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Uplifting Quote Of The Day

And let us not forget vice versa! © Evelyn Garone 1.12.15

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Uplifting Quote of the Day….

I have decided to try sharing some great uplifting quotes this year…….. Make me strong in Spirit Courageous in action Gentle of heart Let me act in wisdom Conquer my fear and doubt Discover my own hidden gifts Meet others with compassion … Continue reading

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HAPPY New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year……. The dawning of the new year brings many thoughts to the fore…both good and bad for all. There are moments of clarity and happiness we all share and moments of bitter disappointment. As we go forward into … Continue reading

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TOP 50 Things 50+ Year Old’s Should Remember

1.  Love and Laugh often (you never know how long we’ll be here) 2.  Get some exercise every day – it’s good for the mind 3.  Read – it’ll broaden your horizons 4.  Travel – it’s good for the soul … Continue reading

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Start Again

we all need to be listened to to be heard after all is said and done how do you release it the universe is there for you to soak up your angst and renew you walk a while in nature … Continue reading

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What do they want from me adulation? You never know……… love?……I give what I can I always give. But some always take. What is it about this world….. Advice……..? You can be sucked dry…… Be careful……… they don’t really want … Continue reading

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Is Valentine’s Day Commercial Enough For You?!

I don’t think women know all the pressure this day puts on men to perform. If a man is not a natural romantic the commercialism of this day is so over the top no one can miss the cues for … Continue reading

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