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Is Obama A Chameleon?

I know I’m not a real paid pundit, so can someone tell me . . . is our President like┬áReagan, Lincoln or Roosevelt, JFK or Truman? I don’t think he can be like ALL of them as he claims. So … Continue reading

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Being Politically Ridiculous #

I was listening to talk radio AGAIN and Glenn Beck just brought up a salient point that I never thought about and I wonder how many people have? We are so worried about labeling┬ápeople in this country that instead of … Continue reading

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The “GODFATHER” of Commonsense… Herman Cain

So, did you see the South Carolina Republican Debate the other day? If you missed it you should check it out . . .they are rerunning it on FOX news and I’m sure you can catch it on youtube or … Continue reading

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Ya know, when I first heard there was an African American man running for President of America I was so open minded and excited. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember seeing Mr. Obamas new young face, it … Continue reading

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OMG, Who Called The President a Dog?

No one specifically called the President a dog, he made a poor joke at his own expense playing the blame game again. How ridiculous! The president can not take any constructive criticism and whenever anyone does disagree with him the … Continue reading

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