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2012 Is Coming and It’s Not Boding Well!

I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but really is NOT every sign pointing to the Mayan Calendar and the prediction of 2012 being The END or a cleansing of the earth by a catastrophic event and every … Continue reading

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Too Bad Reality Wasn’t Like Pirates of the Caribbean

What a shame these people were attacked and killed by the Somali pirates on their yacht, not like the Hollywood version where Johnny Depp and his cohorts are too busy looking for treasure and fighting sea monsters to hurt innocent … Continue reading

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The NUT Who Wants to Burn The KORAN…

is just that! He’s a nut. It’s too bad he’s getting this much attention from all forms of the media. He is a Pastor who has 50-100 members to his church, not enough to garner this much attention. He’s a … Continue reading

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