alone so he suggested that both boys come to keep me company. So as I was still sleeping, the first boy arrived and immediately started yelling up … Continue reading

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Jack La Lanne Dies At 96 and Other News

Wow, what sad news. This man had been around psyching people up to work out for his whole adult life. He was known to try to get 96 pound weaklings to believe in themselves and work out to defend themselves. … Continue reading

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Maybe the END Of The Shoulder Saga?! #*@

I had my appointment today with Dr. Matthew Hansen whom I liked very much. He had a wonderful bedside manner, was very informative and was thorough. He has suggested surgery as I had pretty much acknowledged to myself was going … Continue reading

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Today is an Important Day for The Green Bay Packers

It is Football Sunday with the boys and we’re watching their Green Bay Packers who have made it to the Play-Offs with the Philadelphia Eagles. Hopefully they will win this game and move on, otherwise it’s going to be a … Continue reading

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Orthopedic Surgery, here I come ! #@&

After having researched the Orthopedic specialist the hospital recommended, Dr. Matthew Hansen from the CORE Institute (Center for Orthopedic Research and Education) on the internet feeling relatively optimistic seeing that he seems to have a very nice pedigreed education, I … Continue reading

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Blah, Blah, Blah Football!!

Sunday after Turkey Day, the boys are still here…it’s great, we’ve had a nice long holiday together, but guess what, it’s ANOTHER NFL Football Sunday. Not that yesterday wasn’t Football Saturday. Really. It’s gonna’ be a lonnggg day!!!! They’ll be … Continue reading

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