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Early New Year’s in Vegas

Here is “The Grinch” at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada USA at the Jean Phillippe Patissserie made of more than 100 lbs. of chocolate fondant. It is pretty amazing. The holiday season is a very busy time everywhere … Continue reading

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Update On The Casino Shenanigan….

So…..I wasn’t exactly excited to go to the casino last night by myself again.  (my friends were busy and my husband had an early call at work) I’m just not used to going out at night in the cold. I’m … Continue reading

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10:30 PM Tonight!

Supposedly at 10:30 PM I am going to win $10,000 at the casino…….it was supposed to be Tuesday, but they had technical difficulties with the drawing. I don’t know how hard it is to draw a name from a hat … Continue reading

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One of My Favorite Places – The Casino!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that my husband and I like going to the casino for relaxation. My husband has a high pressure job and I think all the noise and distraction at the … Continue reading

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Get ready for a ride on the Bitches Broom because I got a few rants to share . . . I went shopping today and bought a few items and the little girl at the register asked me if I … Continue reading

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Wild Horses

Today, Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. Our boys come over from Tempe, AZ which is about 30 min. to visit from college to watch sports at home with us on the large screen and have … Continue reading

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What Is The Right Behavior or Etiquette at Casinos?

I do not know if anyone knows the answer to this one, other than common sense and manners but just for the record I shall list some of the “Don’ts” that are commonly done that I find rather irritating, rude … Continue reading

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I Love Sundays!

Sundays usually means 1 of two things…either family day or gambling. If my boys are coming over we have a nice day together, dinner, visiting, sports, and I get my fix in of loving my boys. It’s win-win all around … Continue reading

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Tomorrow my best girlfriend is coming from NJ to visit for a week. I am so excited!  I am picking her up at the airport at about 9:15 am, so until then I must get everything just so. I have … Continue reading

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I Love Saturdays . . .

my husband and I get up separately . . .he is an early bird, me I hate the morning, I love the solitude and and snugglieness of my warm bed, so why get up any earlier than necessary, the world … Continue reading

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