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And So It Goes….

  Did you ever notice, the more you worry about things, the bigger they get? It’s almost as if while you think about something you’re giving it power by actualizing it. Perhaps we can learn something from this… As my … Continue reading

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We Are Imperfect beings, so what…get over it!

You might want to meditate on it?! Continue reading

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I Can’t Get No……….

What is satisfaction? Continue reading

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A Part Of God

stress and paranoia sometimes seem to be what make me tick then I realize if I don’t relax and manage it it might make me sick Can I find the secret to Balance? today My Weekly Powerful Question is “Are … Continue reading

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Crazy California & Prop #8!

OK, I am NOT a gay basher and I DO NOT care what you do behind closed doors. I do understand that gay couples need and want the financial benefits that a straight couple get after they’ve been together for … Continue reading

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