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Obama Hopes And Changes To Bullshit!

As he opens the speech, he’s already set the world land speed record for bullshit! Gotta hand it to him. I just heard him say “I never said it would be fast!” WHAT? His 2008 Campaign was all about how … Continue reading

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Why Are The Conservatives Becoming So Radical?

I understand the Republicans want to beat Obama, I want him out of office, too but at what price? I think these guys need to settle down and get a grip. If not for all the negative campaigning I don’t … Continue reading

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Thank GOD The IOWA Caucuses are OVER!

Enough already! I don’t know about you but I was in overload with all the hype concerning the damn Iowa caucus, but now that it’s over, I’m so non-plussed! So, Mitt Romney won by 8 points, but does that matter? … Continue reading

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9/11 and The Official Stance on Mourning

The thought of reliving the Day of 9/11, 2001 is a horrible thought in itself. So many people were effected in this great county by the horrific occurrence . It was a horrible, horrible day. I lived in Rutherford, NJ and was … Continue reading

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Another War…Obama Bombs Libya.

So we’re bombing Libya. It may be the best thing for Obama and the Libyan people, I just pray that there is no way that we get involved in a fight on the ground. I don’t know if we can … Continue reading

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Extra! Extra! Is The President Becoming Centered!

When did the President take a high speed train straight to the Center? It sounded that way to my husband and I but that was just all his promises… Oh, that’s right he’s starting his campaign strategy… The President started … Continue reading

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Oprah’s Taxes are TOO High, Poor Sista’ Girl ! #

Oprah was being interviewed by Piers Morgan recently and was lamenting how traumatic an event it is when she personally signs every check over $100,000 to the IRS and that her accountants make a “ceremony” out of it including tequila shots! Do … Continue reading

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Memorial Service in Tucson

I don’t know if I’m being picky and a biased bitch but shouldn’t a Memorial Service be more along the lines of the readings of the Old and the New Testament like two of the politicians Eric Holder & Janet … Continue reading

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Let’s Call For a Time of Calm, Peace and Understanding

Let’s not jump to conclusions about this shooting in Tucson, Arizona. With the last 2 years of unrest in politics it is too easy to point fingers and try to blame other opposing groups — such as the Tea party … Continue reading

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It’s NOT Tax Cuts It’s Preventing a Tax INCREASE!

Tax cuts don’t cause deficits overspending does. The media have this wrong as usual with all the hubbub about the President flipping sides. The only plan that made any sense was to go along with the Republicans and the President … Continue reading

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