Brian Williams is just a Symptom of NBC and other Networks Illnesses


Brian Williams may win the “biggest Pinocchio” or be the biggest “liar, liar pants on fire” this week, but the problem, the bigger ill is that we, the people, do NOT get the truth!

Our esteemed Newscasters, who used to be journalists, are highly regarded by the average citizen who still gets a lot of their news from their respected and believed Nightly newscaster.

Unfortunately, it can not be said that our trust is held in as high regard.

The powers that be at NBC were supposedly in the know that Brian Williams was varnishing the truth on the RPG attacked helicopter story that we’ve all heard by now, though they and many others knew it was an untruth, nay a straight out lie, yet continued with this charade for close to 12 yrs. What is wrong with this world? Was no one taught the golden rules? Have they gone out of style like the raccoon coat? Or is it as usual, money talks…..?

Of course it’s the bottom line….Brian Williams was the highest rated and watched anchor man and NBC didn’t want to cook the golden goose. They suggested to Brian that he “cool it” with his many varying versions of his near-death flight, but he persisted, laying it on thicker and thicker more often and more vaingloriously. Though he actually did nothing heroic himself he had David Letterman and the audience on the edge of their seats.

Again, Brian couldn’t do a true mea culpa and take his just desserts. Oh, no. He had to give a sanctimonious half apology that pissed off even more Vets involved who finally outed him. Ain’t Karma a bitch?! Brian wasn’t satisfied telling and retelling the story to his buddies on a hard-drinking night, like normal people, he went and blabbed it on Letterman for goodness sake’s!

Then as if this couldn’t be the bottom for poor Brian, they are now looking into his coverage of Hurricane Katrina and his purporting of a dead body floating by in the French Quarter and of getting dysentery from the water at his hotel. Is nothing sacred with Brian? We’ll see in the future what else is uncovered from “your humble corespondent” and his need for self-aggrandizement.

As to NBC and other networks illnesses as I’ve alluded to, I’m speaking of the collusion of NBC Executives to the knowledge of Brian’s lying and going along with it. I believe one of the tenants of journalism is truth. People believe what they hear on the evening news to be truth, to need to know they can trust what they hear on the news is delivered without any exaggeration or spin. Obviously that is not the case with NBC and I would bet they are not the only network exaggerating or spinning.

NBC has decided to suspend Brian Williams for six-months without pay and say it is warranted. Here follows their statements:

“We have decided today to suspend Brian Williams as managing editor and anchor of NBC Nightly News for six months,” NBC News president Deborah Turness said in a memo to staff sent to “The suspension will be without pay and is effective immediately. We let Brian know of our decision earlier today. Lester Holt will continue to substitute anchor the NBC Nightly News.”

In the same statement, CEO of NBC Universal Steve Burke said Williams’ actions were inexcusable and jeopardized the trust he has built up with viewers during his decade as the network’s lead anchor. But he said Williams deserved a second chance.

“We are rooting for him,” Burke said.

Brian misrepresented events which occurred while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003,” she said. “It then became clear that on other occasions Brian had done the same while telling that story in other venues. This was wrong and completely inappropriate for someone in Brian’s position.

His account of the event quickly came under fire from soldiers who were present that day. In an interview with the military newspaper Stars and Stripes, crew members said Williams was “nowhere near” the Chinook helicopter that was hit, nor was he near the two other Chinooks in the formation. In fact, crew members said Williams was in a separate helicopter that arrived at the scene an hour later.

What I find amazingly coincidental is that Brian’s 6 month suspension should just about be up in time for the build up to the Presidential primary coverage of 2016, about the same time the American people have moved on to the next celebrity faux pas, I wonder how Lester Holt feels about that?

What do you think?

© Evelyn Garone 2.11.15

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Hey, How About some NEW Blood in The 2016 Election For President?

I’ve heard about the front runners for candidates for the 2016 Presidential Nominees as I’m sure you have too and I’m sick of tired retreads.


I’m so glad Mitt Romney decided NOT to run….been there done that, this wouldn’t have been the charm. Yes, he’s a talented business man, but he already lost.


As for Hillary Clinton, please say it ain’t so. I know we haven’t heard from her on her decision yet, but I believe we’ve seen and heard from the Clinton’s enough ad nauseam that I’ll pass on her, too. I don’t want females voting for Hillary just because she might be the first Female President, we tried that with the first African American President, how did that work out?


I’ve heard them throwing Joe Biden’s name around and I cringe. Are they serious? He’s lunchbox Joe. A regular guy, right? What does he know…..Please, please, please don’t let it be so. He has a knack for saying the most inappropriate things and getting away with them…..I don’t think internationally he would get away with them. I don’t think the Saudis would think “Oh, it’s just Joe” nor would Netanyahu, nor would the Islamic Terrorists.


As for Jeb Bush, the Bush name has been in the White House enough already, please spare us! I know the guy seems nice enough and he may have have done great things in Florida but I don’t think it can be separated from the name and the Gulf war, etc. and the negativity of his brothers administration so lets move on please?!


As for Rand Paul, I think he said enough when he spoke of mental diseases being caused by vaccinations, especially when measles are rampant right now and we really might want children to be vaccinated.


