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Being Politically Ridiculous #

I was listening to talk radio AGAIN and Glenn Beck just brought up a salient point that I never thought about and I wonder how many people have? We are so worried about labeling┬ápeople in this country that instead of … Continue reading

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New Years Day… What, Football All Day Again?

Seriously, I hate to be a wet blanket, but really football football football. Thank God I have my NOOK so now I can go off into the “other” room and ignore Football Bowl Saturday! Tomorrow is also Football Sunday. I … Continue reading

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The NUT Who Wants to Burn The KORAN…

is just that! He’s a nut. It’s too bad he’s getting this much attention from all forms of the media. He is a Pastor who has 50-100 members to his church, not enough to garner this much attention. He’s a … Continue reading

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Karma, Serendipity & Synchronicity !!

Karma is a boomerang, it’ll get you in the end, so be careful, remember do unto others….I saw a show where a girl saved someone who was trapped in handcuffs, within minutes there was a twist in the plot and … Continue reading

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