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The Wide Spread Liberal Views

Ya know, I used to be able to listen to many differing opinions on the radio and television but I find myself having a hard time swallowing the hard line liberal agenda being shoved down my throat everywhere I turn. … Continue reading

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Uplifting Quote of the Day

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. ~Anonymous We must be willing to look ridiculous, but triumphant! EG © Evelyn Garone 1.22.15

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Original Artwork

Here is some of my original artwork I thought I’d share!

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New Day……..

Oh Pathos why must you beleaguer me? When I took you under my wing I thought you would be fleeting and now I can’t be done with you Please go…. I have so much more to do, but can’t with your weight … Continue reading

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Where The HELL Is It? A Place For Everything, Everything In It’s Place!

Dear Goddess! I swear… why do I always decide to put things away to keep my house nice and neat. Why, oh why? When I then want them at a later date I can’t find them. I don’t have any idea … Continue reading

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Finally Got To Fire My Canon . . . .

Okay… here we go again, get the psychiatrist on speed dial!  I’ve mentioned before how technologically challenged I am but nooooo I don’t let that stop ME! If anything I take that as a sign from the Gods that I must … Continue reading

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Is The Day Of The Piano History?? #*

As I grew up, we had an upright piano that was older, our piano was nothing special in the antique department, but it was part of the “family”. My older cousin played it whenever she came over our house and … Continue reading

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