Rick Perry is also thinking of running again, even stepping down from the Governorship in 2012 to run. He seems like a great guy. He may have done great things in Texas, depending on where you stand, but he did abysmally in the debates of 2012. He was like a deer in the headlights. It was painful to watch. I think we can do better.

So media, please let people think for themselves, let’s hope there is new young blood out there ready to try for the White House in 2016 and help take America into a bright new future.

© Evelyn Garone 2.3.15

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Was The Super Bowl Really SUPER?

And the New England Patriots WIN the 2015 Superbowl 28 – 24 over the Seattle Seahawks…

The Seattle Seahawk’s Jermaine Kearse’s bobbled catch during the last 2 minutes of the game while down 28 – 24 was amazing…….and he would have been the MVP of the game


and received the game truck instead it’s a footnote and of  course Tom Brady ended up the MVP of the game and  the New England Patriots, the victors because whoever made the boneheaded call to pass the ball to be “picked off” when all the Seahawks had to do was have Marshawn Lynch run it in with a foot and a half to the goal line would have won it ALL. I wonder who made that call? Pete Carroll has taken the blame, but too little too late… was the SUPER BOWL and you can’t make those kind of mistakes! I wonder if heads will roll?

But, unfortunately, that’s football….someone has to win and someone has to lose.

And this picture says it all….


O00hh Nooo!!! They were so close they could taste it….

But it was a pretty exciting game, all things considered. And now, we can move on from deflate-gate, because you know we’ll never hear anything about it again. We wouldn’t want to tarnish the Super Bowl Winners with the scandal, nor the billion dollar NFL industry, so it was easier to cast aspersions on a young ball boy who stopped off in a rest room for 90 seconds and may have magically deflated 11 balls, rather than believe either Tom Brady the paragon of wonderfulness or Coach Belichick could possibly be guilty of cheating.

The Half-time Show with Katy Perry was interesting … all depends on your taste of music and entertainment, I think to how you liked it. The light show and fireworks were very good. Her singing was Katy Perry….that says it all. Coming out on a lion/tiger singing “Roar”…was quite the showmanship! I would have liked to see more of Lenny Kravitz…he sang so briefly. As for Missy….I don’t know her but I’m sure her fans were thrilled to see her. I’m sure America was happy for a clean show like Katy and I’ll have to agree with that, no nipple slippage there!

katy on tiger


As for the commercials this year, I felt let down. Perhaps it’s all the hype we’ve heard over the years, but usually they are so good. What was with the Nationwide Insurance Commercial…..a little creepy and off the mark I think? Perhaps they should use common sense instead of market research, whose opinions do they get, anyway?

What was with Budweiser using the same theme as last year of the dog & horses? Why a retread? I really didn’t see any imagination and anything that stayed with me and made me laugh or cry….

I was happy it was over when it was over…..I felt very non-plussed, but I am turning into an old curmudgeon at times. I hope you enjoyed it more than I did!

As for everything else lately, there are conflicting reports from the groundhogs, so there are no clear signs of spring coming……and Bill De Blasio was not let anywhere near the groundhog after dropping it last year causing perhaps an early demise of the groundhog shortly there after……this groundhog now stays behind Plexiglas for it’s own safety…perhaps Bill De Blasio should stay behind Plexiglas for all our safety!

© Evelyn Garone 2.2.15

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Awaiting the “tainted” Super Bowl

bill bilicheck & Tom Brady

Now, firstly I have to state I have no horse in the race, so it doesn’t matter to me who wins.

My biggest problem with the game is the stigma that hangs over it from the name “Deflategate”.

I am no expert on footballs, and who is but I am skeptical that no one “noticed” that the footballs for the New England Patriots were deflated beyond the parameters of correct game-balls.

Not to cast aspersions on either Bill Belichick or Tom Brady, but shouldn’t someone have noticed? You’d think, right. Which leaves both men’s honesty and trustworthiness in question.

I wonder why with all the hours and experience Tom Brady has as a quarterback how he didn’t notice the footballs were under-inflated. Wouldn’t he have felt the difference? He’s one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL and must have expertise of how he likes his game ball to feel, so if it wasn’t correct, you’d think he’d notice. Unless he did and liked it that way as he’s known to prefer softer footballs. Unfortunately he even had the nerve to utter:

“Things are going to be fine. This isn’t ISIS,” quarterback Tom Brady said, smiling, in an afternoon news conference in Foxborough, Mass. “No one’s dying.”

What the hell does that mean…..since they aren’t as bad as ISIS we should let this go?

As for Belichick he again is a very experienced and savvy coach, how was someone able to tamper with the game footballs without his knowing? Even Bill Nye the science-guy has weighed in and dismissed the excuse of barometric pressure, weather and other excuses for the PSI to have changed without human intervention. If the temperature affected the Patriots balls, wouldn’t it have affected the Colt’s?

Unfortunately, this team has been known to cheat….so jumping to the conclusion that either or both men were in collusion with the under-inflation for this very important game isn’t so outrageous.

It calls into question their honesty and integrity  that’s already been proven questionable after the 2007 “Spygate” game where they cheated.

So, does this game have any real meaning to you? I’m a little disenchanted wondering if the New England Patriots deserved to call this a win with their proven cheating record and if they deserve to be playing in the game at all.

The score was by no means close, but still I think with proof of the PSI number being incorrect in their footballs the game is tainted. It may seem ridiculous, but when is cheating ever accepted? Have we lowered our standards on how important honesty is?

Don’t forget millions of people are watching, including impressionable children and since the Patriots still get to go to the Super Bowl, what are we accepting as permissible behavior?

For me the game will always be tainted…if the New England Patriots are so good, why did they have to cheat? Do you think losing high ranking draft choice is enough of a punishment for perhaps changing the whole outlook of the biggest game….the Super Bowl? Is it after all all about the money?Arizona has invested billions to host the game, the million dollar commercials have been made, so how can the game be contested without the NFL and many others losing money? Is that what it comes down to? For me it is a sad day that the Super Bowl has been cheapened with this cloud of cheating hanging over it.

What do you think?

© Evelyn  Garone 1.26.15

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Uplifting Quote of the Day


How true is this sentiment……..

Why worry about what ifs……appreciate what you have!

© Evelyn Garone 1.25.15

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Has Paris Fashion Week Gone Too Far?

OMG Paris Fashion

OMG……..look closely at this pic. if you’re not a prude….that’s right that’s a flaccid penis you see.

I don’t believe this is a costume malfunction, it was meant for the shock of it all! Who would really wear this fashion? Is it style?I don’t think so….I would love to have heard what Joan Rivers would have said if she was still here for her color commentary on Fashion Police, it probably would have been hilarious!

Is being shocked at outrageous fashion needed? Is this all they can do on the catwalk to be different? The “dresses” for men aren’t even nice.

I don’t understand Paris Fashion week’s fashions anyway……they are never realistic nor wearable!

This “study” in outrageous is courtesy Rick Owens’ Fall 2015-2016 menswear collection during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, Jan. 22, and the designer literally went “balls to the wall” in pushing the envelope by flaunting the models privates.

The male models said it was no big deal, but I wonder if it was needed?


Just sayin’ …. What do you think?

© Evelyn Garone 1.23.15

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Tumbleweed Invasion in Ahwautkee

Embedded you will see my video of a wind-storm in my hometown of Ahwatukee, AZ a suburb of Phoenix.

Please have patience with my videographer skills – new phone, wind and coordination are all called into question here but the images are amazing. I’ve lived here for 10 yrs. and never seen anything like it.

As I was driving my car through a flat area, the tumbleweeds were attacking my car and I pulled over and took this. Enjoy!

© Evelyn Garone 1.23.15

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Uplifting Quote of the Day

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. ~Anonymous

baby with chick

We must be willing to look ridiculous, but triumphant! EG

© Evelyn Garone 1.22.15

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Sunset in the Valley Of The Sun


Sunset in the Valley of the Sun Photo by E. Garone

How many times do we take things for granted….

This picture was taken when we walked out of the casino where I was lucky enough to win….

I noticed everyone else was walking by the splendor right before their eyes! I was held spellbound by the natural beauty and was lucky enough to photograph it…..enjoy!

Isn’t nature amazing?!

© Evelyn Garone 1.21.15

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Why All The Furor Over “American Sniper”?

american sniper

Let me preface this with WTH….the older I get the more I don’t understand people!

After all, “American Sniper” is in the end just a movie portraying Chris Kyle’s take on his life and the story of his career as a sniper. People are flocking to the theaters to see it. The theaters are packed, which is great for all involved,  but don’t take this for true history, per se.

To think when you see this movie that it is real life, I think you should think again. Kyle has already lost the case to Jessie “The Body” Venture to the tune of $1.2 million for “exaggerating” or making up the story that he punched him and Ventura fell to the floor. Kyle has also told the story that he has 250 kills when the gov’t. says he has 160, why the discrepancy? He said he killed, as a sniper, looters at the Super Dome in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. So perhaps the movie should be taken as entertainment, not a political statement for either side? That being said…

In the news, Michael Moore and Seth Rogan are having a problem with the movie “American Sniper” and I’m sure a few others might also. What’s their problem…..they love their freedom to say what they want that this sniper has helped fight for, but other’s shouldn’t have it, too?

If they don’t like the movie, perhaps they shouldn’t attend.

Chris Kyle had been known to exaggerate….and so do movies. But it can’t be denied that Chris Kyle was also a patriot, fighting for his country!

I haven’t seen the movie, it’s not my thing. There is enough violence in the world and news, I don’t need to go pay money to see it. I understand there was more to the movie than war propaganda as some would say. I understand there was much attention to emotions and coping of family and Kyle himself with serving his country in this capacity. War is hell and people will die. There are times it is us or them and it’s not pretty. It also can be interpreted through each person’s own filter.

Here follows Michael Moore’s  Tweets:

Hmm. I never tweeted 1word bout AmericanSniper/ChrisKyle. I said my uncle killed by sniper in WWII; only cowards would do that 2 him, others

My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse

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